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Happy Sunday .. Day to rebuild my energies !!! I can do it I can do it I WILL DO IT!

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Oh my goodness .. I think I left my energy on Friday .. because I had zero yesterday .. Everything I did was an effort .. I met hubby for lunch. He had a whole list of places he was running around to .. and I was taking my time talking to friends .. I was high as a kite from the fun day I had had on Friday. I think yesterday was my "drop" day .. lol ..

I did get myself ready for lunch, and took a nice relaxing drive there .. even detoured because a train ... a very LONG train was stopped at a railroad crossing .. Mr Train .. The CARS are supposed to stop .. not you ... lol lol .. Anyway .. my ride was a little more off beat, but that was okay .. I was running ahead of schedule .. :)

We met at TGI Fridays, and they had chicken and shrimp cajun alfredo on special .. and to boot they had 1/2 size .. which was perfect for me .. For as sluggish as I was seeing myself, throughout the day, I didn't need pasta sitting in my belly .. lol .. and I enjoyed every bite .. :) Plus the girl we had taking care of us, was just a sweet thing !!! I felt right away that she was going the deserve her tip !!!!

After lunch I stopped at the Stamping store, and picked up my new toy that I had saved for, and since I had money left from my day at the fair, I decided to give myself a present ... I bought myself a Sizzix .. (die cutter and embosser ) .. and some dies .. and last night I played with it a bit .. :) Yup -- I could feel those creative juices starting to flow .. I can't wait until I get my room cleaned up and I'll have room to spread out .. :)

These are a couple of the cuts that I made .. and thank goodness for YouTube videos .. because I couldn't figure out the written instructions .. I'm a very visual person when I learn something .. I can read something 15 times and it doesn't make sense.. I'm shown .. and then I read it .. and it makes perfect sense .. :) Well -- I was concerned because the die was cutting into the support plastic .. I was relieved to find out this is normal .. but once I figured it out .. I used scrap paper, but I think I can still use these on my cards .. :)

But I had fun with that at the end of the day ..

Oh wait .. I was on my way to the end of the day .. lol .. I'm still in the middle ..

I got home from my wonderful lunch with hubby .. and I was REALLY fighting with myself to go out for my walk .. It took me literally 1/2 hour just to put my socks and walking shoes on .. my brain was pretty much arguing with itself ... I really did NOT feel like exercising yesterday .. I FELT like being a slug .. but then my sane mind came in and said "you will kick yourself in the behind if you skip it" .. and then my lazy mind chimed in .. "I could just sit on the stationary bike" .. and my sane mind .. "and then you'd be sad because you missed out on the sunshine and all the fresh air and that will make you sad" .. my lazy mind... "that's okay .. then just let me finish watching this show .." (as I'm sitting there, with one shoe and sock on ..) Sane mind ... "okay .. you only have 10 more minutes until the end of the show .. you can finish .... by that time I would hope I have my other shoe and sock on" ..

In the end .. I DID go outside on my walk .. but it was a mega mega struggle .. however, I'm glad my Sane mind won .. :) It was just a small walk .. 25 minutes .. but I got out and I did it .. I took my stepometer off after that .. I just didn't have my mojo on yesterday .. and lazed in my sitting room .. doing a couple loads of laundry was about the max of my additional activity for the day ..

I hate days like that .. and posted on another one of my pages .. if this was normal .. I really don't want to "take a break" ... because that will extend to "can't do it today', and that will extend to "well maybe tomorrow" .. and before I know it .. it will be "the end" .. and I will have to start over building up my momentum once again from square one ..

So -- today is a cooler day .. after I finish up here, I'm going to go upstairs, and get my 34 minutes of exercise out of the way by peddling .. stationary bike this morning .. I can I can I can I WILL .. Plus that way it's "out of the way" and I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day .. One of my friends told me that this was normal .. and if I need to push through it ... because I'm right .. it will get easier and easier to make excuses .. so even on those days that I have a problem .. I need to push my way through it .. This "exercise" thing is new to me, so I appreciate the help when I get feelings like this .. So -- today I will peddle .. because my afternoon will be a quiet one over by mom's ...

I noticed my energies towards exercise started to dwindle during the day's that I had to go to the gym to walk .. I LOVE my walks in the parks .... and walking on the treadmill because of the rains made my energies sink .. Walking around the neighborhood here, is well -- outside, but just walking .. so .. when my energies sink, I will have to take myself to a park and walk or somewhere where there is quiet, and peaceful .. and I will be happier .. (Remembering that in my head .. lol)

BUT my Sane mind finally won .. even though it was only a 25 minute walk .. I am happy that I did it .. I WILL PLOW THROUGH THIS !!!!!! I AM noticing differences .. while the scale is still being stubborn .. I'm noticing a difference in my belly; I'm noticing a difference in my shoulders, and I'm noticing there are a few bones that are coming through that have been hiding for years .. So, even though they are subtle .. they ARE starting to be seen .. (sorry -- no pics .. these are places that don't get pictures taken .. lol lol lol .. ) I'm noticing my "belly flap" is getting a bit less and less .. I noticed that my shoulder blades are starting to show, and I'm noticing that my fitbit wannabe is fitting looser and looser .. The scale NUMBER will finally give up and follow .. :) This I know .. (as long as I don't get many more of these lazy brain/sane brain arguements .. lol lol )

It did feel good .. I had the entire house opened up yesterday .. and that was an ultimate YAY !!

This morning .. Hubby got wayyyyy too much sleep last night .. (we'll just leave it at that .. lol) and he's off to Sheboygan for his Dells coupon book this morning .. lol lol .. so I'll be on my own .. and I'm good with that !!! :)

I am going to do my 30 minutes of peddling, and then I want to run to Michaels and check something out .. (for my Sizzix) .. *teehee* .. and am going by mom's this afternoon ..

I had a little helper this morning doing my blog .. I did tell him that he shouldn't wear my glasses because it might hurt his eyeballs .. but he was a good little helper .. :)

TD slept in this morning so he was bored .. and needed to make himself known .. What a good little helper .. :)

Okay .. today is a new day .. I got a good night sleep last night, after playing with my new toy .. I am going to get my exercise out of the way, and then go to the store, and get a few stepping's out of the way .. and then and then .. and end up over at mom's .. Heck .. maybe I'll stop at Zupa's for my lunch now that I don't have to fight with the business lunch rush, and get my quinoa salad, and lobster bisque soup before mom's .. since I'll be in that neighborhood .. So .. I hope everyone has a great day !!!! Talk later!!!!!!

I AM more energetic today !!!! :)

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