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Thursday, May 17, 2018

I went to the city with my mum today. She had her yearly appointment with the cardiologist. He feels it's time to repair the valve - not exactly at this moment, but by the time all the paperwork is done and the angiogram is complete, it will be time. She took the news like a trooper, which tells me she is doing really well, both physically and emotionally. Last year at this time she was recovering from weeks of uncontrolled atrial fibrillation, followed by rapid kidney failure. This spring has been much different and the appointment today really demonstrated how well she's doing. She has high blood pressure, although the diastolic number is low, so I'm not as concerned as the specialist. He knows more than I do, I realize and respect that....but if he had decided to place her back on high blood pressure medications, I would have had a few words with him. The kidney failure last year was a result of (what they believe happened) a virus attacking her kidneys combined with the high blood pressure medication side effect. The nephrologist removed her off the medication last year because of the side effects - which not only included kidney failure, it also included creating serious low blood pressure.

The unfortunate part of all this, is we have to travel 1300 kms to the nearest hospital which has a cardiology unit - our city hospital does not have this. It angers the cardiologist because he could do the angiogram here, simple in and out procedure, and make life simpler. He also would have first hand knowledge what is happening, rather than reading about it. As I told Mum, the city hospital improved and restructured the pediatric wing, built an amazing cancer wing, are working on an improved surgical wing and if the cardiologists in the region have their way, the cardiology unit will be next.

She has to have an angiogram completed first, that is accessed and then she returns to Vancouver, for the valve replacement. The angiogram he anticipates in 3 months, the valve replacement will be anywhere from 6-8 months following the angiogram. She was concerned about traveling in the winter, but I told her we will take the medical bus (as I can travel with her, as the escort). She trusts her doctor completely, so I'm happy with that too.

We saw a deer, moose and bear traveling to the city today. I think the ticks are nasty this year on the moose, she was looking pretty thin. The bear was very content to eat green grass. The deer was traveling alone, so must have been left behind as usually they come in herds. I saw a bear the other day and he was so darn cute. He was sitting on his back haunches, chewing away, watching the cars traveling past and I swear he was smiling - it was a beautiful sunny day.

Tonight was our last class and I have never been so relieved to end a class. I spoke briefly with the student support/advisory person, as she asked me how it was going. I told her it was the least productive, most frustrating class I had ever attended. She stated her understanding was the Dean has read the evaluations and there will be recommendations going back to Lesley, about her teaching methods. My understanding is they will wait until she is completely done grading, and then go through the evaluations. I know everything I put in there, I've said to her in person, but I was very specific with my examples. As I told Wendy, I did not want to be vindictive, I wanted to explain the reasons this was a class that did not meet the end goals and expectations.

Tonight I thought we'd wrap up all the ends and leave .... oh no, why would I think that? We still have homework to complete for this module - which we did not even go through, and as such, we are expected to do a long list of readings. For most of us, we also still have back assignments to complete and the 15 module journals to upload to the data system. It all has to be done in under 2 weeks, as she has 2 weeks to finish grading.

She dropped one assignment and 2 quizzes. ~sigh~ Even with the heavy book work we carried out in this class, I still cannot sit down and plan out an entire day in an early childcare setting. I have no idea the structure of a centre, no idea when they do what, how a centre is set up and ran, what is difference between a daycare and early childhood school setting (etc). That was the goals of this course...but the majority in the class work in these centres, so she chose not to go through a typical planning day. We simply learned theories and work out endless activity cards (cards focused on one specific activity to carry out).

I will complete my journal work tomorrow, do the last assignment and then on the weekend, complete the back assignment that I'm missing. Then I'm done this frustrating course.

It looks like my roommate will move in next weekend, as I asked for this weekend to finish up my school work and then, organize her room. I also have to do some carpet cleaning, to freshen it up. First she was coming in with nothing and now, she has to have a date so that she can organize people to assist her to move. I reminded her the space is small, so I hope she's not planning to move in very much. I'll find out this weekend, as she plans to drop over.

That's about it for me, I hope you had a really good Wednesday.
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    I am glad you are done this frustrating class.It has sounded like a gong show from day one to me.You are a brave soul.Good luck with the roommate.
    59 days ago
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