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Happy Thursday .. it's MY Friday .. I'm UN-STOPPABLE!!!!!! Who's with me !!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

It was a rainy day yesterday; so instead of taking my chances and getting stuck in the rain for my walk.. I went to the gym .. BOOOORRRRIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!! lol lol lol lol Yes .. I'm spoiled .. with the fresh air .. but I did 30 minutes yesterday on the treadmill .. actually by the time I literally stopped and stepped off of the treadmill, it was at 31 minutes .. 31.4 to be exact .. lol lol ..I DID IT ... that's what counted ..

I didn't do the Cardiac .. .er ... Cardio program, but did get my heart rate up to 126 .. *my goal was 133 but it just was not happening* .. I had to reduce the include because my leg was "fitting" again .. so I backed it up a bit .. I still got my "sparkling" going on .. really well lol lol ..

I sat and desweated after my walk yesterday after refilling my water bottle .. lol .. so I felt I got a good workout in .. :) I'm happy !!!! and I'm happy that I got it done and over with .. because I was running out of steam before going to the dugout last night .. this way it was done, and I didn't have to "Oh I still have to...." hanging over my head .. I am really liking this "making appointments" for doing my walking ..

I came back and enjoyed my "lunch" .. I had an apple, and a caramel yogurt ..

I am very puzzled .. I haven't been eating much lately .. but I don't feel deprived ?? I've pretty much during the day don't have a "lunch" or specified eating time .. I've been eating when I'm hungry ?? My corner really doesn't have a clock except for my computer, my phone, and my stepometer .. at my OLD desk .. every time I would look up there would be the clock on the wall .. BAM! and would send my brain into "oh .. it's getting close to lunch .. it's time to eat" .. I was also influenced by those around me .. Linda would pick up her stuff to go to the kitchen for lunch .. and my brain would go "BAM!! it's time to eat" .. How weird is that .. this is the perfect experiment of Pavlov's theory .. every time the bell dinged the dog started drooling .. lol .. I don't have these outside influences anymore, and low and behold .. and apple, some grapes, some carrots and dip .. satisfy me ..

Will my body tell me if "I'm not eating enough? " .. Yes .. I believe so .. and before I get alot of replies ... YES .. I AM HAVING A SUBSTANTIAL MEAL at dinner (otherwise I'm ravenous the next morning, and I can write off my following day eating wise .. ) and I'm just not eating like that allllll dayyyyyy looonnngggggg!!! It's very very strange !!!! and I feel great!! I know my body will tell me if I need more ..

I laugh to myself .. the food pushers around the office .. I used to use everything in my power, or just roll my eyes when the pushers would push sweets at me .. Now I see them .. (as in the other day I had a decadent cupcake on my desk when I got back from my lunch walk) I don't go into a panic, and want to scream anymore .. and yes .. I enjoyed it .. however, it lasted at least 1/2 hour; instead of one bite .. Hubby brought home another box of cinnamon rolls from Kwiktrip .. and the one that I had had before was sooooo good .. I didn't care .. it was there, and he ended up eating the whole box .. (now he has a box of chocolate donuts .. and there is NO problem there .. lol)

My brain and my body are going through such changes, and I think this is for a good thing !!! I'm not afraid of food like I had been, and while I do make mistakes occasionally; I haven't been over eating (since my cheeseburger day *burp* There's something definately going on here .. whether it be less stress, reformating my brain, or the exercise confidence .. I don't know .. but I'm really really enjoying it !!! :)

Last night I worked at the dugout .. Yup --- that season has begun again ..and last night was my first night working .. It was a good time, but we may have sold $20 in the 2 hours that I was there ..

I left just as the storms were coming in .. Mr Al took over for us, and Kathy said I could leave, he was having problems with some stuff, and she was trying to help him figure it out .. and I'm thankful I did leave ..

I got half way home, and the storm hit with a vengence .. Hubby had texted me and told me to pull into a parking lot and wait it out, because it was hailing .. Since I'm wearing a pair of glasses right now that are just off of my perscription (because my glasses are being readjusted with my NEW perscription) .. and the rain, and the storm, and the dark (country dark ... no streetlights) I decided to take his advise, and pulled in the Costco parking lot, and just waited out the storm .. Thankfully it wasn't that long .. it was a fast moving storm .. but I was sooo happy to get home .. :)

Today is my last work day this week .. I have off tomorrow to enjoy my stamping/scrapbooking show at State fair park.. I'm sooo looking forward to it .. and my calligraphy class .. :) I'm REALLY looking forward to that !!! but since my calligraphy class isn't until like 6ish pm .. I'm going to just take my time throughout the day ..

With my NSV of getting into a 1x pants yesterday YAY ME!!! (was at 3x) .. I have eliminated my "shopping" from tomorrow ..

I'm going to start out with NOT waking up with the alarm .. ; and going to enjoy my "chat" with my morning friends ..

I'm going to go and have a pedicure and get my nails cleaned up ..

and then I WAS going to go to the mall; and get my walking in, while I was going to do some shopping .. but with yesterday's closet revelation .. I have more closet shopping to do back in the "wish corners" of my closets .. so I don't need to go shopping .. (I don't like serious shopping anyway .. I usually end up disappointed .. )

Sooooo I'm going to go to the gym.. I'll be doing alot of walking at the stampshow, so I don't need the steps .. but I have been wanting to do gym time, without watching the clock to get back to work, and do my toning/strength exercising .. so tomorrow I'm going to do that !!! do a serious toning routine .. :) and get my 34 minutes of exercise in that way !!! (yes .. I'm turning into a gymrat .. lol) I want to see my unicorns playing in the fields .. :)

And then I was trying to figure out what I want for lunch .. and thought to myself .. ZUPA's .. soup and salad .. I've only been there once, and was sooo impressed, but have not really been having "lunch" persay .. I think I want to have lunch there .. it's about the level of Panera's in eating quality .. :) So that will be my lunch ..

Depending on the time .. I'll start working my way to the fair park... and enjoy myself there .. IF it's still too early .. I can stop at the mall and do a lap or 2 .. and then to the fair .. :)

Now doesn't that sound like just the most PERFECT day !!!! I think so !!!!:)

That's what I have to look forward to for tomorrow .. :) and I'm looking sooo forward to it !!!

Okay -- gotta get myself some breakfast .. my belly is growling this morning .. :) Not sure if my walk will be treadmill, or will be outside .. but my lunch will consist of a walk .. :) that's the DEFINATE part ..:)

I feel like getting into trouble .. Who's with me !!!! ????

Have a great day !!! I'm going to !!! emoticon
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    197 days ago
    Sally...look into intermediate fasting. It is eating 8 hours a day and then not eating for 16. A lot of my Sparkie friends are doing it. They are loosing weight. This maybe right for you also!
    197 days ago
    You’re right! Taste buds DO change as you eat healthier. And the “need for food” does decrease as well. FOR SURE if I watch the clock or am with others who are clock-driven eaters, I succumbed. But now after practice, I know what true hunger feels like, so pay attention to that.

    You’re doing well! Keep up the good work.

    Glad you got home safely! Yes, it was a wicket storm.

    In the market for trouble. LOL
    197 days ago
    emoticon You are like the energizer bunny!!
    197 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    197 days ago
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