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It’s all worth it!

Friday, May 18, 2018

I have a migraine (and I have already maxed out my possible doses of my medication until about 8am) so please excuse my typos or if I start to lose me train of thought ... so what is “ worth it” that I referred to in the title of my blog? I had a whole idea percolating in my head about the cornerstones of the SparkPeople program as outlined in “the spark “ and “the spark solution”... but I have been slowly reading through my friends blogs from yesterday and overnight... and I have to say it is worth it to be kind and loving. It is worth it to be open and vulnerable with those who have earned your trust... and sometimes even with strangers. Kindness does not always seem like the easy option, yet being kind is actually often easier than working to “prove yourself right”. I am guilty of sticking to a viewpoint or argument because I am comfortable with it, not because it is kind or even, in the end, correct. I try to catch myself when that happens, and I notice it, but the thing is that it IS comfortable, why else would I stay with it when the evidence points to a different answer? Anyways... being open and vulnerable is always a risk as far as I can tell. I get burned by people I have known for years and generally trust... just as I have been accepted and loved by people I have never actually seen in person... and have no logical reason to trust them (I can’t see their eyes when they talk, or read their body language or tone of voice)... but somehow those online friends stick by me through thick and thin. Honoring the kindnesses is important. Whether it’s a kind note, a comment on a blog or community feed post, or one of the many other small kindnesses that can be passed along and “paid forward”? They are all worth it. You never know whose heart you may have touched... or the smile you may have put on the face of someone who is having a bad day ( or night). I know for myself... tonight I was feeling really down (and I still have a sick migraine), but dealing with others kindness has improved my mood a bit. And that makes a huge difference in my ability to deal with the pain, stress, anxiety. So, I can say from my own personal perspective that kindness is worth it. Sometimes you have to choose between being “right” and being kind... and now I am rambling and the light from my phone is hurting my head and all... and I cannot seem to concentrate very well... so good morning... be kind again today... it IS worth it!
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