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It's Thursday .. almost to the weekend !!! it's a tough week this week !!! Have a good one !!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Yesterday was a different type day .. I pretty much stayed to myself, because I was in a wierd mood .. and focused on my Dick and Jane series I was working on this time .. and it was a good day, but a quiet day .. I was cordial when people talked to me, but I didn't go out of my way to be social...

I did go to lunch and had a very enjoyable time .. Carol (our software lady) was buying for my "farewell" lunch .. Linda came with ... and I actually enjoyed myself .. I don't think there was a time that we weren't talking .. lol lol .. Linda brought along some questions she had for Carol, and Carol told her she would send a quote to have someone show Linda how to do what she wants to do .. So it was a fun lunch, and a productive lunch .. Carol talked about her girls (she's a friend of mine on FB and and I've been following with her life .. her daughter's wedding, her bicycle trip to Arkansas ... all the fun stuff she had going on .. ) and well --- you start talking about your kids, and that is a good solid conversation, and then she asked Linda about her kids .. and well -- it meant talking for 2 ish hours during lunch .. That was fun, and I ate good .. I had a grilled chicken on bed of salad .. with honey mustard dressing .. YUMYUM !!!! and because we were talking so much .. I ate slowly .. :)

Unfortunately .. with the rainy weather, I didn't get to do a walk outside .. :( I had hopes, because we came out from lunch, and it was sunny but humid .. and I thought .. Oh .. I may be able to get a walk in tonight .. well -- within an hour .. NOPE.. dark, and the rain was coming down in force ... so nope .. no walkies today !!!

About 4:55 .. as I'm cleaning up and getting ready to go ... my phone went nuts, and the "tomato" sirens were going nuts outside .. and all heck broke loose .. I went next door and Linda was still there, I told her to finish what she was doing because I wasn't leaving until she did .. I wasn't going to leave her with tomato sirens going off .. So she did .. and we left .. it was just her, Robert and I ..

It was a strange drive home .. I called hubby to let him know I was on my way .. and he told me there was tomato warnings out .. I told him I know .. my phone was lighting up like a Christmas tree ... with warnings ..

I'm alot better than I used to be with storms .. As long as I can see the sky I good .. (we used to live in a house where there were trees all the way around, and I couldn't see the sky .. I used to freak, and pace around the house .. We moved here, and we don't really have any trees around the house, except the ones that our neighbors planted along the lot line before we moved here .. and I'm alot better) .. but yesterday was weird .. I placed it with my weird mood yesterday .. but there was just something not right driving home ..

The rain came down in sheets about 6 blocks away from the office, and there was a huge black cloud above .. but just past the black cloud was sunshine .. ?? Okay -- that's not that weird, but I got to Colgate, and my phone goes off .. a friend was calling to see if I was okay .. because there was a tomato seen in Merton (my home town) .. I said yea .. I'm actually driving in sunshine right now .. ?? It's weird, but nothing threatening .. :) LOVE her for calling !!!!

As I was driving home .. I still had this very uncomfortable feeling .. but the sun was shining to the southwest .. The northwest however, had the weirdest cloud formation, but I didn't think anything of it ..

I got home and was watching the news while I was peddling, and saw that exact same cloud on TV .. THAT was the start of the TOMATO ??? Yes -- it started forming in Monches (the next town over .. about 6-10 miles down the road from my house, and went through Erin (just north of Monches) , and headed northeast from there .. Okay -- alittle TOO close for comfort .. lol lol ... Thankfully nobody was hurt !!!

(yes -- tomatoes are so much less threatening then TORNADO ) .. lol lol lol ..

I got home and went upstairs to ride my bike .. I ONLY had like 2700 steps on yesterday .. I did stay put at my desk yesterday .. lol lol .. I probably would have gone to the gym if I wouldn't have had my lunch engagement (the high point of my workday) .. lol lol .. but I didn't, so my steps suffered .. but I did do my 34 minutes on the stationary bike when I got home .. and before dinner .. I knew if I would sit down for dinner first, I would not have had the motivation to go upstairs .. I was just plain tired yesterday .. *sigh* ...So this way I got it in, and THEN I could have a quiet evening ..

After my peddling, I came down and made myself a huge (finish up the veggies) salad .. and it was soooo yummy .. All it had was salad mix, the last tomato, the last of my cucumber, some sweet peppers, and honey mustard dressing, and made a BIIIIGGGG!!!! plate full .. and I enjoyed every single bite .. I was full and didn't have the dessert I wanted .. a couple slices of toast with butter and jam ..

Being tired I crawled up to bed by 8:15ish, played on my phone for a bit up in bed, and fell sound asleep until this morning .. The dreams I had were weird (that seems to be my new word of the day lately .. lol lol Weird .. huh ?? lol) and vivid, but I don't remember WHAT they were .. and I woke up before my alarm this morning .. that's a good thing, however my brain seems to be in a morning fog .. lol lol .. I hope it lifts cuz this is going to be a LOONGG day ... *sigh* ..

Mommy wants me to pick her up tonight after her time with her friends playing cards ... but when I asked her on Sunday .. she said "ohhh 6 or 7 .. " .. That was what hubby was so frustrated about on Tuesday night .. because he said he could pick her up because he would be in the neighborhood anyway, and supposedly she insisted on me picking her up .. I really don't care one way or the other, but hubby was trying to be nice because this has been a busy week for me .. and I may want to come home and relax .. Evidentally she insisted.. I'm thinking she wants me to meet her friends .. but it IS only 8 minutes away from work .. so I'm assuming that she's thinking I can come from work and pick her up .. Sooo today will consist of maybe putting together one of my spreadsheets that I've been working on .. and uploading it tonight after hours .. I tried to call her last night, to double check on the time but if she doesn't know the number, she won't pick it up .. and since we changed over to 100% cell service, it comes through her caller id as "cell company" .. instead of our numbers .. and she never checks her voice mail; because it's full .. sooooo I told hubby to find out what time I'm supposed to pick her up and text me when he finds out ..

Sooo today will probably consist of putting together spreadsheets for uploading information after hours ..

My focus today will be getting out during lunch and getting my walk .. it's supposed to be cool today so I may have to wear a light jacket, but I'm okay with that .. but that needs to be my lunch hour today ..

Okay -- it's running late .. so gotta get going .. I wish everyone a wonderful day !!! The sun is out, and it's a bit cool out, but it's going to be a WONDERFUL day !!!!

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