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Happy Tuesday -- made it through Monday -- and proud of myself!! I CAN adapt !!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I'm sad .. I was happy but now I'm sad .. Hubby won 4 packs of those coupons that he's been running around the state, and standing in line for .. the same coupons that I was cheering him on to go get .. They are coupon for Wisconsin Dells' attractions .. and in the past years we had to shove the use of these coupons into the weekends .. I thought I'm done with work by June 29th (the 30th is a weekend) .. we can enjoy the coupons throughout the weeks of July ..

Well -- he won 4 packs from a radio station and I saw .. the coupons are good from May 25 to July 1 .. and then he got mad at me when I got upset .. My weekends usually contain Saturdays .. because I spend the days with mom on Sunday ..

Now that I've stopped and have had a chance to think about it ... I may have a solution to be happy for everyone .. (retire at the end of May .. lol no .. that's not the solution... lol but sounds good .. huh???lol)

Okay -- my sad is over .. on to happy !!! :) All things considered I had a good day .. I had to do some reconstruction on my plans, but it all worked out in the end .. :)

I had had a yogurt, and banana for breakfast .. and that seemed to be fine .. I took the last of my veggie stirfry (which by the way was so yummy) .. thinking I'd have it for lunch after I got back from my walk at lunch .. Instead of my normal park walk, I had to reconstruct my path, and thought I would park in a parking lot (of choice), walk up the street to a cross path street cross the street and walk downhill back to my truck .. stopping at my eye doctors office to pick up my glasses .. (they were ready) .. and then back to my truck and back to the office for my stirfry .. THAT was my plans .. Wellllllllllllll Thankfully I have a plan B and plan C ...

I got to work and it was crazy chaos .. we were down to 2 sales people because Robert's MIL passed away over the weekend (she's been ill for a long time but it doesn't fix the hurt) .. and of course he is off for a couple of days, JL is down in North Carolina working on his brother's estate with his siblings, and not due back for another week or so, and well .. Kim .. we don't think is coming back .. she's been off since January ..

Sooo --- we were down to Jimmy and JT .. (and Leonard, but he had appointments yesterday morning, and didn't get back in until around 2ish or so .. ) .. Even though I'm really "not there" .. I was still another warm body ... and could not justify leaving to do my walk .. sooo I had to resort to plan B ..
About mid morning, I got hungry .. and gave myself a small cup of trail mix (from the snack shelves in the kitchen) .. and afterward my belly was raw .. so I didn't want to have my veggie stirfry .. and I texted hubby that I would be taking my lunch at 4 .. but stopping for our glasses, and then I want to take my walk when I get home I won't be ready for dinner right away ..

He offered to bring me a sandwich .. and when I said yes .. he stopped at Cousins and got me a turkey sub .. I had some chips on my desk .. and that sat much better on my belly.. I thought that was sweet .. He told me when I got home .. he got 3 subs for free .. lol lol .. Only him .. but he had a coupon for buy 2 subs get one free .. and the girl talked him into buying a couple of gift cards .. and with each gift card, you get a free sub .. so he bought a couple of gift cards (we eat at Cousins subs regularly) and got his 2 subs free as well .. My coupon king .. lol lol .. so he had had 2 subs for lunch .. and so he wasn't really hungry for dinner .. (fine with me .. then I can find what I want .. and call it a day .. lol)

I told him that I was going to go change, and go take my walk .. I was thinking of adding another block to my walk .. adding to my distance and "probably" about 10 minutes to my time .. He asked if I would like company .. and I jumped at the offer .. This wasn't a "solving the problems of the world" type of walk .. and I accepted his offer .. He asked where I was going .. I told him that my path .. 2 blocks up, (normally 1 block up) , and then pass my road again, and down to the end of the subdivision (1 block), and then back to our road and back home .. Walking the 2 blocks up was a new effort, and I told him that depending on how I'm feeling, would determine if I make that last block direction ..

I did the whole thing .. and had such a nice walk with hubby's being silly antics .. :) so I got my walk in .. :)

I'll probably do the same thing tonight ...

I walked into Jimmy's office yesterday, and told him since we KNEW that the day was going to be short handed; I was offering (with the company credit card .. lol) to stop on my way into the office today; and pick up sandwich makings .. deli turkey, chicken, ham and rolls, and a couple of tomatoes .. and chips.. and have a grazing lunch .. and he agreed .. so I get to stop at the grocery on the way in today .. :)

I'll take my lunch again at 4 today .. and take my walk at home again ..

The good news from yesterday was that I finished Ben's Price change how to's Dick and Jane Gone with the Wind novel series .. :)

Okay -- my day is pretty much planned .. I was proud of myself .. for as wierd as my day was, I still came out on top ... :) I wasn't hungry after we got back from our walk, and obviously hubby wasn't (after eating 2 subs for "lunch") ... lol lol .. so I just had a grazing dinner ..

I was proud of myself for adapting to the situation without being thrown way off kilter .. I am evolving .. lol lol .. sometimes things don't go as planned .. but I didn't "throw the day" out as a loss .. I adapted .. and THAT is a big step for me ..

Tomorrow I "think" I have a lunch with our software support person, and Linda .. I sent a reminder email to Carol, and I haven't heard back .. so I don't know if tomorrow is on or not .. ?? Haven't heard from her since we set up the engagement .. but we'll see what today brings ..

Today is a fresh canvas .. What are you going to do with your day ?? How does that image looking back at you look??? I have mine day planned, but realize I have to keep my plan B available .. lol lol .. I'm off to go do grocery shopping .. :) I wish everyone a wonderful day !!!
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