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Happy Friday .. Scrapbooking/stampsh
ow day !! Going to have a great day !!!!

Friday, May 04, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I'm happy to say that my unicorns are becoming a daily visitation .. Now I just have to start training them .. lol lol lol ..

Another good day yesterday .. I started out in the morning, with actually having breakfast .. even though it was just a bowl of cereal with almond milk, and banana .. :) and I took an apple with me for my "lunch" ..

I had to do my walk in the gym yesterday.. *sad pouty face here* .. but I did my 30 minute treadmill .. (actually 31 after 1 minute cooldown.. lol but who's pullin' hairs here .... lol) I went at 11:30 (ish) ..

It was hard yesterday .. I stepped on the treadmill and my knee twisted funny .. OUCHIE .. so I started out slow, and worked my way up to my 2.7, and thankfully the ouchie was just temporary.

I walked my 30 (31) minutes, and ended up with I think I had a spout on the top of my head, because I was sweating (er .. sparkling) so much .. I got off the treadmill, and went out to the sitting area, and cooled off for a bit . I sat for a bit but when I got up, I felt wobbly; and decided ..rohroh ..need to get some protien now !! So I went next door to Fresh Thyme grocery .. I wanted to get some vegetables to make myself a stirfry for dinner since hubby wouldn't be home .. (or he said he wasn't going to be home) .. But I got myself a small salad .. with spring greens, and baby spinach .. (just couldn't get myself to add the romain). I added mushrooms, and green onions, raisins and peppercorn dressing .. but also added the protiens my body seemed to be starting to scream for .. of chickpeas, turkey cubes, hard boiled egg, and roasted tofu .. I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE BITE, and got my protien fix that my body was calling for ..

I got back to work and enjoyed my salad at my desk, and at the same time, Kim had bought some chocolate chip cookies, so I had 2 for dessert .. she had put one on my desk, and then offered me one as I was talking with Linda; and she was passing by .. :) That's how I got 2 .. lol ..

so my apple went back in my purse to come home .. (because I have off today .. YAY ME !!!)

At the grocery I got my zucchini's, asparagus, broccoli, and a bag of baby sweet peppers. I had an onion and mush's at home ..

I texted hubby to make sure that he didn't plan on dinner .... I was very much looking forward to my stirfry .. Isn't it pretty !!!! :) Hubby had said he wasn't going to be home for dinner, but the event that he went to he was through faster than he thought and as I was leaving from the office, he texted me he was home .. I reminded him that I had my plans for dinner, and wanted my stirfry .. :) so he was fully aware .. and he behaved .. :)

My stirfry turned out super yummy .. I was going to add scrambled egg as well, but decided against it .. I thought I would use my stirfry and mix with eggs for breakfast, and have myself a yummy omelet .. :) (multi use stirfry .. lol) .. It's got healthy olive oil, low sodium soysauce, and sea salt for spices .. :) Soooo goood !!!! :) I don't have to make up the rice .. because I spiralized my zucchini's to create the noodles .. :) So turned out perfect .. I had one plate and was satisfied.. :)

I would call yesterday the PERFECT DAY !!!!!

Today --- today I am soooo looking forward to.. I have off today .. and I'm practicing retirement .. lol lol ..

I'm starting this morning chatting with my friends .. :) with my cup of coffee .. no time pressure .. :)

I'm going to my nail salon, to get myself my spring pedicure, and cleaned up nails .. After I finish that, my plans are to go to the gym and do toning workout .. I have been wanting to go to the gym, and just work out, until "I" am done for so long .. instead of go do my walk, and leave because "I have to be back to work" .. So I'm going to the gym, to beat myself up .. I'm not concerned about "steps" because I'll be spending a few hours at the scrapbooking/stamp show (my final stop) this afternoon .. but this way I KNOW I'll have my exercise time in ..:)

After that I want to take myself to Zupa's for salad and soup for lunch (similar to Panera's, but focused on salad, and soups .. AWESOME Lobster bisque) .... If it's still early .. I may just stop at the Brookfield mall, and get some steppin' in ..

I'm taking my time getting to the stamp show because I have signed up for a class for calligraphy, and that starts at 5:30ish .. Even though I enjoy watching all the demo's.. I think the entire day would be wayyy too long .. We'll see what time it is after I'm done with my lunch .. :)

So -- it's just a Princess day for the Princess today !!!! :) and I'm sooo looking forward to it .. Just being .. no watching clocks; no rushing ... just having a day to be me !!! Ooooo this has been sooo waited for .. :)

Uli and TD are already up to their antics .. they found a swing, and well -- crawled up there this morning already .. lol lol

I read a saying this morning that really hit home, and has really developed in my life recently .. I'm proud of me .. :)


I'm making a change in my life, and in the short time, have seen different results .. How brave are you to make a change ???

With that being said .. I'm going to make up a scrambled omelet (never was good at omelet omelets so I have a good start to my fun day !!!!!

Embrace your crazy !!! Have a fun day !!!! It's FRIDAY !!! WOOHOO !!!! :)
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