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Happy Thursday ...Found my blog .. WHEW !!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

***disclaimer .... found my blog .. it had Wednesday morning's blog smooshed in it. I think I got all of Wednesday morning out .. but if it makes less sense than normal .. you know why .. it's part of Wednesday .. lol lol ***

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I fell into the trap .. That 3 pounds from yesterday must have been a scale fluke.. lol If you have been following me, I preach preach PREACH that the scale is only a tool .. there are so many other factors that go into weight loss, and the number on the scale can fluctuate sooo easily .... I fell into the trap .. :)

I thought .. that the weight my body was holding (trust me .. I've been living with some pain ... both just normal daily living, and exercise ouchies) .. but I knew my body was holding onto water to protect the muscles .. and I thought FINALLY with my jostling up this last weekend, with eating .. and continuing to exercise .. I DID IT !!! Yup -- I did it alright .. I fell right into the crack .. that crack that says "YOU LOST WEIGHT !!! BECAUSE THE SCALE SAID SO!!!!" .. lol So just for the record .. even us seasoned pro's can fall into that trap !!! lol ..

I KNOW there are changes going on in my body .. I can see things happening .. but the number on the scale is not about to be one of them .. I'm hurting this morning, because I worked the dugout, and it's sitting on a stool, or standing on concrete .. and really not much moving ..

Even though ... Marilyn and I almost fell over .. I GOT A $9 TIP FOR A $1 BOTTLE OF WATER .. the guy gave me $10.. when I went to give him his change, he was gone .. The whole thing started with he only had $3 in his wallet .. and wanted a beer .. Our beer's are $3.50.. so it was the first tap and that is always alot of foam .. I gave him a 3/4 glass of beer, with the foam cup .. (that melts into about 1/2 glass of beer, but I would have thrown it away anyway) .. and he came back with another buck .. so we threw 50 cents in the tip kitty ....

Well -- he came back later and asked how much water was .. I said $1 .. he said he was tapped out, and didn't want to run to the car for $1 .. so I gave him the bottle of water, and told him next time .. he owes me a buck .. :) .. It was for one of the players anyway .. I was having fun with this guy, because I told him after I was so nice to him with his beer, I find he's cheering for the other team .. lol lol (the JC's were playing against his friends team) ..

So -- we got a little bit of a rush, and all of a sudden he comes up, grabs my hand and puts something in it .. I looked and saw it was a paper bill .. so I went to the cash box to drop the $1 in the box .. and I look ... IT WAS A $10 .. I went back to the window and called him back motioning that he accidentally gave me a 10 .. and he came back and said "You trusted me .. you deserve the extra" and turned around and walked away .. I almost fell over, and if I could have taken a picture of Marilyn at the time .. She was standing there wide eyed and jaw dropped .. lol lol ..

So it was a good day ..

and then Kylie came .. well -- she's my entertainment for the evening .. I really don't watch much in the line of baseball, but I could watch her all night .. I knew her daddy when he was still inside her gramma .. :)

She was wearing a tshirt, and I immediately thought of my friend Marty .. I wanted to take a picture and she is such a diva, that she poses .. well -- it didn't get the saying on her tshirt .. but I WANT THAT TSHIRT .... It said "You Sweat .... I SPARKLE" ... lol lol lol .. I loved it, but since she posed, you can't see the saying .. but she was still my source of entertainment for the evening .. :)

While I had another goofy day at work .. when I left at 4 .. everything fell into domino order .. I went to Culvers and got myself a chicken tenders basket .... and the drove to the park .. The dugout doesn't open until 6 .. and at this time it was just before 5ish .. so I took a walk around the park to get my 25-35 minute walk in before the dugout ..I found a path that gave me 26 minutes including the walk up to the ball diamond dugout .. where I sat and just mellowed until Marilyn got there ..

By the time I got home last night .. I had over 11,000 steps in ... and I was literally pooped .. :)

So unfortunately, I'm sore this morning .. but I think it's more from the standing at the dugout, and sitting on the stools .. with no backing .. my back is ouching .. and my feet is ouching, and my ouch is ouching .. lol lol lol .. but that's not going to stop me .. :)

It looks like another nice day, so I'm "planning" on taking off at 4 again today for my lunch, and coming home and getting my fresh air walk in ...

We're planning on having shrimp cocktail for dinner. . ;) I'm back to the happy feeling of snacky meals .. I'm aware of my protien and I'm aware of my fiber .. but am enjoying these snack meals ..Yesterday I had my ham, cheese and crackers for lunch as well as a hard boiled egg .. I'm slowly realizing and bringing to the norm that there is no need for a 7 course meal .. Yes -- I'm not going to turn it down when he asks, but I'm learning that it doesn't take much to fill up that hole in my belly .. :)

Thank goodness it's Thursday .... This week has taken alot out of me .. with back to back needed energy .. but tonight, I can just have a normal night .. That makes me so happy !!! :) and so looking forward to it .. :)

Next week Monday is my spa day .. I'm sooo excited .. and just can't wait (because I look in the mirror, and ask "who is that grey haired hag?" .... lol lol ... ) ... so I'm sooo looking forward to next Monday .. I think the style that I want will look different, because I do have natural curl to my hair, but I think it would still look cute ..

Unfortunately all my friends that I've asked said no .. just cutting my hair won't shave off my belly too .. bummmer ... gotta keep working on that ... lol lol

Okay -- here's to a NORMAL day ... I'm happy for that !!!!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday !!!! As soon as I can shake out these cobwebs I'm planning on doing that as well .. :)

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