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Being a Dog Mom...

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I took this picture last night, and the more I look at it, the more I like it! The Cooper-dog is an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier, who I adopted from a local canine rescue organization about 5 or 6 months after I joined SparkPeople. I was having trouble finding people to buddy with me IRL and walk with me regularly, so I requested a dog who “liked to walk”! I got what I asked for... lol! JRTs are known as hyperactive, slightly destructive, little yapping dogs... or that is how I have heard them described. Hmmm, if you walk a young JRT at least 10 miles a day they tend to sleep the rest of the day, and are happily tired and pleasant to be around! Lol. He was just about a year old when I adopted him and had a little bit of puppy left in him (which he has since outgrown... no more chewing, thank goodness!)... but I didn’t have to worry about house breaking or teaching him to sit. I think if I ever adopted another dog... (heaven forbid) I would go for an older dog even than Cooper was. Anyways, I was still at the beginning of my lifestyle change journey and The Cooper-dog became a vital component of that transformation. So important to my well being that my psychiatrist certified him as an ESA, so that he has some protections and I have some rights in regards to him. Basically he is no longer classified as a “pet”... but rather as a “companion”... which is especially important when it comes to things like housing... but I am off on another tangent! It is easy to do when I talk about my Coopster... lol! My thoughts tend to wander kind of like the way he follows his nose back and forth across the sidewalks! Zigzag! Soooo... Cooper has become my primary social connection with people ( my fellow tenants tend to know me as “Cooper’s mom”), and exercise motivation in all weather... as well as providing company and comfort when I have anxiety attacks, nightmares, or simply just get sad. The science behind the oxytocin release involved in petting a dog is established, and in return he gets endorphins (and is pampered and fawned on)... it seems a pretty fair trade to me. I know he gets really happy to see me when I have been away for more than 10 minutes... and it’s a relief for me to close out the rest of the world and lock my apartment door and just sit and pet the Cooper-dog. So, I get pretty happy to see him too! (I cannot wag my tail the way he can though... lol) The Cooper-dog and I still go for some long rambling walks around town, but they tend to be more reasonable these days... rarely over 5 miles at a go... and we usually accumulate a maximum of 12 miles over the course of a day and that’s an ambitious day lately. My knees won’t stand up to more, and I think he is starting to feel his age as well... (he is starting to show a little gray on his muzzle, but when the zoomies start watch out! You would never know he is getting a little up there in years!) This year I am practicing denial about traditional Mother’s Day observances... as far as I can tell my whole family is as well... and embracing being a dog mom!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Cooper is such a sweetie and such a great companion for you! The two of you have a great connection!

    I don't know Cooper IRL but from everything you say about him I'm sure I'd love him if I got to meet him IRL. I'm glad the two of you have each other. I hope Cooper still has many more years left in his life.

    Happy Belated Hu-Mom Day! emoticon emoticon
    181 days ago
    As I am reading this, I have my 2 smallest Chihuahuas, Spartacus & Shiloh, on either side of me, licking my arms & jostling for space next to me. It makes for some creative spellings & careful proofreading. Gotta love the pups. I’m never alone, & if a doorbell rings, even on TV, they let me know by barking & jumping onto my lap. I sometimes think they believe I didn’t hear the bell.
    184 days ago
    Happy Mother’s Day.
    185 days ago
    Happy Mother's Day fur mommy!
    185 days ago
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Dogs are great!
    185 days ago
    It is kind of amazing how much I love Cooper from all the way over here!

    I am so grateful that you rescued each other.

    Good boy, Cooper!
    185 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon for you...Happy Hu-Mom Day!
    185 days ago
    Wishing you a special day!
    185 days ago
    I LOVE the Coopster...he is such a sweet loving companion and I know how happy he makes you and how happy you make him! Truly a love connection of the most valuable kind.

    As I ao sad on this Mother's Day for the loss of my son I must never lose sight of how sad you are for the loss of your brilliant mother!

    I'm sure she is beaming down love on you and your father and your family from heaven. Life is so darn hard sometimes but we sparkies always seem to find a way through it. I know a LOT of it is our undying support for each other!

    Happy Mother's Day you perfect little dog momma! Go have some fun and know that I'm thinking of you today and sending you LOVE! emoticon
    185 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Dogs are the best companions and I am so glad you have Cooper. I hope that he lives to be a ripe old age! Happy Hu-Mom Day! emoticon
    185 days ago
    Many years ago, my brother's family had a Jack Russell (named Jack). He was hyper, but such a sweet, sweet dog. I would dog-sit for them when they were out of town & Jack, & my dog, Pepsi (a beagle-chihuahua mix), were great friends.

    Dogs are great friends. emoticon
    185 days ago
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