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be confident please .. so i believe in you .. so you believe in you

Thursday, May 17, 2018

is it my age ??
is it because i have been down the "battle my way back to restored health road ??"
is it because my expectations of excellence and integrity are higher than todays professionals can deliver ??
or is it because I'm old school .. i believe anything worth doing .. is worth doing well ..
give it your best ..

i don't care if you are a doctor , a janitor , a minister , a homemaker or the president ..
do your job to the best of your abilities ..

display pride and confidence in all that you do
be a person of integrity .. open and honest communication ..

doctors appointment at 9;25 .. i never get uptight about a doctor being late .. i know someone else needed him ..

and he is late .. just as he was when he asked me to meet him in emerge to discuss the Cuba cast .. resulting in it being removed when in fact he wanted it to stay in place 2 additional weeks .. but never told anyone .. the nurse in attendance was so sorry she had removed it but in her defence she told me every other doctor in the city would be mad as H if when they got to emerge the cast was in place .. she would be reminded she was wasting their valuable time ..
(i drove an hour from my home 2 days after seeing him .. he should have called me i wouldnt have made the the trip .. period )
back to the present ....

up go the X-rays on the monitor .. . (same X-rays when i jokingly said to the technician .. "its all healed ..right !! " ... "No" he says with great confidence .. )
that was monday .. this is now Wednesday

doc brings up original images .. compares with the most recent images now 5 weeks later ..
total of 6 weeks in cast ..

he doesn't say if he is pleased .. disappointed .. or if the breaks are 50% .. 75%.. 25% .. healed ..he looks and looks .. then says .. "what do you want to happen ?"

seriously ???
you can see the look on my face I'm sure

"well doctor Mike if it were up to me this wouldnt have happened in the first place .. !!"
i smile

now he's the one with the dumb founded look

i reminded him Cuba said 12 weeks ..
he starts mumbling to himself ..
"physio is 2 weeks behind .. "
starts filling in a form on his computer ..
then says we will X-ray again in two weeks and put on a splint if we need to ..
fills out another form on his computer ..
then tells me to go to emerge and have the cast removed


am i confident in his decision ??
nope ... not even a little bit ..
did he make me feel as though he's in charge of my healing in the best way possible
i told him ..
"i haven't been laying on the couch these past 6 weeks .. I've adapted different ways of doing things that need to be done .."
i told him I've researched wrist fractures almost daily as to why there is still pain .. drop me to my knees pain as of last sunday when i jarred my arm ..
no comment from him in regards to pain ..
what if i not thinking grab something or try to let something ??
he says nothing

i told him .. if its healing perfect now why would i take the chance of reinjuring??

not a word from him ..
other than ok we will take it off

down to emerge

by this time its 10:45 ..
i am not at peace with my doc's decision at all ..
thats wrong .. on every level of medical care .. thats wrong

while waiting to have the cast removed .. physio called me making an appointment for the following wednesday .. i was under the impression doc wanted me to have two weeks before physio .. obviously he didn't tell them ..
he assumed their department was two weeks behind ..
now I'm really worried ...

in we go to the casting room
i explained my concerns to the nurse that was going to remove "Barney"
after much discussion she said " i think you should purchase a good brace now before we remove your cast .. i will keep your paperwork .. you go to the pharmacy then come back .. we will remove the cast clean up your arm and protect your wrist with the brace "

made sense to me .. i felt as though she heard my concerns regarding me re- injuring my wrist ..

off i go to the pharmacy
back to emerge
different nurse takes me to the casting room..
asks me more questions ..
she's concerned that cuba said 12 weeks and we are presently at 6 ..
yes she said the brace will remind me to be careful hopefully ... but the bones will definitely heal better and faster in the cast .. they heal better immobile
low and behold my doctor just happens to be in emerge at the time .. she says .. "I'm going to talk to Dr Mike .."
when she came back she said smilingly .. "i didn't even open my mouth .. doc says .."ok the cast can stay on until the 25th .. no longer "

so dear friends that will be close to 8 weeks .. i feel more confident that the breaks will be healed sufficiently to begin physio .. and yes i will bring my brace ..

quite the battle ..
was it necessary
i don't think so
if Dr Mike was confident in his removal of the cast he should have made me feel his confidence .. and feel as though I'm in good hands ..

last place to be wishy washy and display lack is in the medical profession ..

as it turns out removing Barney .. will be a birthday present ..

sorry for the crab session ..
I'm really not "that" person ..


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I so hear you on doctors! I'm afraid for DH who is wrangling with this same incompetency her in FL. I'm so afraid he will be mishandled...the boobs down here are so BAD! But I have to keep telling myself this is HIS body and what he decides to do with it is NOT my decision. It's so hard...I worry about him being too trusting and I worry about what going under full anesthesia will do to a 71-year-old brain that is already having problems finding his words sometimes....all we can do is pray and pray and pray for each other that everything will be okay.

    Blessings to you my friend! emoticon
    182 days ago

    It's totally okay to be disappointed and to let it known to people around you who care about you!
    184 days ago
    I would not be happy either. I know how you feel, had this happen with my hand injury. I just hope all is well for your wrist. emoticon
    185 days ago
    Keep crabbing when you need too!!! This is crazy for that to happen!
    185 days ago
    Sure you are! You have a right to expect good treatment from your doctor!! I'd have been up in that bung hole's face if he treated me that way!! Probably too busy planing his next golf outing......Do you understand why I dislike doctors and will only see one if I absolutely HAVE to?

    Maybe it is our age. We were raised differently. There was an expectation that whatever you did, you did to the best of your ability. I expect that from everyone, and unless it's something trivial, I let them know if I feel they are way short of the mark. Glad you could vent here, my friend!
    185 days ago
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