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Friday, May 04, 2018

Yeah, I'm a Star Wars fan, but not of the kind to know all the characters that might have fallen into and been devoured in the Sarlaac pit. I suspect that lack of knowledge might have come in handy at the Star Wars trivia event I'm supposed to go to this evening. Usually, I'm decent at bar trivia, because I have oodles of otherwise useless knowledge rattling around the corners of my brain (and I'm totally having deja vu at the moment, as if I might have typed that exact sentence at some point in the not too distant past, though I haven't a clue whether it was here or in some other space online), knowledge that might occasionally be worth a small gift certificate prize, but usually counts for nothing in day to day life. This time, I'm just going for the company. Well, some of the company. It's been organized through Meetup, and looking at the list of folks going, I'm hoping to be at a table with a specific half of the group, any chance of winning be darned. Is that petty of me? Probably. So be it.

Thursday night pickleball was interesting. I was still sore from the Wednesday class, as I mentioned yesterday, and specifically, it was the thighs that were hurting. Not particularly good for wanting to scoot around a court. I ended up playing a bunch of low intensity games, though not entirely out of choice. The system in play has 4 courts, with 4 people per game. When there's less than 8 people waiting, winners stay on, and split up, and play with the next two people waiting. It's possible to game the system a bit, take a break to try and set up a better matchup. I very very rarely pull that move, but there are a couple of decent players who just can't be bothered with newbies or weaker players. Goes against the spirit of our rules, but what are you going to do? What with the rain the blew through shortly before I went to the gym, and the mid 70s temps, it was a humid day, and I got a good sweat on despite not particularly pushing myself.

I did go back this morning for more pickleball, and it was more of the same. Second day hamstring soreness was even worse, so I moved even slower, and didn't last nearly as long.
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