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Happy Friday .. I will be happy when today is over -- gonna have to peddle tonight...

Friday, May 11, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

THIS has been a tough week.. I've been sleeping so hard at night that I have been waking up in a fog ... today is no exception ... all I can say is WOW !!!

Today we're running short short SHORT crew .. so I'm going to have to step up to the bat .. Lois is off, Linda is off .. Kim is soloing 100%... Our sales crew Kim is off, Robert is off for his MIL funeral .. I don't know if JL is going to be back today .. I heard conversation amongst the crew that he will be back today .. and I saw that Jimmy has an appointment .. so the crew is going to be Office Kim, Leonard, Jimmy (for part of the day), JT, (maybe JL) and well -- ME lol .. Wish us luck .. lol lol .. We'll see ..

I'm feeling anxious this morning .. just because .. just because this week HAS been sooo weird .. for many many reasons .. This feeling is coming from things I KNOW are going on, and things I just can't put my fingers on .. but I'm anxious this morning ..

I was proud of myself yesterday ... at 11:30 .. I got out for a walk around the block .. and the fresh air just felt sooo good .. it was cool out, so I stopped at the car for my (car) jacket .. and got out for a 35 minute walk around the block ..Our block at our office is 1 mile .. so I was proud of myself .. It appears as if I'm not going to get that luxury today .. It's a rainy day it's going to be a peddling day today ..

At the end of the day yesterday I went and picked up mom .. She got in the car and right off the bat, "I upset "hubby" when I insisted that YOU pick me up didn't I ?" ... I told her, yea .. he was frustrated, but that's done and over with and he's moved on .. and all the way home, I had to keep "bringing her back" .. I feel bad I feel bad I feel bad .. Mom .. it's done it's over .. he's fine, and he has moved on .. I feel bad .. *rolling eyes and taking a deep breath here* .. I told her that he is only watching over me .. I've had a tough week, and he wants to help in any way he can .. so it's done, and it's fine .. I feel bad ..*sigh ... no winning * .. so whenever she started up .. I just changed the subject .. :)

I told hubby that I thought I overheard that her next card day was on June 7th .. so he's going to have to take and pick her up .. because I have an afternoon meeting that day .... and can't change it (actually I may be home early that day .. but can't guarentee it .. )

I had a talk with Jimmy again yesterday .. Leonard was on one of his missions yesterday, and being in the middle of the warehouse well ... it's kind of difficult to NOT hear whats' going on and being said ..Well -- Leonard saw a box that I had put on the side of the aisle of Joe's desk stuff .. I walk by that box every once in a while, and I see Joe sitting at his desk, with the cat ate the canary smile .. We lost Joe back in 2016 .. and I miss him so much !! His brain, and his silliness .. I walk by that box occasionally and it brings back memories .. Leonard and Jimmy were on a fit .. Leonard wanted to "trash it" .. and Jimmy said it wasn't taking up any extra room .. I was having a real difficult time with this .. but no way was I going to interject myself into the conversation with Leonard in the mood he was in ..

I talked with Jimmy later after Leonard had gone, and I explained again, I'm an emotional basketcase anyway .. but IF they throw away that box .. do it in private, so I don't know about it .. Jimmy understood, and we went back to the warehouse, and put the box up on the top of the shelves .. (out of sight out of mind) .. I was fine with this .. it was like the box was still here, Joe's spirit was still here as well ..

So -- today is the end of an emotional foggy week .. This will be my last 5 day week this month and color ME happy ..

Next Tuesday I have off; with mom's surprise birthday ..

The 21st (following Monday) I have off for my hair pampering day !! I don't know what I want .. I KNOW I want highlights .. but not sure if I want sunkissed (blonde) highlights or soft red tint highlights .. :) can't do funky or else I'm going to learn how to spell "divorce" .. lol lol .. I DO know I want highlights .. just not sure which direction .. but we'll see .. but that day I have off ..

and then I think the 28th is "celebrated" Memorial Day ...

and then the 2nd is my party !!!

I got my invitation to MY party .. lol lol lol

Lois slapped my shoulder yesterday .. she was walking around to see if people would rsvp .. I told her that "hubby said I should RSVP and say we had something planned that day so wouldn't be able to make it .." .. lol lol .. she hit me in the shoulder .. lol .. I don't know why ??? lol lol ..

I won't be going over to mom's on Sunday -- as I will be celebrating 40 years to the best man E-V-E-R !!!!! I told mom that I would be spending the day with her on Tuesday, and she was fine with that .. Tuesday is her birthday .. she will be 91 years young !!!

So I have a nice weekend to look forward to .. and I am going to enjoy it to the max ..with happy hubby !!!!

I know I know .. I'm like all over the board today .. and well ---this is they way my brain has been lately..

Gotta get myself going here .. so wish everyone a wonderful day !!! it's Friday !! that's a plus !!!

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