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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday’s Hydrangea: Fitness is like marriage, you can't cheat on it and expect it to work.~Bonnie Pfiester

Happy Pack Rat Day (hoarder Day?!!), National Walnut Day, & National Cherry Cobbler Day!

What happens when you tell a walnut a good joke?~It cracks up!*What did 1 racing squirrel say to the other racing squirrel?~You walnut beat me!*Did you hear the joke about the cherry?~It was pit-iful!*Did you hear about the cherry that liked to explode?~It was da bomb!

Don't own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.~Wendell Berry~~Clear clutter. Make space for you.~Magdalena Vandenberg~~A way up in the mountain region of the West is a little animal called a Pack-rat. This rat obtains its name on account of its mania for carrying off to its hole any odd or striking object that may fall in its way. Each pack-rat's home is in the middle of a vast accumulation of useless odds and ends. None of the objects, of course, are of the slightest use to the animal. Simply it likes them. The collector enjoys his possessions but worries his little life out night and day lest some other rat will steal from his pile. The larger the pile the more pleasure and the more worry he finds in it. Finally he becomes so bewildered by terror for himself and anxiety for his museum that he, perhaps, perishes with them. While the common, sordid rats of the neighborhood, with no property but the fur on their backs, and with no ideas beyond the getting of a living, escape without difficulty.~Ernest E. S. Thompson~~Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be.~Robert Brault~~ That's not when it started, but it was one of those turning points where yet again the obvious became painfully clear to me. Roads diverge in the wood and I start climbing trees.~Craig Childs

Whew! the call from the doctor's office was to say my culture was negative, so the super bug has been banned from my body! Yippee! wooHoo! Yay! I'm sure you understand the relief I feel!!

Went to Curves today and I always enjoy it so much! I just love the ladies who work out there and the employees! I didn't push myself because my blood sugar was high again, but at least I made myself go! I also did 3 Pahla Bowers Hot 100 workouts at home! I did all of the Hot 100 last summer, but some of these must've just slipped my mind! I guess I was just a lot stronger last summer! These were killer!

It just keeps raining! But, it really isn't a beneficial rain because it rains like crazy for about 5 to 10 minutes then the sun comes out and it gets hot! I don't think that helps the soil much!

I'm thinking that I will sleep really well tonight considering all the fitness I fit in!

*1* Working my way thru the continuing ed courses. Steady and surely!
*2* Made healthy choices in all of my foods today!
*3* A fun place to work out!
*4* Sassy. What a Gal!This morning she barked at something and then came right up to me and made some noises like she was telling me about it. Hubby said, tell Mommy about it, girl and she verbalized some more! One day I believe words are going to come out!
*5* Hubby. Seems he is having less pain while we wait to hear about the MRI.I am grateful for that for him!

Once again, thanks for your time and attention! I'll be glad to have my CE credits done and my class all set up so all I have to do is grade and I can be more active reading all my friends' fabulous blogs!
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