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As the depression spiral continues.....

Friday, May 04, 2018

So it has been just over 2 months since last I wrote. Here is my follow up....

Where to start?

First, Malka, our guide dog. She career changed and got adopted by a wonderful family. The family is keeping us in the loop and we get to see all the wonderful activities she is participating in. She looks really happy. I miss her but know that she is being well loved and lots of attention!

We did get a puppy from the litter that had 4 yellow puppies and 1 black puppy. Our area got 3 dogs and another area got 2. We got 2 yellow and the black. Those were all boys. The other area got 2 females. We named our puppy Yofi. Yofi means beautiful. But it is also used more like "wonderful". He is a smart little guy. His brothers are much larger. He just had his 12 weeks shots this week. We can start taking him out where there aren't other dogs. In 3 weeks, he will be "street legal" (having all his shots/immunizations) and we will be able to start taking him more places.

My finger still hurts but not as bad. As long as I don't try to push anything with it, it is getting better.

Jacob is taking this quarter off from school to "reset". He ended up only finishing one class. He had told us that he might be able to get an "A" but more than likely will get a "B". In the end, he got a "C". "I guess I didn't do well on the last few quizzes, the journal write ups or the final. As far as I am concerned, when you have one class, he should have been eating, breathing and dreaming that class. Guess he isn't me. He is supposed to take a class or two during the summer at the local community college. But he only registered two days ago and hasn't followed up. He is also supposed to get a job. Nope to that too. First he had vertigo than he had a cold and just didn't feel well. In addition, Doug isn't doing what he needs to do to bring in money nor is he watching the puppy much. So Jacob is the primary puppy watcher. So he feels he can't look for a job when he has to watch the puppy. One of the jobs he was going to apply for was Trader Joe's. Now they aren't taking applications. He applied to Barnes and Noble but the hiring manage left. Hannah has a friend who works at Barnes and Noble and was going to give a good recommendation but I am not sure what is happening with that. When Jacob called the other day, he was told that there are 3 openings at the local Barnes and Noble and for every opening, they get 100 applicants and therefore will take time to get through the applications. I feel there is little chance.

For Hannah, she is supposed to graduate in 2 weeks. Before that, she has to finish 4 units of classwork. 2 in Physical Science and 2 in English. She tested today in unit 8 for both English and physical science. Those are not included in the 4 units left. It is just very stressful. Because of the stress, she was working with the resource teacher to help her finish unit 8 and when the teacher walked away, she took photos of the teacher manual. Another teacher caught her and reported her to the asst principal. The asst principal called us to tell us what happened and how Hannah could have been kicked out of the school. That would have meant she doesn't graduate. No graduation = no going to college. Hannah did commit to a college, University of Redlands. A small private liberal arts school 90 miles east of us. Doug and I will need to take out about $14,000 in loans a year for her to attend. But there are only 2400 students on campus and a small school may be good for her. I look at it as if she went to our local university, they would only pay for tuition (that is the state giving us that) and we would have to pay for housing. The local university would expect her to live at home. Living at home, she would need a car, therefore increased car expenses, increased car insurance, have to pay for parking at the campus ($600/yr), etc. So even though she is required to live on campus all 4 yrs at Redlands, it may not be that much less if she lived at the local university. Now to get her to graduate.

And the rats. Well, last Friday, when I came home, I smelled something in the living room. I finally figured out it was a dead animal. So we looked for it and found it in the sleeper couch. Under the blanket and sheets my sister had left last time she was over. We threw out the rat, then the sheets and blanket. Then the mattress and finally the couch. We called sanitation and they are supposed to pick it up today. We also threw out the matching love seat. When we moved the big couch, we found 3 baby rats dead on a sticky trap that we also threw out. We did hire an exterminator and he has sealed all holes where the rats were able to get into the house. So hopefully we are on the recovery from that.

On a good note, we replaced our mailbox and that went fairly smoothly. And I am trying to quilt. I need to sew daily and walk to help this stress.

So that is my update.
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    You are gr8, m'friend. Imagine how, every day, Malka helps - how, each time she continues to work her training, she is MORE 'accepted' into her *new* pack. She becomes MORE endearing. Her skills give her a 'meaning' to another family, and YOU taught her those skills!! Not only are you a Teacher of children, but a Teacher of puppies too!! I'll bet you miss some of your human students. Yofi sounds like such an adorable pup!! LOL!! I never heard of a pup being "street legal" before!!

    Did you ever go *see* a doctor about your finger?

    How old is Jacob now? I get Ilan and Jacob mixed up. Anyway, I agree on the one class and how a "B" should've EASILY been doable, but you know how kids like to 'drift' their focus and especially in college. It's a shame when distractions mess with our young people- - -and sooo CLOSE to the basic educational finish line too. ugh!! What can we do, other than hope and pray for them to get those classes AND land their jobs. Barnes and Noble would be *fun* to work for!! About Doug...your Blog Title mentioned depression spiraling and (I think) Doug may be in that spiral too. In fact, the whole family could use a BREAK, because the kids have to be 'feeling' it too. Hanna...dear sweet girl...of course she took photos of the teacher manual!! It was wrong and there ARE rules to punish her, and I'm not condoning, BUT...it was a BRILLIANT move considering her high stress levels and dilemma/panic. WooHoo, for her choice for University of Redlands!! Will she live at Ann Peppers Hall? I *wish* the very BEST for her!!

    I hope the rats have gone back into whatever 'wild' is left out there in California, and leave your neighbor's houses, and your house alone!! Seems like the city should be taking care of this problem since it's a matter of MORE than one house. See, if there's any food establishments or industrial areas close by. Those rats could've been driven into your neighborhood if an all out fumigation war broke out... ... ...or... ... ...even worse...it could be a deliberate ACT to force you and your neighbors to sell cheap and move out so that your land can be bought (cheap) and used for some other $$$$$$$$purpose$$$$$$$$.

    So thankful you make beautiful quilts and can use that to relieve some of these heavy burdens!!
    691 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2018 7:58:48 AM
    So sorry that you are under so much stress right now and things you can't control. Be gentle with yourself, take care of you, and try to make time for something you love each day. Remember we are here for you!

    696 days ago
    Thanks for sharing--my, you do have a lot going on! You can do it, breathe and be calm.

    emoticon emoticon
    697 days ago
    You sure are going through it! I know it may not seem like it right now but you will get through this. Sending you positive vibes
    698 days ago
    Am glad to hear from you. Please keep coming back to let us know how your days are going. It can release some of your stress.
    698 days ago
    You got this keep pushing forward
    698 days ago
    You sure do have a lot of stress, and things you can’t control. Try to focus on what you can do TODAY. Baby steps will still get you there! You can do this!
    698 days ago
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