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Thursday, tired but the best day so far this week

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I knew today was going to be a rough one so I planned for an easy day with minimal demands on either the students or the staff. My aide with the injured arm finally got an appointment to see the orthopedic doctor. He said that the arm was not badly broken and that keeping on using the brace would be adequate to help it heal. He said that he didn't see a serious break despite the radiologist insisting it was broken. He didn't give her any additional pain medications even for at night - she is just using Advil and Tylenol because of the Opium epidemic, they don't want to give her stronger medications. She was literally in tears about 5 or 6 times today when someone bumped her arm, grabbed it or she tried to pick something up. She will survive and heal but she is still in a lot of pain.

Today was the first anniversary of my other aide's son's death and she isn't the only one who misses him terribly. She was okay except when someone came up to her and gave her a hug, asked her if she was okay, or whatever.

The weather has been horrible - heavy winds, lots of rain, some flash flooding, trees down, etc. The barometric pressure has given everyone headaches and it isn't supposed to clear up before next week. I managed to get some outdoor time this morning waiting to get my students off the bus - even though I was under the shelter of the awning in front of the school for most of the time. I was outside for almost half an hour because the bus was late due to a downed tree. The kids were pretty good today although I did get head-butted and cut my lip. The student ran toward me but wasn't being aggressive. He stopped and head-butted me and then looked at me apologetically and took himself to the calm-down room. I got an ice pack and took some Advil. It was really weird to write it up because there was no antecedent that caused it, he wasn't even agitated when he did it, and he obviously knew it was WRONG because he put himself in time-out.

Overall, the day wasn't bad and we managed to make it through until Friday Eve and we will be in single digits after tomorrow - 9 1/2 days left - but that still means 10 days when we have to greet the darlings as they get off the bus, but on Monday we will be in serious countdown mode.

I am heading for homebound teaching and not anticipating a very productive time, but I will SMILE and cajole my way through it and tomorrow will be an even better day.

Be blessed and a blessing to all around you. Smile, laugh, cry, celebrate, dance, and hug more - whine, complain, and moan less though. Keep the faith, share the love, and be the best person you can possibly be for those around you deserve nothing less than your best and neither do you.
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