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Happy Saturday -- made it through the week, and got to just sleep in this morning -- felt great!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Yesterday was a better day than I was anticipating .. It was a very very short crew, but I think the rain helped us .. Usually Friday's we're busy with all the "weekend project managers" .. and since the weather was going to be so yucky, nobody came in to get parts for their weekend repairs .. It WAS busy, but it was just busy .. :)

Our crew started out with Kim and I in "office" .. (I kinda drift to whereever) .. and Loenard, Jimmy and JT in Sales, and Ben in shipping (and he's starting to drift to whereever as well) .. so he was doing purchasing as well ..

Kim did really good again .. I told her I was NOT going to hover, but she is to take her time, and think things through .. it does not have to be all done before 5 .. that's what Monday is for .. she is to concentrate on the jobs that "keep the business moving forward for the day" .. (and most of her jobs are things that can be "put off for now" .. ) and she did really really good again .. She did call me over to watch through what she was doing .. but she did great .. *whew* and took her time !!!

Jimmy left mid morning for a dentist appointment (and didn't come back .. but in his defense it was installing his posts for his screw in teeth (all together now .. EWWWWW)) so he was gone, and that left Leonard and JT .. for sales .. (again thankful it wasn't crazy busy .. ) but it WAS busy enough ..

Around 11:00ish I went up to Leonard and asked if we were bringing in lunch .. and he agreed .. I took everyone's orders for Kraverz (an ice cream shop up the road), and I got my normal chicken quesidea .. and I ate the whole thing .. arguing with myself all the way .. telling myself .. You can save 1/2 for dinner .. I lost ...

I ate the whole thing, but I was so happy having conversation with the others .. it was awesome .. I was the only girl (cuz Kim had to run an errand) with big dumb boys .. lol lol .. and they all got goofy after their bellies had food in them .. lol lol .. *urp* .. I was thankful .. I had a couple of glasses of soda, and the bubbles helped settle my belly .. but I wasn't hungry for dinner ..

I texted hubby that I was probably not going to have dinner .. and he texted and said that if that's the case he would go on a "Dells coupon" run .. and that was perfect .. I could take my time leaving .. and did the uploads that I had ready to go .. .. and left at about 5:15ish .. I have to say the day turned out so much more better than I had worried about in the morning ..

AND My brain wasn't totally in a fog yesterday .. even though I slept like the dead on Thursday night again .. I must have shaken out all the cobwebs before getting there lol

I got home, and hubby wasn't home, so I set up my pot of coffee for this morning, took my in house sippy glass filled with my cucumber water, went upstairs, changed, and did my 34 minutes of peddling .. Even though I didn't get out yesterday .. I had over 5900 steps .. JUST in the office !!!

After I finished my peddling, hubby still wasn't home so I went into my playroom to play some more .. :) I played with my machine some more, and saw what some of the embossing dies looked like .. SOO COOL !!!! So I have some papers that are set to start putting together .. :)

I emptied the box I thought I could use to store all my dies, and the machine and the extra parts .. and it JUST fits but bellies out the side .. so I may have to store it on it's side .. THEN it should work .. :)

Hubby came home, and told me that he was going to make something for dinner .. I told him I still wasn't hungry .. but he suggested a pizza .. and well -- I said yes .. I WAS proud of myself ... I only had 2 pieces .. until he kept pushing and pushing .. and I ended up with my normal 4 (yelling at myself that this would have been solved if I would have saved 1/2 of my lunch .. but can't get mad over spilled milk, or overeating quesideas... lol lol .. ) It was done it was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it .. so why worry about it .. that will only destroy my efforts toward today and the future .. (if I would get into that funk, it takes a couple days to get out of "oh what's the use" .. the mistake has been made, I move forward .. it took my a lot of years to get that attitude .. )

I had a quiet night, and slept until 8:00 this morning .. Hubby is off on one of his coupon runs .. and I can sit and relax with friends this morning without watching a clock .. :)

He left me a note .. "open for suggestions" .. He offered to get lunch/supper but bring it home to eat .. and I was fine with that .. I told him that .. He told me what his suggestion was .. a TGI Friday big rack of ribs .. Well -- I really can't eat BBQ sauce out; because there are alot of them (most of them) that react on me quicker than Exlax .. but he suggested we have them at home, and well -- I'd be safe .. lol .. YAY !!!

I sent him a text .. and suggested that before we pick up the ribs, he takes me to a mall so I can get my 34 minutes of exercise in .. I can always add to it, but I have to at LEAST have it , and I don't want to peddle today (but will if I have to) .. and then we can pick up the ribs .. He's game !!! all I have to do is pick the mall .. :)

I'm good with that !!! :) So I'm looking forward to just a quiet day .. I'm thankful I made it through the week .. and that was my last 5 day work week for the month of May .. :) so I'm excited about that !!! :) I made it .. :)

I'm going to have a wonderful weekend !!! Thank you everyone for the anniversary wishes !!! Here's to another 40 years !!! emoticon

Have a great day !!! I'm going to !!!!!
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