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Thursday, May 03, 2018

So, my downstairs neighbors... who hold 12 hour house parties, play their TV at top volume at 4:30am, vacuum their apartment at 2am, and play loud music (which they sing along with... badly at high volume)... have made a noise complaint against me to building management. This is because, when they wake me up at 3 or 4am (or earlier), I can’t get back to sleep. So, I get up and make a pot of coffee, have breakfast use the washroom, then sit and read for an hour or so, before showering, getting dressed, messing around on the computer, and then I usually walk the Cooper-dog for anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. When we get home it is normally around 7:30 or so, so I wash the 5 dishes left from the day before and from breakfast. I do not hold loud parties that last 12 hours. I do not even own a TV. I don’t play any music in my apartment until after 9am... and then I usually play classical music until 10 or 11. I don’t even have guests over very often. When I exercise (other than yoga) I either go out in the hallways of the building, or outside entirely. Yes, it is an old building, and the floors creak, and there is NO sound proofing, but what h-e-double hockey sticks are they complaining about? Me, walking in my apartment... because they woke me up? I don’t stomp, I don’t jump up and down, I might might pace for 90 seconds... during the afternoon.., but get real... I am flabbergasted. And management? Says it is a he said/she said situation with my noise complaint against them, and theirs against me. Excuse me? How many times have the police been called to my apartment for noise ordinance violations? Yeah. 0. And them? At least 8 times... that I know of! Not to mention all the other people in the building who have complained about them. So, management has a plan so that the maintenance man can Witness the Volume Situation for himself... because of course, I must be dramatizing. I won’t tell you the plan, because the plan itself is not in itself a bad one, but requires me to call a friend of the downstairs neighbors to call maintenance... I see a huge problem with this... the manager had a couple good ideas for possible actions to help resolve this situation, but the method of execution she outlined puts me at a distinct disadvantage. I just don’t get it. I have lived here, pretty much uneventfully for 9 years (I was late paying my rent 1 month out of those 9 years). I don’t make trouble. I am polite, respectful, and quiet. But now... like I said, I am flabbergasted. More and more, I am considering moving out. My main problem is the long waiting list at the other buildings and complexes that I would consider. Hmmm... I went to the local village police station, and had an informative chat with an officer. Turns out the noise ordinance doesn’t really start at 11pm like the building manager claims, and the downstairs neighbors actually cannot “make as much as they want during they day” like she had stated. The noise ordinance is in place 24 hours a day for in the village! Something to consider. If they are obnoxiously loud anytime, the officer said to just call them... that that is a job for the village police. I have been kind, respectful, and quiet for 9 years here... maybe it is time that I insist my downstairs neighbors do the same? (I have to say the couple that lived down there before were lovely people.) Despite this mental and whatever turmoil I am still walking the Cooper-dog about 7 or 8 miles a day, plus my solo runs, yoga, and whatever else strikes my fancy. My eating has been a bit erratic because my sugar has been erratic, so I am eating at weird times to boost my glucose. This hypoglycemia kinda sucks at times. I eat my regular, small, specifically timed meals, but my blood glucose results still are trending down lately... I am afraid that the stress is affecting my sugar. Sigh. So then I have to eat a little extra (protein heavy) snack to help support my glucose... those calories add up over a week! And my weight is creeping upwards... I was working on a plan for dealing with building management in a reasonable and respectful manner, but I am thrown for a loop once again with this “noise complaint” from the downstairs neighbors... and the method she has chosen to try and resolve the situation. And the longer I think about it, the more flabbergasted I get. I really have this expectation that people will be respectful, polite, kind, and present well thought out plans... and I always seem to be disappointed. It is so disheartening. I want to believe in the best of people, but with a few exceptions I am proven wrong time after time after time. Ugh. Not you guys, my sparkling friends, but these people IRL... make me so tired.
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    Just read this blog - this is horrible! You need to call the police everyday until there's a resolution.
    189 days ago
    This is a backlash, plain and simple.

    It is also an excellent reminder that polite is getting you nowhere.

    Call the police. Every day. Every time. It hurts no one, and could literally be the solution.

    Want my number? You can text me and I will call them for you.

    Just have someone call. Every day, every time. There are apparently no other grownups involved, so you have to stand up.
    192 days ago
    Perhaps the building manager is worried that the ones downstairs will turn on HER hence knowing you are a peaceable person is the one to go to and actually by her having you call someone to call the village police,,,,its protecting u! If you call someone who lives there, they become a witness,,,,if they hear the noise. A pain? Yeah, but a smart way to go. For you and yes,,,,you're also protecting the building manager,,,, though you may not wish to be

    Did you know if one needs to transfer to a different apartment because of medical issues it throws you to the top of the list? I have friends on HUD and a few who pay 30% of their rent. Seems it happens quite a bit. Would you consider moving to a different part of the building you're in?

    If you have a smartphone and don't have an app on it for heart rate monitor you may wish to do so. Be sure to save your readings. It'll back u up even more than just stating what's happening.

    So sorry this is happening. Living in a high rise its unreal how people can be!!! I never get involved with this and that. Many here are highly educated,, lol so they say!! Shhhh I'd not say that outloud I have a few people I spend a small amount of time with. Still,,,,,people are people.
    192 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    all have said exactly what I would as well.. There seems to be a chance that the manager is either friends with or for some reason scared of your neighbors. To let the authorities handle it is wise..and indeed if affecting your health it is more than a noise issue. Do let the police know and let them deal ...indeed the neighbors filing a complaint against you was no more than a juvenile retaliation action.

    I hope this issue resolves for you soon.
    192 days ago
    My older daughter also chose a dorm room on the top floor to avoid the noise. Only 1 dorm had an elevator. I hated the work required to move her in and out.
    192 days ago
    Ugh! People can be such jerks! I'm glad you went to the police. You should have a copy of the noise violations sent to the building manager. She most definitely is not doing her job and it makes you wonder if she is friends with the people below you. You shouldn't have to move when you've been a good tenant there for the last 9 years. Talk to some of your neighbor's about these people and get them to complain more. If more of you complain about them surely management will have to listen.

    These people are affecting your health too in more ways than one. You might want to let the police know that their actions are directly affecting your health. Maybe even get your doctor to write a note that you suffer from migraines and hypoglycemia which are both directly affected by stress then give a copy to the police and the building manager.

    It seems so common for people to only think about themselves anymore. emoticon
    193 days ago
    I agree with the others - get official copies of the noise ordinance sent by the police to the offenders and management-less leader. Can you enlist the other residents in your fight for a quiet home?
    193 days ago
    Perhaps your police department would kindly send a copy of the noise violations to the party that constantly ignore the law...and for good measure, they might cc the idiot building manager who is clearly NOT doing her job. I'm so sorry Chandra...the world is FULL of morons...you should not have to suffer in silence because of these inconsiderate PIGS!

    And why should you be the one that has to move....you could just get yourself in a worse situation. Stand your ground and find some like-minded neighbors to complain about these people so you aren't singled out...there is always safety in numbers. Too bad they can't complain about the manager also...she has done you NO favors! Maybe she shows up for the parties herself? UGH!

    I'm sending you love and light my brave friend! How about some earphones for your classical music...that might help. AND...when you go back to the police department I'd let them know that you suffer migraines that are brought on by STRESS...and these people are causing you MEGA stress!

    They can't ignore medical problems...maybe even get your doctor to state that loud music all hours of the night are harmful to you...you've done your best...now you have to dig in and stand your ground. BUT...get other people to join you with a group complaint...they can tell how this is affecting their lives also.

    Don't these idiots have to work? I HATE inconsiderate people...I do...I do! emoticon

    I deal with the most inconsiderate spoiled brat of a neighbor in our consignment gallery...EVERY day! Just the pits!
    193 days ago
    I agree this is NOT a he said/she said situation, and the manager must be at the parties and is friends with these people somehow. Surely you are not the only one being bothered by these people. Can you get some of the other neighbors to go in with you on protesting this treatment? And start calling the Village Police. Do you have a recorder of any sort?

    In the meantime, you might want to get on the waiting list of the building you are most interested in. You shouldn't have to lose your health to these people. Here, if you choose to not take the apartment when your name comes up, it just goes to the bottom of the list. (Went through it with an aunt.) But your name was not REMOVED until you were placed or asked for it to be removed. Don't know how it works there, but got my fingers and toes crossed for you and wishing you good luck!
    193 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Yikes! That is ridiculous. I would be tearing them a new one. Polite and respectful only get you so far. Hopefully the police can help you build up some more incident reports against the neighbors and then it won’t be a he said/she said. Good luck with the whole thing. emoticon
    193 days ago
    I think they reported you in retaliation. Jerks!! Maybe just let management know that you do not even own a TV and that if the peopke reported you for walking, you would not have been walking in your apartment if they had not woken you up. People like the trick me off so badly. Ugh!!
    193 days ago
    glad you went to the police, now call them and also find out the ordinances about how building need to be kept and how to treat people, they have an obligation to do their jobs also. DON'T let yourself be bullied
    193 days ago
    Oh I am so sorry Chandra , this is a really ridiculous situation and is in no way a he said/she said you have lived there for 9 years uneventfully.The police have been there for noise complaints repeatedly .It seems ridiculous. Watch the post I sent you something this afternoon to cheer you!
    193 days ago
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