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Happy Tuesday .. Yesterday's practice retirement day was heaven .. making me more excited!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I think the happy little squirrel works today .. :)

I'm thinking yesterday was a make believe day .. It couldn't have been real it was sooo perfect !!!!! (except the weather .. but can't have everything ... lol)

I started out with my hair appointment ... I was nervous, because it's been YEARS since I went to a Salon for my hair .. instead of the fast cut and runs .. so that was exciting for me .. (doesn't take much .. lol) .. and then I have NEVER had a professional de-greying .. so I didn't know what to expect with that .. but ..

Barb was the sweetest lady .. I told her I was nervous right from the start, and she did a wonderful job at getting me settled down .. I was happy as well .. because I got there about 1/2 hour early .. so instead of sitting and letting that excitement/nervousness build up inside of me; I decided to take a lap around the mall .. that helped and it got 11 of my 34 specific minutes out of the way ...

It's been like FOREVER .. NO NEVER that I had someone actually talk to me about my hair .. asked me if I was a fusser, or just washed and airdried ... Do I curl it at all, do I use anything on my hair .. actually ask me questions ..

I showed her the picture of the style that I liked .. and she said she would like to see what my hair looks like wet, before she said yes or no .. so we did the degreying and highlighting first .. and I sat and cooked for 1/2 hour .. and then went to wash it out .. Wendy was right, when she said that Barb gives a head massage while she shampoos .. ahhhhhhh ...

After my hair was wet, she suggested that she could do the style I wanted, but she thought since I didn't blow dry my hair, I would be dissappointed .. and offered a few suggestions .. She DID blow out my hair, and I felt sooo good leaving ..

My picture showed about shoulder height, and I really didn't want much length taken off; with the exception of a trim, she explained that the picture required fussing.. and laughed when I told her I never went through my Diva stage .. I just finally turned into a girl about 20 years ago .. I grew up a tomboy, and was more interested in climbing trees, and chasing frogs .. so that diva stage never showed up .. lol ..

She suggested long layers working up to the bangs .. Yes .. I wanted my bangs back .. I finally left at 11:30ish .. and texted hubby .. He had been at the mall but I texted him that I was cooking so it would probably be another hour or so .. and he left .. When I got done, I texted him, and he suggested a few places for lunch .. I chose Red Robin for a burger .. Different mall, but I could continue my walking at any mall ..

Unfortunately, with the rain; my hair went "ffffffllllllllppppphhhhhhtttt
" ... lol lol .. by the time I got home, my bangs were falling in my face; and well .. I looked like a shaggy dog .. or ..

Yup -- uh huh .... lol lol lol ..

but that's okay .. I just kept running a comb through it .. but I have a cowlick right smack in the center, and my bangs (no matter what the length) seem to always have a mind of their own, so this wasn't her fault .. lol

Today I'm back to airdrying and am going to use my hot curlers for the ends .. to get a bit of a curl .. don't know how long it will last because it's damp and foggy out .. but at least I can try .. lol ..

I am going back to her .. all she did was only $85 .. that was so much less than I anticipated, and I told her that originally I was anticipating $150 ... from what people had told me in the past .. For $85... I can do this once in a while .. :) She's got a customer .. :)

I met up with hubby at the other mall, and got a seat .. and texted him .. he was already at the mall, and walking .. so he finally showed up ..

After we were done eating, I finished up my walking .. Yes -- I obviously walked some more, but at least my "goal" of 34 minutes was done.. I ended up my day with over 8500 steps .. :)

After I finished my lap in the mall, I stopped at a scrapbooking store (the one that I got my new toy) .. and she laughed, because I walked in, went to exactly what I wanted, checked the price, and checked out .. it was just the clerk, and another lady .. and both of them were laughing at me .. I have "an account" there .. so she could bring up that I had bought the Sizzix there .. and I told her I was having so much fun with it .. lol .. She made sure .. she said "these are molds, not stamps" .. I told her yup -- I know .. lol .. and that came in lower than I was thinking as well .. I'm doing good here .. lol lol ..

I left there, and headed out to a Famous Footware .. where I wanted to pick up a couple of pair of "walking shoes" .. I got a pair of New Balance, and Sketchers .. While I was there I was talking to the clerk and he said that he had high insteps as well .. and offered a pair of support inserts .. he put them in the New Balance shoes, and oh my goodness .. they felt sooo good .. He did give me the original inserts as well .. just in case ..and said that the special inserts, were transferable .. So -- I left there, with 2 pair of shoes, and a pair of inserts .. :) When I got home, I made the decision to take my "old" pairs, with a pair of bobby socks, and putting each one into each of my cars .. so I have no excuses that "I can't walk because I wore a pair of sandals to work .. " .. I will have a pair of tennis shoes with me, and socks .. When I use the socks, I can just change them out with a fresh pair when I get home .. :)

But from there, I ran to KMart and got that pair of shoes that I didn't have time to stand in line for on Sunday .. The only change I would make on those, is the shoelace .. it's leather (or vinyl .. whatever) and very hard to manuver .. I want to change it out for a pair if beige SHOElaces .. the strings .. so that will be in my efforts for today ..

I came home .. my hair fell apart .. and well --- I looked like I just stepped out of the shower .. lol lol ..

So I was thankful I took the front picture before I left the mall .. lol lol ..

BUT -- I came home, and I was exhausted .. I told hubby I would possibly meet up with him, at his "Dells coupon" stop --- and well -- that didn't happen .. I texted him that I wouldn't because I really didn't want to be standing in the rain; and get myself a cold before my party .. (that's usually what happens ... so I'm trying to be very very careful) .. So he wasn't expecting me .. but that's okay .. because I was tired ... I was pooped !!! and my lack of sleep the night before; was catching up to me ..

I did get a surprise .. I FINALLY got him/her .. I've had a visitor for the last couple of weeks, but he/she has always flown off before I could get my camera up .. :) but I got him yesterday .. mwaahaahaahaaahaa Patience is a virtue !!! :)

I went upstairs and played puzzle .. I wasn't hungry but had a couple slices of toast with butter and jelly ..

This morning I took my shower, so we're going to see if I can "replicate" my hair .. Rohroh !!!! lol lol lol ...

Unfortunately I go back to work today .. but the countdown is getting close .. 28 working days .. and 38 day days ..... I do have to talk to Jimmy today .. I noticed on Friday that they (new service as of the first of the year) have been taking insurance payments out of my check each week .. It ended up that my check was only a few cents different with the tax change at the beginning of the year; and I just thought it was just like normal .. I always miss on the deals lol .. but I "LOOKED" at my stub on Friday and saw that I was getting deducted for insurance deductions, and I haven't been on work insurance since 2010 .. Sooo --- I sent a note to the payroll lady, and told her I would talk to Jimmy today; (because I don't do anything "behind his back" .. ) and I sent a note to Kim, and told her not to send in payroll until I talked with her today .. I told her that they can refund me $100 a week, until the balance is paid ..(and will be able to be done before I leave)

Sooooo I got that to deal with today .. One of my concerns .. I have paid attention for so many years .. and they are "just going through the motions" .. but they will learn just like I did .. but ... we're back to work today ... :)

My next pampering, will be my nails next week .. but as for today .. I FEEL PRETTY !!! :) I have pretty highlights .. and I look sunkissed .. she said that if I spend any time in the sun it will get stronger .. :) LOVE IT!!!!! :) and it's still cut that I CAN pull it back into a pony tail when I need to .. :) without a lot of stragglers .. :)

I'm thinking yesterday was a perfect example of what my days are going to be like (without all the spending in most times .. :) ) but just being able to be .. what a great example of a day .. :) No time pressures, no gotta be here or there .. just no ... If that was an example .. I am going to be in heaven after July 1... :) More relaxed, feeling better about myself .. and able to get my stepping in early in the day .. instead of "fitting it in" .. I am feeling more and more confident on my upcoming retirement ..

Okay --- Gotta get myself some breakfast .. so talk later .. :) Have a wonderful day .. I'm planning on it .. :)

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