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Happy Monday --- TODAY IS THE DAY !!!!! It may be rainy outside, but there's sunshine in my heart!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

So ... my Sunday was wonderful .. How was your's ?? I had a quiet morning, "chatting" with friends; and having a relaxing morning ...

I got my laundry caught up .. and trust me .. THAT was a success .. lol...

I cooked up lunch .. we had some pork steaks in the refridge, wrapped in bacon .. I cooked them up, and not sure how they would turn out .... but told hubby that he could get them again .. ooo they were good. With them we had leftover smooshed taters .... he had gravy and I passed on that .. :)

and then I had ICE CREAM... (it was Sunday) ..

I got ready and left for mom's .. I enjoyed some really important shopping enroute .. lol lol .. I stopped at Office Max, and picked myself up some full page stickers, and some graph paper ..(all together now .. OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo) HOW EXCITING !!!!! :) ) .. Hey.. what can I say .... I'm a big shopper ... lol lol lol ..

I picked up the stickers, because I'm thinking they may work with my new die cutter, for the more delicate cutouts .. (to alleviate glue Phhhhttttt problems) I have some delicate lacey dies, and well -- I tried using them with my "sticker maker" .. (puts adhesives on the back) and just made a sticky mess .. so after thinking, and watching some videos on line (Thank you YouTube I came up with a possible solution with the stickers/lables ... and we shall see .. and I got the graph paper to practice my calligraphy .. :) So -- I'm set for bettering myself for sticky / inky fingers .. (sticky / inky fingers = less chance of munching) .. lol lol Getting myself ready for after retirement .. setting up a new "routine" ..New "routines" mean stay away from the refridge .. ..... Vicious circle huh ??? lol

But that was my BIG shopping trip yesterday.. :)

I did stop at Kmart because it was still early .. and walked around the store .. ALMOST bought myself a pair of sandles, but it was getting later; and they only had one register open, and a line down the aisle .. Nope .. didn't stand in line, but walked all the way back across the store to put the shoes back ... DARN ... they were so cute too .. lol .. May just go back after my hair appointment today .. :) If they are still there (which I'm sure they will be) they were meant to be .. :) and they were Cobblers brand .. I like that brand .. OR I may just stop at a real shoe store, because I need a good pair of walking shoes again .. mine are starting to break down, and I think they are causing part of my problems .. with my feet hurting ..

ANYWHO ... Went over to moms after that..and gave her the card .. Didn't expect the reaction ... My verse was very simple ...

"Mom, I hope you had a very special birthday, because you are a very special person to me." and she loved my card ...

but her reaction was "I wish I could have been a better mother... there was so much I could have done" .. I told her "she was the best mom I could have ever had .... she was always there for us" .. and it came back to "you and "hubby" do so much for me" . .. I told her "because you are our mom, and we love you" ..

But we had fun, and played puzzle .. Oh my goodness ..the puzzle was a kalidescope of beanie babies .. lol lol .... It was a challenge until we found out the pattern .. then it was fun ... lol lol ..

After we finished the puzzle, she said it was 4:00, and we played some cards .. (she cheated .. lol) but all of a sudden, I looked at the clock, and we misread the clocks .. it was actually 5:30 .. so I got my stuff together, sent a text to hubby, and told him that we misread the time ... and was on my way ..She gave me such a big hug before I left .. I thought I was going to pop !!! lol ..

Hubby made some seasoned fries for dinner, and when I got home, I made up a couple of italian sausages .. that I had cut up .. and my belly was happy .. :)

and for dessert .. yes .. I had an ice cream sundae .. ice cream, cherry pie filling, and whipped cream .. YUMMMMM !!!

I had my ice cream, and we are back to Monday ...
My exercise had been "easier" over the weekend .. I was tired of my back blowing out .. so my exercise was lighter .. but it still existed ..

I'm happy to say that my "experiment" that I decided to start on today ... SUCCESS !!! No back blowouts this morning ... Tomorrow will be day 2 .. (sorry .. only one experiment a day.. lol because it focuses on my morning routine ... time to make a new routine !!! :) )

I didn't sleep well last night .. my brain was in such high gear last night .. I don't know what happened .. I can only point it towards my excitement for my hair spa this morning .. and my day off, and things I gotta do, and things I wanna do ... and ... and ... and .. and ... Yuup --- my brain did NOT want to shut off last night ..

I DID wake up at 5:00 this morning ... so I'm thinking that my body had enough ..

Today I will amp up my exercise again .. it's cold out today, so my plans are after my appointment (I have in my calendar as 10:30 - 2:30 .. but it's not going to take that long) .. I'm going to do a few laps around the mall (afterwards .. so I'm not sweaty when I go into my appointment .. lol lol .. ) ...

I'm sooo excited .. I did take a "before" selfie this morning .. we'll see what the "after" selfie looks like .. lol lol .. *eek* ...

Looks like I am having help with my blog this morning .. Got up to do something and came back to busy beavers .. so not quite sure what my blog is going to read today ... lol lol Just so you know .. I may not have been ME ... lol

Sooo it was a wonderful weekend, I eased up my plow through exercising, and I feel better this morning .. ready to start in again ... my "experiment" is a success (for day 1); and I'm going to have a "princess" morning today !!!

What else could I ask for... Next week I'm planning on getting my nails cleaned up for the party .. and life is good .. :) I saw my dress order has been shipped .. so they may be here before my party...

Yup .. feels good to feel like a Princess !!!!

By the way.. .tick tick tick ...

29 working days left ...
39 day days left

952 hours left
and may change by the time you read this .. but 57,159 minutes left !!!! :) It's becoming REAL !!!! Very real !!!!!

With that being said .. Here's wishing everyone a GREAT DAY !!! I'm going to have one !!! no matter what !!! Spa appointment, mall walking, shopping .. what more could a girl want !!!! lol

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