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Happy Wednesday ... Looking for that downhill slide .. anyone find it???

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

My battery is dead .. lol lol lol but I wouldn't have changed yesterday for ANYTHING !!!! Mom was nothing but smiles all day long and even bigger smiles when big brother, and sil showed up .. Bill was HYSTERICAL to watch.. and all I could do was laugh at him ... this is a 62 year old man that was acting like a kid in a candy store already jacked up on sugar .. lol lol lol .. He was funny .. He had never been in a casino anywhere before .. I walked up while hubby was standing there getting them some cards, so they'd have a free $5 ... and his eyeballs were sooo wide .. :) all I could do was laugh ... I explained to him, this is why we chose this casino because the Dells was about 3-4 times bigger .. REALLY BIGGER THEN THIS ??? lol lol .. Yes Bill .. bigger than this .. lol lol ..

I helped them play their free money .. 25 - 30 cents a pull ... and they were so fun to watch .. both of them .. Then Bill and hubby went off, while I was helping Kathy .. and she did good ... we picked a good machine for her ..

Then they were kind of working on their own .. and I was playing a machine back to back with Bill .. all of a sudden I get hit on the shoulder .. "WHAT DID I DO?" ... He had gotten a bonus, and you have to pick squares to find out how many spins you get, or what the multiplier was .. so mom was sitting next to me .. I only had like $10 left in my machine, I asked mom to watch my machine, and I turned around to show Bill what to do .. he was soooo animated, it was hysterical ..

Once they got the idea, they wanted to venture out .. so while they still stuck around mom; we drifted around the big room .. and they could play on their own .. Bill and Kathy stuck together, but I watched from a distance because he was so funny .. I watched mom, and she never stopped laughing ..

Her and I were only playing at this time because the machines were so bad .. she said she was going to suggest leaving if this wouldn't have happened .. In turn she got to play her free birthday money; while Bill and Kathy were there .. We were getting ready to leave and Bill said "one more $10?" ... and off he went .. lol lol .. I think they spent $20 between the 2 of them .. but had so much fun !!! lol lol lol ..

Hubby had left, but by this time mom knew what was going on .. and we started packing up for the ride home .. there was flowing conversation in the car all the way home .. :) ..

Hubby texted about 3/4 of the way home .. KFC was out of chicken, and there would be an 11 minute wait .. so he would be late .. we were hungry .. when he finally showed up; we all stood out on mom's porch with our plates .. hummmpppkrrryyy !!!!!

I was proud of myself .. I had a biscuit, mashed taters, with a spoon of gravy, coleslaw, and 1 piece of chicken .. a chicken thigh .. and I was satisfied .. :)

Mom popped her bottle of nonalcoholic wine that her friend had given her awhile ago .. so we all had a few sips of wine .. :) I toasted to mom.. "Happy 91st birthday .. here's to the next 91 years .. ".. She sat down exhausted lol

She said she had a funny feeling something was up .. because Bill had called and was asking all about casino machines .. but never figured that this was going to happen ..

Kathy helped dry the few dishes that we had, and we cleaned up .. We sat around and chatted, and everyone left around 4:30 .. mom was tired .. I was just going to get everything put back together; and leave myself .. mom was noticably tired .. but smiling .. the conversation never lulled .. never !!!!

I couldn't stop smiling, but I was tired as well .. After everyone left, mom sat down, and I was finishing cleaning up and her neighbor, Ceile, came over .. and we started talking .. she just finished her "mahjong" games with her friends .. and asked if I wanted to see the mahjong game .. it was still on her table .. so mom and I went across the hall, to see that .. She ended up showing me all of her quilts she was making, quilt cuts that she had plans on making, and pictures of quilts she wanted to make .. lol lol .. We just talked and it was fun .. but I looked at mom, and she was almost falling asleep sitting at the table, playing with the tiles .. I said a couple of times that we have to get going, because she was going to fall asleep as we talked .. lol ..

Finally we left there ... and went back to mom's condo .. I finished up putting her table back together, and put Polie back in his chair, and packed up my stuff to go .. she came over and gave me such a big hug .. and thanked me .. I told her .. thank Billy, I was just a knowing pawn .. he was the one that dropped the original plan .. lol lol ..

She was still smiling (tiredly) when I was walking down the hallway .. with the KFC garbage, and my stuff I was taking home .. I LOVE my mom !!!! :)

I got home about 5:15 - 5:30ish.. hubby wasn't home .. he was off on one of his Dells coupons runs .. I argued with myself .. My stepometer had about 5600 steps on it .. just walking around the casino .. (and chasing after my brother .. lol lol) .. but the argument ensued .. "I could peddle" .. "but it's such a beautiful day" ... "but I'm literally exhausted" .. "so I could peddle" .. "but why .. I could just take my 25 minute walk?" "but I just want to get home and plant my butt and sit" .. "but it would only be 25 minutes .. do it, get it done and then you can sit" ..

Well -- I won .. I ended up coming home, going upstairs to change, and went out for my 25 minute walk .. and felt sooo good after I finished .. a FEELING OF SUCCESS !!!!

I came home .. and changed into comfy clothes, threw a load of clothes in the washer, came downstairs, got my lemon water, and PLANTED MY BUTT!!! I opened up the window because I was "sparkling" pretty well ..

Hubby came home, and he had to do his walking around the house .. He was my legs .. whenever he passed I gave him something to do .. close the window, cuz I was comfy again, put my computer back .. I literally planted my butt !!! lol lol lol ..

At 8:30 I went upstairs .. my head hit the pillow and I was GONE !!!!! until this morning about 4:30ish ..

I woke up this morning .. and my scale said down 3 pounds from yesterday .. I know alot of this is from my weekend food fest, but I'm lower than when I started my food fest .. Could this mean that FINALLY the daily exercise is taking effect ?? Could this mean that FINALLY all of my not giving up is starting to pay off ?? Could this mean that my hard work is FINALLY starting to pay off?? Inquiring minds want to know .. Since Monday morning .. I'm down 6 pounds .. (don't worry .. this isn't a normal loss expectation .. ) but this morning I'm actually back down to where I was 2 months ago .. Maybe .. just maybe things are starting to shift, and my stamina to behave myself is stronger .. Hubby offered me a Klondike bar last night even though it wasn't a weekend because I have been working so hard .. and I declined .. YAY ME !!!!!

Okay -- gotta get myself going here .. I have a CPA meeting at 8 this morning so I can't lolligag my way in .. and then I have the dugout tonight .. so it will be a later night tonight .. by tomorrow .. I'm probably going to collapse ... lol lol..

We'll see what happens, but I would like to take my lunch hour at 4 today, grab a bite to eat, and get to the park and take a walk before standing all night in the dugout ..

So --life is going good at the "V" home .. I hope it's going well for you as well .. :)

Talk later, and have a wonderful day !! I have to get myself going here .. :)

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