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Happy Wednesday .. Is it the weekend yet ?? Up and down day yesterday .. emotions .. oh my

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Well folks .. I think I'm in the final stretch .. and they are sucking out my brains !!!!!! I spent alot of time yesterday answering questions .. and concerns of Linda .. with Kim .. and concerns with Kim with tasks .. ?? I wish I could just get Kim to slooowww down .. she tries to be proactive, and there are just some things you can't be proactive with .. but yesterday was a day of sucking out my brain ..

I walked into the office, and there was something on my desk, that needed to go to Jimmy .. I walked into Jimmy's office, and he was busy with something .. right off the bat, Sally how do you Sally can you .. I turned around and never said a word .. I got to just outside his door, and JT comes up and says "good morning Sally" .. I said very distinctly "Good Morning JT" .. Jimmy got the message and I heard in a sheepish little voice ... "good morning sally" .. lol .. I turned around and helped him with his questions .. lol lol lol .. Don't MESS with MOM !!!! lol ..

I DID make the announcement yesterday that I was starting to become an emotional nutcase .. and if I start crying for no reason, don't take it personally .. It was later in the afternoon when I realized what the problem was .. It was May 8th .. May 8th, 2005 was the day that daddy started his new job taking care of all the animals on the rainbow bridge .. until their owners could come and pick them up .. Whether or not my body realizes it, my brain seems to never forget ..

ANYWHO .... They sucked my brains yesterday .. Linda had some really good questions ..things that I did without thinking .. I never thought about explaining.. I know there's alot of stuff that I'm going to leave without telling them .. I did have a talk with Linda in private yesterday, and told her, that "in my brain .. we have worked together for so many years, that I just "assumed" that she knew everything .. and I apologized for that" .. I realized yesterday that I have to run through the simple programs that are in the system .. so Kim still has someone to go to when she runs into a snag ..

We had a wonderful lunch .. it was simple but enough to make sure that everyone had a full belly .. I put it all out, so it was easy to grab and eat .. even had some left for the Mr straggler.. Leonard .. he finished up the meat, and had a "healthy" sammich .. :) lol lol .. I had turkey, ham, and chicken; cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, and pepperjack cheese, I had onion rolls, hamburger buns, and light rye bread; I had mayo, and horsie sauce, and margarine, and pickles and tomato slices .. I picked up a bag of chips, but we had a couple open bags from the "snack shelf" .. so we didn't have to open the chips that I picked up .. and then I picked up a couple of small bags of M&M's for a sweet treat .. I heard that bowl being attacked throughout the day .. lol lol ..

I was proud of myself .. I had a turkey sammich with pepperjack cheese, and horsie sauce .. and a small handful of chips, and then a couple M&M's, and the leftover tomato slices .. so I was proud of myself.. :)

Leonard made me smile .. I was in the kitchen with him, and he made the comment "I'm really going to miss you .. and I'm going to have to get my Sally fix every once in a while" .. I made lite and told him .. "YAY I'll get a free lunch " !! lol lol lol .. Lighten the mood a bit .. Remember .. "I" am the one on an emotional roller coaster .. lol lol

I left at 4:00ish .. with my head swirling .. and got home.. thinking thinking thinking all the way .. I got home, and hubby wasn't home .. so I went upstairs and got myself changed .. actually wore SHORTS on my walk .. :) lol .. I was getting my information put in my notes in my phone, and opened up my stopwatch app, and was getting ready to go .. and hubby pulled in .. He didn't say anything about going with me; but wanted to show me the pictures of our deer "coming home" (on the next street over) .. I told him I would be home in about 1/2 hour, and was on my way .. It was the best thing I could have done yesterday ..

I walked the same path as the day before, and made it 2 minutes shorter .. Why is it when I have alot on my brain, I push myself harder .. maybe it's subconscious thinking I'm running away and the faster I walk, the farther behind the problems become .. lol lol .. but I got home and felt great .. I almost pushed myself to the next block .. but didn't .. I do the same walk as I used to, but doing it the way I do .. if I'm having problems mid way through I have the choice of turning down my street and cutting off the last block .. but I didn't and I did my entire walk that I had "planned" .. and by the time I got home .. I felt great !!!!

Hubby had a light dinner ready for me .. we had meatball rollups .. I had 4 meatballs in my rollup; a handful of salad lettuce, and a slice of tomatoe with honeymustard dipping sauce .. ... and it was simple and YUMMY !!!!!

After dinner, hubby went upstairs, and I cleaned up the kitchen and got the dishes cleaned up .. and while I was outside throwing out the garbage, I came back in, and the phone was ringing .. it was mom .. I know that she was calling to get a ride to her card game .. so after talking with her for a bit, I took the phone up to hubby ..

He came down soooo frustrated .. ?? and I couldn't figure out why .. but his side of the story was "she insisted on YOU picking her up afterward" .. I told him yea .. she told me that .. and he said that her excuse was that it wasn't out of your way .. (it's at 6:00 tomorrow evening ish) .. I was fine with it and he went on .. "I'll be in the neighborhood as well .. I can pick her up" .. I know he was just venting, because yea .. mom can be alittle frustrating at times .. but with the mood I was in (already brain on red alert) .. I started fighting with him that it's not a problem .. and seeing as I was getting nowhere .. decided to just hush up .. and just kept quiet for the rest of the night ..

About 8:00 .. I went upstairs to play in my room .. I think I found a box that will fit my new toy, and all the dies, and cutting boards .. I just have to empty it out .. lol lol lol .. but I played with the embossing dies, and they are REALLY COOL !!!! That made me happy .. :)

I played for about an hour .. and then crawled into bed ..

It was a very overwhelming day .. emotionally, mentally and physically .. :) but I MADE IT !!!!

Today I'm going to have to get creative .. It's raining, so I can't do my walking outside (unless it changes by tonight .. but I'm doubting it .. from what the weather lady is saying) .. ooo maybe .. Anyway -- I have a business luncheon with Linda and our software lady today and trust me .. Linda has a list of questions for Carol .. I'd LIKE to get out by 4ish today .. but thinking not going to happen ..

I don't know if I'll be able to get out for a walk .. but if I can (even a short one) I will .. but PLANNING on doing my peddling tonight .. for my 34 minute stint .. We'll see ... but guarentee that I will !!!!!

This is my theory for now .. I can't waste time worrying about what could go wrong, but I'm going to be excited about what can go right!!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day .. I'm hoping you do !!!!! I'm going to give it the old college try !!!!!!

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