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Tuesday, and maybe a sunny day, at last.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday and a good day, so far. Sunny and in the 70's already. Sure hope it stays that way. Need to get this old Lawn Ranger in gear and get some lawn mowed. Boy, it doesn't take much rain to make that grass grow. So better grab my goggles, and mount that trusted Deere and mow, mow mow. But first it has to dry off, grass is really really wet.

I expect maybe today or at least tomorrow the Dr. will call with the next plan of attach. I have no idea what the next step will be, and haven't heard the results of the last blood texts either. Anyway I don't think so anyway. So much to keep track of, I lost track of where we are in this search. I hope we find some answers soon.

With all of this, last year with Larry and this year with me, I find myself still looking forward. It would be really easy just to sit here and just give up, and resign myself to this chair, and say I can't do that, but I refuse to give up. Sure I worry about falling and getting hurt, but I can't worry about what might happen. I want to continue do what I enjoy. Sure maybe I don't get it all done but at least I get done what I can, and I will continue until I can't. I see so many people that just give up, like when Larry was in the nursing home last year that month for PT, there was a gal there in her early 60's, that was obese, but not morbid, and there was nothing really wrong with her except she gave up. She had fallen and broke her leg and needed the help and then decided it was nice to just sit and let others cook her meals, clean her room, etc. and I am sure she will live the rest of her life there. The nurses would get stern with her, and tell her she had to walk, and she had to do more than just sit, but no she refused and refuse very verbally. Wouldn't even try to get out of the wheel chair. And it was sad. There were so many in there that had just given up, and right now I just can't do that, I will go down fighting.

So the above said I had better get off here and GET something done inside so if it dries off this afternoon the Lawn Ranger can appear and cut that grass. So take care and have a GET day. Linda
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