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Day 137: Busy Day

Thursday, May 17, 2018

"You need to know what life you want (as well as what life you don't want), then you have to muster up the will and the drive to go after it." (Bob Greene)

Hello my lovely friends!

It is hot, hot, hot outside! I think we are in the mid 80’s today. We had the same yesterday, BUT the rain storms are coming tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday was nuts! When I made the appointment on the phone I was clear that I was calling for the surgery. My Mom had the same thing done and over the weekend I started asking her questions about it. She said she was not put under, just numbed. I then started wondering why they did not tell me how to come that day (no makeup, no lotions etc.) When I got there they took me into an exam room and then I started figuring out that I was there to meet the surgeon. I guess it is a good thing to meet before he just goes on in. He went over everything and they will be putting me out. I did mention that this is my first time doing anything that puts me out. They will call and set up a time for the surgery. The good thing is he did not feel it had to be done immediately. He did say not to schedule it later on in the year. Honestly, if that can get me in this month I am doing it.

Since I had no surgery yesterday I decided to get outside and do some more things for the yard. Today I sprayed the weeds in the front with the Weed-B-Gone and tomorrow I will fertilize it. That kills the Aspen trees that pop up in the grass. Tomorrow we will tackle the backyard. I know we talked about hiring someone, but we are still waiting for them to set up a time. We already had the stuff and we are going to do them. I do want to hire someone to pick the weeds though. I think we will use the money we were going to spend on the weeds to have someone rip up the grass in parts of the backyard. I already have my tan forming from one day outside. I tan really easy (it’s that Polynesian blood in me). Scooter sat on the porch with my Mom while I sprayed the weeds.

Now I am going to rest for the night and watch a movie with my Mom.
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