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'older' persons' housing

Friday, May 18, 2018

I've recently shared that I am going to moving, and one of my Spark friends asked me to explain the older persons living process.

I have been living in private rented accommodation most of my adult life. I currently live in a sweet late 18th century miner's cottage in a beautiful small seaside town. I have lived here for 9.5yrs and love it! I often just forget that I am renting.

However, I am on a low income, have two years until I retire, and know that I will not be able to afford to stay here.

So I have been hoping for social housing, which is in short supply and high demand. In the UK we have to register on something called Homechoice - and each week they publish a list of available properties (if any!) and we can put in a bid for one each week. If you fail to bid you will get taken off the register, also if you reject more than three offers of accommodation.

There are criteria for eligibility - with things like vulnerability, mobility, health, homelessness, at the top of the list. Because I am safely housed, working, well, no dependents, the only category I fall into is over-60. And there are housing schemes which are only for older people. Some of them are over-60, some are over-55. I am sure they will revise these ages before long as we are going to be working until 70 before we can retire.

I have been offered a flat in an 'older persons' housing scheme. This means that, I am stepping into a place that feels a bit like 'God's waiting room' - as everyone else around me there will be older, and people leave feet-first!!!

There are emergency call buttons in every room, handles and aids in the bathroom, a space for parking a mobility scooter too. There is a communal lounge where people meet for coffee and can chat and watch tv, play board games etc

So my age has given me access to this flat where I will not have to worry about my landlord wanting to sell, and get repairs done by the housing association, and social support if I need it.

The flat is actually lovely. I am very lucky! I'll be fine. I will take more photos next time I am there. Moving will be my June theme!

I can see the sea! What a blessing!

The flat is at the far end of this street

From this window I can see the sea (I didn't take the right photo, but will next time)

The front door looks out onto a kind of courtyard area, so I can still have my morning coffee on the doorstep. There are still seagulls to listen to.

I can plant a new lavender bush. And I could start a residents' walking group!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OMG. I love it! And so will you with time. We have Senior Living Centers where I live too. They are actually more like apartments. My father how will be 92 has finally agreed to move into one of these places and I am so happy for him. There is such a demand for this type of living accommodation that the location my father will be moving to will be brand new! It will really take a lot of worry off my mind and maybe help him to be more social.

    I am very happy for you to have found such a lovely place! emoticon
    167 days ago
  • MAWMAW101
    emoticon Well done! Sometimes when I try to deal with our big house I envy my sisters who live in housing that you will.

    173 days ago
    Oooh, a residents' walking group sounds great! I'm sure there will be other residents glad to see another youngster-at-heart moving in.

    I had a sea view many years ago when I lived on the Cumbrian coast. It was wonderful. I loved how it was different every day. Can't wait to see your pictures.
    182 days ago
    WOW … how different than life here in the states. It sounds lovely to me … a new adventure … new "friends" … a clean slate.
    183 days ago
    I'm glad the flat was nice and with a view of the sea. You are doing well embracing this major change. Keeping thinking of the possibilities it brings you. The stresses it removes.
    183 days ago
    Sounds like a great location! A flat with seaside views..*Swoon!* I hope the feeling you have of it being like 'God's waiting room' lessens as it becomes more like home. The walking group sounds like fun! Hope everything with your move, and settling in, goes smoothly!
    184 days ago
    My father landed up in sheltered accommodation when he was 56 [long story - doesn't matter]. He was the 'baby'. He used to run errands for all the other residents. As he'd been made redundant so that helped him to feel 'useful' though he'd have done it anyway. Although he moved twice, he spent the next 30 odd years [until his death] in such accommodation and loved it. He was still running errands for other residents right up until the end. Well, not so much 'running' as zipping along on his mobility scooter once he couldn't walk quite so far.

    I shall be moving soon. My plan is to move to the coast. Whether I'll be able to afford somewhere that has a sea view is another matter so I'll admit to being a tad envious that you'll have that pleasure. But I'm glad you've found somewhere that appeals to you. I shall look forward to hearing about the residents walking group.
    184 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    I’m 67 and I’ve rented most of my life. Two big positives I see in your new home - at least two - are the security you mentioned, and having company. And how lovely to be able to see the sea! Sounds like a win win! Maybe a win win win win. emoticon
    184 days ago
    Starting a walking group once you are there sounds like a great idea. Change can be hard but it sounds like you are facing this move in a positive manner. emoticon
    184 days ago
    I agree that this is NOT God's waiting room, but a reasonable step towards finer living! I mean, lowered rent, right? But your income will remain the same? So you will have more money to go on more adventures and pamper yourself a bit more! I am sure you will be a shining light in the neighborhood and that you will find there are other neighbors hoping for someone who is active and loves nature to share enthusiasm. At least, this is what I hope for you.
    I am one of those weird people that actually has enjoyed moving. The whole process of reevaluating each item, finding new ways to arrange the furniture, trying new decor, oooooo... I'm getting so excited to read your June blogs...hahaha!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    emoticon Teresa
    184 days ago
    It does look lovely.
    184 days ago
    It sounds like a good opportunity. And given that you'll still be working, you'll be with people of different ages, so at least that will be an advantage. Wishing you all the very best. It looks lovely.
    184 days ago
    That sounds like pretty standard elder housing. They like to have the call buttons and grab bars up front so they don't have to add them later. God's Waiting Room is the nursing home, not independent living for elders. Elder housing is big business here in the states as the baby boomers start to age in.
    184 days ago
    It sounds like a wise choice for you, just stay "young at heart" and doing all the activities that you enjoy so much. emoticon
    184 days ago
    How delightful, and how fortunate you are! Enjoy your "next chapter" and thanks for sharing!
    184 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    It looks lovely and with your lavender bush it will feel like home soon. Keep considering the positives! How wonderful to have a sea view.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    184 days ago
    It looks great! And to be that close to the sea!
    184 days ago
    we are thinkng of doing something like that also
    185 days ago
    What a wonderful new adventure! emoticon
    185 days ago
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