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Happy Monday -- made it through the "food fest" .. today I will move forward ...

Monday, May 14, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

It's Monday again .. lol lol .. Nawww not worried .. I only have 4 days this week .. next week, and the following week .. :) so I'm good .. Trust me -- I'll be looking forward to Friday each week, but with other things to look forward to, it won't be so bad ..

This week my day off is Tuesday .. Next week Monday is my hair day .. and I'm looking so forward to it .. I actually was looking at hair styles .. keeping the length but maybe layering up .. and bringing back my bangs .. I even looked at "styles for 60 year olds" .. and you know what .. now a days the styles are pretty much the same .. lol .. My whole thing is I want to keep my overall length and this style may work .. I think having light bangs would de-age me a bit ..

I think that would make me look a bit younger .. Even though I really don't look "old" .. I've read that bangs will hide the "worry lines" in the forehead .. so I'm shooting for that ... So -- next Monday is my Pampering day .. my hair pampering day .. :) Hey .. on the second picture .. you think with the new haircut, I may loose my belly as well ?? Hey .. I can wish ...can't I ?? lol lol

Thank you to my friends for the anniversary wishes .. We had a quiet day yesterday .. hubby took me to Potawatomi; downtown Milwaukee; and we spent a few hours there, until it wasn't fun anymore .. (because machines were few and far between because it was getting busy) .. but we had our free lunch .. I had a chicken quesidea, he had a pork burrito ... and that was my big meal for the day .. :)

We played a bit more, and about mid afternoon we came home ... and just had a quiet afternoon ..

I was proud of myself.. I went upstairs and played with my puzzle on my table, and while I was playing .... my stationary bike was sitting there "staring at me" .. hmmmm

I was in EXTREME pain yesterday morning with sciatica (even had hubby worried and fawning over me to see if there was anything he could do).. and through stretches and moving (and some magic potion) had worked it out .. but there was still a twing there every once in a while ..and my magic potion was wearing off ... (probably another reason why I was ready to come home .. lol) I was bad enough yesterday that I ALMOST asked hubby to get Rose (my cane) out of Beauty (my truck).. but I didn't .. I was just very precise on getting up and sitting down, and walking .. I made it !!!

Well -- I was proud of myself .. I had gathered 4555 steps at the casino just walking around .. from machine to machine ..

I sat there and stared at the stationary bike, and finally gave in .. I didn't peddle fast, but I peddled .. at 0 resistance .. for my 34 minutes .. YAY ME !!!! I suffered, I rose and I OVERCAME!!! :) and I did my 34 minutes !!!! I kept batting around in my head .. "you know this will be the first time you've missed since your mission" .. I can't remember when it was that I started, but I do remember I started UNofficially on May 1 .. so I'm thinking it was mid April, when I started getting myself into a "routine" ..Now I feel guilty if I don't make that 34 minutes .. :) and that's probably what was fueling in my brain yesterday .. and all I can say is YAY ME !!!!! :)

I had my bowl of ice cream last night .. and called it a day .. I truly wanted that bowl of ice cream, and it tasted yummy ... every last bite !!!! This limiting my ice cream to weekends .. is really working .. I still get the snack, so I'm not depriving myself; but my brain is to the point that "there's a time and place" .. and thankfully I have hubby on the same track, that he doesn't even tempt me anymore throughout the week .. I'm thankful for that!!!

I'm happy to say that my "scale" weight has held over these last few days of "over endulging" .. and my brain and my body are happier for it .. Between hubby wanting to make my weekend special, and short crew lunches, and and and .. I'm happy to say I survived, and I thank my 34 minute a day habit ..:) not perfect, but I know it helped !!! :)

Tomorrow is mom's birthday .. I'll be picking mom up at 8:30 and taking her to the Madison casino; and then hubby will pick up my brother and SIL coming about 2 hours later .. That way hubby can do his normal morning runs; and still get to mom's to pick brother and SIL on time .. wish me luck .. I want mom to be able to play for a bit before she is shuffled out .. I told SIL that I plan on leaving the casino at about 1ish .. they will get there around 11 .. they can pacify themselves for 2 hours .. Keeping smile on my face .. happy happy ... lol lol lol

I told hubby that I'm throwing him under the bus .. I'm adding a "coupon" for mom to redeem that she can come with him and I or just him; to the Dells casino ... to kind of pacify shuffling her out of the casino tomorrow .. :)

We came home and saw family togetherness .. boosting up Uli so he could see outside .. Yup -- I'm raising my little guys right .. and Hoots is doing a dynamite job as well .. :)

With that being said .. I have to get myself going here .. I hope everyone has a great day .. even though it's Monday ..

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