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Happy Saturday -- wouldn't have changed yesterday FOR NOTHING!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Ohhhh myyyyy gooodness !!!! I'm am SOOO happy and had such a great day ... even with the oopses throughout the day .. lol

I started out with a good breakfast (just in case) .. My idea of my scrambled omelet worked !!! lol ...

It kept my belly full.. I stopped for a soda and to fill up Beauty's belly on the way to my nail place ..

Oh my goodness . I had a pedi and a nail fill .. and I love the results but she worked so fast .. Did you know that your foot can turn backwards ?? lol lol .. (joking) .. but she was rough .. it wasn't the relaxing time I was looking forward to .. While she was working on my feet, the owner, (who's normally really good) was working on taking off my old finger polish ... and hit a couple of hot spots .. between her roughing up my feet, and him hitting hot spots .. it WAS NOT relaxing .. I was very very happy when that was done and over with .. lol and they turned out pretty .. with my toes a shade darker .

I got to the car and looked at my "agenda" for the show and saw there was something to print out .. so since the office was right enroute, I stopped in, used the restroom, and printed out my information .. :) and was on my way again .. :)

I went to the gym .. and spent 25 minutes there ..

I did strength exercises .. arms and abs .. I figured I have been getting leg exercise with my daily walks, so gave them a break yesterday .. (besides they'd be walking all afternoon

My shoulders, abs, and belly are sore this morning .. :) That might be a good thing !!! :) but for now it's ouchie .. :) but I did it .. It's hard to fill in 30 minutes without the legs included .. lollol ....

I did a good job .. I could feel my exercise ouchies beginning .. but I didn't want to overdo it because I had a busy day ahead of me, and if I messed up my back, that would be the end .. so I did 25 minutes .. Because I haven't done strength exercising, I kept the weights lower than I had been .. and I'm thankful I did .. :)

I went to Zupa's .. it was only 11:30ish, and the line was ATROTIOUS !!! They have awesome food, awesome service, but in 10 minutes I made it about 10 steps.. and I was at the door .. it snaked (I was about 5 people away from the snake) way to the left, then back to the right and then the "ordering" line back to the left again ..and it didn't seem to be moving . so my lunch plans changed ..

I told myself .. I'm passing Brookfield Square, I'll stop at the food court, and as I parked away (the weather was turning absolutely gorgeous) and walked to the mall .. I saw 5 guys and lots of fries !! and thought a vegetable sandwich would be perfect !!! so that's what I had for my lunch .. :)

I continued to the fair park and the show .. I was like a little kid in a candy store, and while the show wasn't BIG .. it was fun !! ALOT of fun .. the booths that had Make it -Take it's .. I sat down and paid the $2.(ish) to play .. my hands that used to be clean .. are now once again ink stained .. lol lol lol ..

So .. I made a couple of things (and of course bought a few things .. :) )

I had to wait until 6:30 before my calligraphy class and well -- I was having fun looking and watching ...but along with some of that was buying .. :) Even though I had been saving up for this day .. I didn't want to spend all my savings .. lol lol .. so I was selective on my purchases .. and still brought money home .. :) YAY ME!!!

So -- they had a wall of classes, and I decided to take one at 3:30 .. that would kill off an hour .. :) So I signed up for making paper flowers .. and while they didn't turn out perfect, I don't think they turned out too bad .. lol

Along with this class, we got a coupon for a free set of stamps .. for $20.00 .. I got a set of stamps ... flowers .. Sooo cool !!! :) So I got THAT for free .. :)

I have to remember next year, to bring a "pack" .. with a small scissors, needle piercer, and stylus .. because I didn't know that I needed to have these things at my flower class, and well... it was embarrassing .. the instructor left me use her needle piercer .. thankfully .. I didn't see that on the poster for the class ..

I decided to sit for a bit and bought myself a small soda and just wet my whistle and sit for a bit .. While I was sitting there, I heard my name .. I WON A RAFFLE ITEM !!!! When I came in, I signed my name into a computer for the mailing list .. as I got my "shopping bag" .. (which I happily filled throughout the day !!! lol ) but I won a raffle ..

It was over a $100 package of equipment to use with a $300 machine, but the lady said you don't have to have the machine (my ultimate goal wish list machine) to use the items .. :) Yes -- I am working toward this machine for my ultimate goal accomplishment .. but that's going to be awhile .. even though I see it as a possibility again .. since I've started to play with my unicorns again .. :)

ANYWHO ... I WON !!!!! I took my package out to the truck, and came back in and continued on with my day !!! HOW EXCITING was THAT !!!! :)

I continued with my fun browsing and watching the samples, and demos, and buying fun stuff .. :) I'm soooo excited that I went .. :)

The SHOW finished at 6 ... however, my calligraphy class was 6:30 .. so there was some quiet time just waiting for the class to start .. We actually started early, because we didn't have to wait for anyone else .. The class was absolutely awesome.. and my techniques came back .. (Used to do calligraphy ... but that too has drifted away .. ) I really like the handouts that she gave out .... she actually noted the steps in order.. which made it so much easier for practice .. however, her technique was a bit different than I've done over the years, but I worked hard holding to her technique ..

The worksheets reminded me of when I was in school and learning how to write .. She used the same type of sheets .. and at the beginning of the lines were 2 characters .. She lumped the "similar" letters ... and we went through the whole lower case alphabet .. the first letter on each line was the detailed ... numbered example .. and the second letter is what it would look like without all the extra pencil lines .. It was really an excellent worksheet .. and I was proud of myself for as well as I did .. Like I said .. I was trained using a few different strokes, but like she said .. "everyone has their own flourishes" ..

So I'll continue on my practicing .. :)

I left at about 7:30 .. and walked to the car.. the sun was setting, and I have to admit ..I had the most WONDERFUL day I have had in a long time .. even with the road blocks along the way !!!

As I drove into the sunset .. I put a close on a wonderful day !!! I got home, and had a polish sausage and banana before winding down .. I crawled into bed exhausted at about 10 .. :)

Uli and TD had a busy day as well .. they started before I left .. with getting up to the swing hanging in the foyer ..

I think TD would have been better off if Uli would have waited for him to finish climbing up ... but nope .. Uli is too antsy, and wants to play .. lol lol

Ohoh they made it up to my bedside "pills" .. a container of jelly belly's and a container of dreamsicle M&M's .. for those times that I'm in bed, and just want something sweet .. I have one or 2 and I'm happy .. and my belly's happy, and my mouth is happy .. Thankfully they couldn't get the containers open .. so they went and played with my mardi gras beads ...

Those imps will get into almost anything .. lol lol ..

But when I got home, and went up to bed .. I couldn't resist .. don't they just look the sweetest .. ???

Now we get to today ..

I feel like a mack truck rolled over me .. my shoulders hurt, my belly (abs) hurt, my back hurts, and even the front of my thighs hurt .. I did laugh to myself at my spa steamroller appointment .. I remember back when I was excited because I didn't have to hold my breath holding my foot up for them to work on .. and yesterday .. I never even thought about it .. except for giggling to myself that I wasn't even thinking about it and could hold my leg up with no troubles .. :) (the things that pop into your head at the silliest times .. lol)

I can still move .. and I want to get out and get a fresh air walk in .. I'm meeting hubby at TGI Friday's ..... he's off getting coupons for summer activities .. and I want to take my money with me, and get the machine that I was going to get yesterday if I saw it for less .. but I didn't .. NO NOT my wish machine .. but another one .. and that store is right down the road ..

and then back home to work on my laundry, and work on cleaning up my playroom I can play with my new toys .. :) I'M SOOO EXCITED !!! and you know it doesn't take much but I'm really really excited .. :)

One more thing to look forward to in my retirement !!! :)

So I hope you enjoy you day .. I'm planning on it !!!

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  • TWEDEE777
    Sounds like you had an amazing and relaxing yet busy day!!
    226 days ago
    227 days ago
    Pretty nails!

    Those are paper flowers-they look real!

    Glad you had a awesome day!
    227 days ago
    Beautiful Nails!! ๐ŸŒž ๐Ÿ’ Happy Weekend! ๐Ÿ’ ๐ŸŒž
    227 days ago
    I am so happy to hear your happiness shine through. That is how I have been feeling ever since my surgery. Let's keep that happy flowing!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!
    227 days ago
    LOVE your nails. Look beautiful! OOPS on the ouchies!

    Sounds like Zupa is a popular spot, but glad that you had your alternative. Never been to 5 Guys but know itโ€™s good (DH has had it).

    Those cards are gorgeous!

    OMG! I think your paper flowers are gorgeous! They look sorta like pansies??? Is that what they are? LOVE the color.

    Cool on winning the raffle item!!! So wonderful.

    Love the calligraphy.

    OH MY . . . . Uli and TD together have enough chutzpah and energy for a TON of Uliโ€™s and TDโ€™s! LOL

    Uh oh, woulda been a sugar rush then crash if theyโ€™d gotten those containers opened!

    I can imagine after their busy day, they were ready for sleepy time! CUTE

    227 days ago
    Happy sat loved that
    227 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    What a full day. Have a great weekend.
    227 days ago
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