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That first 10% goal.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

My last entry was in January.. crazy. I haven't done the best with my weight loss... but I am learning new habits... including when to own my sh*t, stand up, dust myself off, and continue on my way. I'm a mom of 4... I work a full time job... I'm in a committed relationship... of course I'm going to have some rough days... and of course this journey is going to be difficult.

Losing weight and getting in shape is NOT a straight line... it's a f*cking scribble... LOL.

Too many people, myself included, tend to set our standards and expectations high... we set our goals to be huge.. .which often yes are attainable.. but realistically tear us down because it's looking at the bigger picture instead of all the little details.

A while ago, I set a 10% goal... I haven't even met the first goal yet... but I'm almost there.. just a few more pounds to go. Did I want to achieve this sooner... well of course. Actually.. I want to snap my fingers and have a perfect body inside and out.. but let's get real... that shi*t isn't happening anytime soon.

Instead of looking for the blog... here's my 10% breakdown...
My start weight was 297 (my all time highest back in January 2018... so disappointed in myself that I let myself get that big... but hey... live and learn right... I'm doing something about it now... and I'm not ashamed of what my weight USED TO BE). For the sake of math... I rounded my numbers obviously.

10% Goal:
1. 297 - 30 = 267
2. 267 - 27 = 240
3. 240 - 24 = 216
4. 216 - 22 = 194
5. 194 - 19 = 175

Ironically... 175 is my "ideal goal weight". What I mean by that is... who knows if 175 will be where I'm feeling healthy at... or look good at... I might get to that point and think it's not low enough or maybe it's too low and I don't like how I look... so that's my "ideal goal weight".

So here's some real stuff right here... Originally I had a timeline... Afterall... I was taking control of my health and I was going to control what I ate, did, slept, drank, etc... I would have control over what I lost and how long it took me............ anyone laughing yet? Because I am!!!

Here's the deal... I've been at this for 5 months and I'm ALMOST to my FIRST 10% number. Truth is... for the last month and half... I've stayed 1-6 lbs over that number... because I have SELF-SABOTAGED. Yep... I was doing great and nope... let's smash this cheesecake and eat a nice juicy burger or 5 slices of pizza... why not... and since I screwed up today... I'm going to pity myself for a few days.. then "start over". Sound familiar?

Then I realized... wait... I'm ALMOST to my first 10% goal... well CRAP let's not mess up now... let's get it!!!

So here I am... only a few pounds away from that goal... instead of a timeline... I'm going to take it one pound at a time... and each time I lose just one more pound... I'm going to be proud of myself because I'm that one pound closer to my first 10% goal.

Now if you scroll back up and look at those numbers again... you'll see that it's my 1st 10% goal that has the highest... well duh.. I was at my largest lol... but here's where I kept NOT looking at... at each goal point... I have less to lose... I'll have to work harder because weight loss is not easy to begin with and does not get easier as you get smaller... the work gets harder because maintenance is rough. We aren't doing a "short term diet"... we are doing a "long term lifestyle change".

So here's where my rant for today ends... I've spent my life making excuses for the hard stuff that is within me... it's easy to not make excuses when it comes to my kids... my career... my relationship.. my family.. my friends... because that's the type of person I am.. I put everything else and everyone else ahead of me. That's where we mess up at... we cannot fill from an empty cup. If we don't keep our cup full, eventually we will be unable to help others or fulfill responsibilities because we will feel "too empty" to give more. So continue filling up your cup... overfill it.... the better we feel as a person.. the better we feel about doing for others.

Our happiness begins with ourselves.

The next blog will be when I meet my 1st 10% goal.

Have a great day emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you ladies!!!

    Alofa... you've already lost 100 lbs??!?!?! OMG GIRLLLLLLL you are my hero!!! That 5 lbs will stay off... but don't forget... be mindful too... own your sh*t is what I mean... we know what we do lol (admitting to myself I could have gone without that popsicle that I ate after a small ice cream last night... teaches me not to eat breakfast at lunch and lunch at dinner.... set myself up on that one.. .lesson learned!)
    211 days ago
    Outstanding blog!! And oh boy does it sound familiar and ring bells and all that stuff!! I'm really happy for you and your new found view of losing each pound!
    211 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    emoticon What a GR8 Blog!! I love your Honesty & your Refocus to hit your 10% Goal. I can Sooo relate becuz Ive been losing & gaining the same 5 lbs since end of February. Tho I've lost a lot of inches Im happy with that. But my chart for the past few weeks looks like Scribbles too!! Im with you sister, Im just doing the best I can & keep pushing ahead. I just got out of 250's-- My body is just like, Ummm Chill out we just dropped 100 lbs!! Hold your Horses Girl.. So I will keep Trusting this process & do what I do. You Got This!!! Thank You for sharing emoticon
    212 days ago
    emoticon Yes! One step at a time. I know you can do it and I'll be cheering you on as you step over each goal line. emoticon emoticon
    212 days ago
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