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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Day 8 of exercise in 2018
Walked 19 minutes 87 calories burned

I thought the dishwasher was fixed. There was water in the bottom of it this morning. I loaded it with dirty dishes and turned it on. I could hear beeping. It said that the dishes were clean. It had not gone through the dishwashing cycle. We called the repairman and he will come back tomorrow afternoon, Friday late afternoon, be the Lord willing.

Tuesday: Requesting prayer for my husband. He went to Urgent Care. He cannot hear out of his left ear. He thinks it might be impacted ear wax, but he had surgery years ago for a ruptured eardrum and they had to graft skin from above his ear over the burst eardrum. Some in his family suffered from deafness and loss of hearing.

It was ear wax and though four bottles of solution were used, they couldn't get it all out. He will have to use something at home. They managed to get two large pieces out. I am glad it wasn't anything more serious and that I don't have to holler to be heard. Praising God for His care for us. We have trusted Him with our souls, but will be called to trust Him more with our bodies as we age.

He couldn't hear the dishwasher beeping today.

We were supposed to go see his cousin today after I finished with my podiatrist's appointment. His cousin called yesterday and asked us to come and visit her. She told us she didn't like green beans when we offered to bring fried chicken and sides. She called this morning and told us she had invited one of her friends that she wanted us to meet and that her friend didn't like macaroni and cheese.

I got out of the doctor's office early and we picked up the chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, cheesy potatoes, dinner rolls and butter at AC&T. We went to his cousin's and were introduced to her friend, Maxine. Maxine was in the Air Force and may be older than I am.

We ate lunch and the phone rang. It was someone my husband's cousin practically raised and her daughter had run out of gas. We went back to AC&T and bought 4 gallons of gas and took it to her. She had a nozzle in her car that made it possible for us to transfer gas from a gas can into her fuel tank. Very Providential, I believe. It was raining and we have flash flood conditions nearly everywhere. One of the women in the car had been bitten by something and hubby's cousin told her she would take her to Urgent Care later today.

When we went to a get-together at his cousin's about a week ago, hubby's niece was bitten by a spider. She said she thought she had burned the end of her finger on a cigarette. I asked if she knew where the spider was and picked it up with a paper towel. We put it in an empty flower pot in the paper towel and got an epi-pen in case she had a severe reaction to the bite. She put baking soda and water on it and was okay.

The bite on the woman in the stranded car had a large oval ring around it and we felt it needed to be checked by professionals. Ticks and the brown recluse spider leave rings around their bites. I am glad I can pray anywhere and that I don't have to do it aloud. I have read that rattlesnakes and water moccasins are aggressive this year, actually chasing people.

Then we bought hubby's cousin to our house, it was the first she had seen it on the inside. We took her home, came back into town and did our grocery shopping. When we were done, we ordered pizza.

While hubby was out getting the pizza, his brother called and has to have his knee replaced again (this will be the third operation on it) and he wanted to know if my husband still had crutches from an ankle surgery he had. My husband had borrowed them, so he called the man he had borrowed them from, to borrow them for his brother. He has gone to pick up the crutches and will take them to his brother's house.

It is 7:45 PM and hubby got up this morning to visit a cousin that is in a nursing home. We had a fun day and got to spend time with family, but it was exhausting. Hubby has been on the go for 12 hours.

Do-overs on the dishwasher and hubby's brother's knee replacement surgery. He told my husband that they are going to put his leg in something for 8 weeks so he cannot injure it again. I am glad we have separate houses to live in.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JIBBIE49
    203 days ago
    What a busy week! I hope the ear and hearing get better. I wonder what is causing so much build up? The dishwasher issue is maddening. I hope they do not charge you another visit since they should have fixed it the first time. Hope you have a better week coming up!
    204 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Wow sounds like a busy week. Relax this weekend if you can.
    205 days ago
    Lordy! You have one busy household. Hope that the dishwasher is indeed repaired tomorrow!

    Sorry that your brother in law has to have yet another re-do on his knee. Prayers for success!!
    206 days ago
    Boy, hope the repairman finds what is really wrong and does not over charge you.
    206 days ago
    Oh my you have a lot going on. I hope all works out well!
    206 days ago
  • no profile photo EVIE4NOW
    He needs to listen to his doctor to get better. My brother in law had his knee replaced and didn't take the meds or if he did, they didn't work. He ended up with a blood clot that cost him his life.
    206 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    WOW you had one busy day. Glad it all worked out and hope you get your dishwasher fixed soon.

    I am surprised that the dr would even consider crutches for your husband's brother. When my DH broke his hip the dr said that crutches are for young people-too dangerous as we age as we don't have the strength to support ourselves. He lived in a wheel chair for 8 weeks. Only time he was allowed to use crutches was to get into the bathroom as the wheelchair would not go thru the door!!! 5 steps to get to the toilet.

    Praying that DH can get his ear completely cleaned out.

    206 days ago
  • EVANS1848
    Good luck with the dishwasher repairman. And I wish your brother-in-law a lot of luck with his knee replacement surgery, I've had two knee replacement on both my knees
    206 days ago
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