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Our bodies, what wondrous things

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Living in our bodies is such a wondrous thing. A friend and I had the conversation that you would think we would have evolved further that our biology would have adapted to our lifestyles. Yes, we know it takes a LONG time for those changes to happen, but we're imagining a perfect world, right?

It's not instinctual anymore about what is best for us to survive. We aren't starving in the winter. We don't need stores of fat to keep us going and warm. And likely, no matter who you are, at some point in your life you'll have to figure out the right balance to make your ideal work. And then, you need to change that balance to get the same results.

All of this came to mind today as I took time to re-evaluate my numbers and overall wellness plan. I've been hitting all of my goals for eating and exercise when looking at a month perspective. This is an effort to cut myself some understanding that some days aren't optimal, but that doesn't derail overall efforts.

And for the most part, I've been seeing results. They have been S-L-O-W results. Around a half pound a week (give or take) and a lot of non-scale victories. But, what's next? My mentality is always looking for the next step to improve. My diet is relatively set. Yes, I have things I'm working on, occasional binging, emotional eating and I'd like to have a bigger pool of healthy options when the snacking bug hits.

But I'm hitting the high points of diet: I don't eat processed foods. I limit added sugar. I don't drink soda. I drink 8+ glasses of water daily. I don't eat fast food. I cook healthy foods at home 95% of the time. I eat breakfast. Etc. Etc.

What I want to improve - continue to aim for more veggies daily (much easier in summer!). Increase my protein intake - right now I'm in the 60-80 grams range. I'd like to get that closer to 100 grams daily.

The bigger change is I still need to move more! I have a sedentary job so this is a challenge. I burn around 3800 calories through activities (google fit estimates) and I'd like to see that in the 4500 range weekly. I work out around 30 minutes 5x a week (some days more) with around another 30 minutes of other activities. I need to think about how to increase this. I might have to start working out in the morning (vs. mid-day, I might have some schedule changes coming). And in general every day I'm outside working in the yard for at least an hour, but I might have to add at least a 15 minute walk at night too.

April Improvements

Steps - 136,447
Calories - 14,065
Minutes - 1,765
Active Time - 29 hrs. 30 min

Steps - 74,183
Calories - 7,918
Minutes 955
Active Time - 14 hrs. 37 min

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