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Happy Monday -- got my mojo back yesterday .. think it was a crash on Sat from Fri being so sky high

Monday, May 07, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Running late this morning .. having IBS problems .. not as bad as in the past now that I have been taking probiotics in the am and pm .. 1 each .. seems to be working .. except for today .. I think it has to do with having a bit of ice cream at about 9 last night .. I knew I shouldn't have done that .. even if it was just a few spoonfuls ... but my concern was for the sugar .. and trying to sleep lol .. but THAT wasn't a problem .. lol

Thankfully my uncontrollably lazy day was only one day .. and I'm starting to think that it was fallout from my most super exciting day on Friday .. I was on such a high that I just crashed on Saturday ..

I'm happy to say that I started my day with my 34 minutes of stationary bike riding .. fast peddling .. huffing and puffing .. lol .. and then I did a lot of shopping (for me) .. I went to Michaels, and Joanne Fabrics, and then to lunch .. and at the stores parked at the far far far end of the lots .. it ended up to be a pretty day to walk outside ..

Hubby was off on one of his coupon runs .. one of the radio stations is giving away coupon books for Wisconsin Dells .. and hubby is running all over the state to the points to get one .. The past years, I squelched his fun, because it ended up we had to stuff our weekends full; in order to use the coupons .. (we center on the free or mega discount ones) .. I saw he has at least a couple with free mini golf again !!! YAY !!! but he was headed up to Sheboygan .. at the Good will store .. so I had the day to myself .. :)

I went to Michaels and looked at their embossing plates for my new toy I bought myself .. and they didn't have what I was looking for .. so headed to Joanne Fabrics .. and found more embossing plates .. and I saw what I wanted .. but when I looked at it (it's a pad to form cushing in order to be able to squish the embossing into the paper) .. it was like $30 .. for a 3x5 pad .. I think I may be able to use an old mouse pad (now that pads are going by the wayside .. lol with all the new fangled mouses out there) .. and I have old mouse pads .. so we're going to try that out first .. All I will waste is a couple pieces of paper .. lol ..and trust me .. I have STOCK in that !!! lol lol ..

They also talk about a silicone pad .. I have rubber padding that daddy had given me before he passed and I use it at work for static support under my computers .. I can steal back a 8x10 cut .. (if I have any left .. lol) I'm not sure what that's for, but the YouTubes referenced it alot .. ?? I think it's to hold the panels firm .. so they don't slide .. ?? but anyway .. the experiment begins .. :) I think if I just use something with a bit of padding so the imprints can be made .. even folded material .. I should be able to get the same result .. It's worth the try .. :) ) (daddy coming out in me .. "how to build a better mousetrap" .. syndrome .. lol .. )

But I parked way way out in the parking lots .. so I got some fresh air walking .. :)

I DID stop at Zupa's ... and they apparently are one of those ethical businesses that are closed on Sunday's .. sooo changed my plans, and finally ended up at McD's on the way to mom's .. This one was such a pleasant atmosphere .. gave me a feeling of ahhhh again .. my food was good, the service was top notch and the place was extremely clean .. the kids were standing behind the counter, and the manager was asking them "why?" .. and sent them out for duties .. changing out the garbage, sweeping, wiping.. really made me feel good .. SOME McD's still have the ethics of the business ..

Had a fun time over by mom's and we played puzzle, but it was a harder one than the others, and we didn't get any card time in .. but had a fun time .. I took over my "make it take it's" and she loved them .. I gave her my little bouquet I had made and told her it was for "mother's day" ... I asked if she would mind .. since I would be seeing her on the 15th .. (her birthday ..) if I could bypass next Sunday -- It's hubby's and my 40th wedding anniversary .. and I would like to spend the weekend with him .. and she was fine with that ..

but she loved my make it-take it's .. :) and I took my butterfly samples over to show her the result of my new toy .. :) and she liked that as well .. :)

but we had fun .. She got her perm through the week, and her hair looked sooo pretty !!! :) I'll be picking her up at 8:30 for her birthday run on the 15th .. :)

I'm excited .. My walk today is going to be a "different" one .. because I have to pick up my glasses .. so a park walk isn't going to be today .. but I'm excited because today I'll be able to walk outside .. I'm planning on parking at a lot at one end of the town, and walking to the mainstreet, and then back, to my doctor's office (in the middle) and then back to the car .. Uphill one way, (thankfully the first part of the walk), and downhill the other way .. but it will be an outside walk .. and I'M EXCITED !!!!! :) That should cover my 34 minutes and then some .. :)

So -- yes .. I think that my lack of excitement was just the happy crash from Friday to Saturday .. I forced myself onto the bike on Sunday, and instead of just hanging around the house .. decided to get myself cleaned up and went out and did some fun shopping .. I felt good, and didn't dress in my frump style .. I actually felt good about myself yesterday ..

I have today and tomorrow to enjoy the outside for my walks .. come Wednesday they are talking rain again .. I'll deal with that on Wednesday .. and Thursday .. I'm not sure what's going to happen .. Mom asked if I could pIck her up from her friend's home .. She's going over for her card party; and asked if hubby could take her, and I could pick her up (since it's close to my office) .. I told her that if hubby has plans ... I would be happy to pick her up and take her to her card party .. .. but I couldn't get a starting time out of her .. *rolling eyes here* .. Sooo I'm not sure what Thursday is going to give me .. Tentatively I'm thinking of finding a park after work (because she said about 6ish pickup) .. and walk ... We'll see .. it will be a creative thinking day.... and Friday--- well -- Friday is supposed to be nice weather as well .. :)

So -- before I start flaking for the whole week .. Let's concentrate on TODAY !!! Let TODAY be a success .. and focus on TODAY !!!!

Okay -- gotta get myself going here .. had a late start this morning .. so running a bit behind ..

Hope everyone has a great day !!!!
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