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One of “those” days...

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

What a day yesterday was! Along the lines of the ancient curse... “May you live in interesting times”... so my downstairs neighbors didn’t go to work, like they usually do,and wake me up at about 4am... nope, they were home and woke me up about 11:45pm...and were just loud enough to keep me up, but it still sounds like they are trying not to keep me up... maybe? I don’t know? Maybe I am too sensitive? But it’s the middle of the night (and last night, it was almost all night)and they must realize how well sounds carry if they are complaining about the sound of me walking in my apartment? So, anyway, they are making the effort, so I am making a bit of an effort..: like setting up the coffee maker the night before so all I have to do is press a button, no walking back and forth to the kitchen, except to get cream... or setting out the next day’s outfit, so no walking around the closet. And I sat, or did my yoga in bed. I still walk the dog for a while around 6am, got my laundry in at 8am, finished up around 9:15? As I was picking up the basket of light stuff I did it “wrong” and tweaked my back. Enough that I immediately knew I needed to go to the chiropractor. As I was getting ready to go I heard the maintenance guy, Mike, pounding on my neighbor ‘s door (not Patty... the other side) and he gets no answer, but I hear the emergency pull cord alarm, as I left building and I passed the rescue squad racing to the building in their truck as I was walking the dog before heading to the chiropractor. When I got home, I was informed that my neighbor had passed! That must have happened fast! Just like my mom. So, there were cops, rescue workers, investigators, coroner, funeral home workers in and out all morning, after being up off and on a good bit of the night... and then... I have reactive hypoglycemia... so lots of foods and most carbs make my blood sugar spike, and then crash abruptly... but only sometimes for certain foods. Yesterday, I must have eaten one of those foods. After lunch my glucose levels were 51. That’s low. Long story short I called my primary doctor... they said go to the ER... because it wouldn’t come up... I get there and it’s come up to 86... they feed me... I sit and wait a while... they do a blood test... it’s 87. So they send me home. I ended up at my dad’s house for the night. My niece insisted. I appreciated it. There were more adrenaline inducing events, but those were the highlights (lowlights?)... I see the endocrinologist today for a regularly scheduled appointment. She’ll probably scold me, but eh, I just don’t know if I have enough energy left to get upset... ya know? All of this running yesterday messed with my meal plan for the day, and with my routine, so I cannot remember if/when I posted in my teams? I should be home tomorrow and I will catch up then...
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    Oh, my gosh...your floors, wall, etc. must be made out of tissue paper! emoticon I can't imagine someone simply walking in their space disturbing someone below them. I can see dancing, pounding the floor with a broom....but not walking...ugh!

    I wonder if the people downstairs use this as an excuse for THEIR bad behavior...perfectly possible from that type of mindset.

    I'd get myself some nice earbuds and plug yourself into some classical music. The music from the masters ALWAYS transforms. I found that when we lost our Josh...that music saved my sanity.

    Hugs dear one...do whatever is necessary to ratchet down the stress!

    Sorry about your neighbor...how very sad!
    186 days ago
    Blessings on your health!
    187 days ago
    I can’t wear ear plugs when I sleep - I wake up with my ears hurting. I use sleep phones . Flat soft speakers in a head wrap, while I listen to nature sounds from Naturespace. I tried the blue tooth connection, but the batteries don’t last all night, so I just use the jack connection. Also play soft music or New Age relaxing music on the TV. Did you ever try rugs?

    Sorry about your neighbor that passed.
    187 days ago
    Hope all your appointments go well.
    187 days ago
  • MBPP50
    I hope your appointment goes well and that you get some peace. emoticon
    188 days ago
    Sometimes my neighborhood can be noisy, so my husband & I have a fan in our rooms (a pretty loud one) for "white noise." It works pretty well. Ear plugs work well, too, but you have to get used to wearing them. It takes a few nights.

    Hang in there! I hope you're feeling better this morning.
    188 days ago
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