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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

So... regardless of the scale... I AM MAKING PROGRESS!

In fact, I had a bit of an aha moment this morning that essentially felt like my attachment to the scale was lifting off and my realizing what I already knew, but felt it... that the scale is just a number but not a complete reflection of my overall progress. So... goodbye recent negative attachment to the scale... audios!

Just got back from my near hour walk that felt good and strong! Still slightly kicking my butt, but much progress in the few short weeks that I have committed to regularly walking. It took a while to feel like a work out today, and I even felt the urge to add a few jogging spurts... short little intervals, but did it none the less and added some distance today too.

And... I haven't mentioned this yet, but my right hand took quite a bit longer to swell today, they've both been swelling, but my right hand first. And they both did swell again, but not as much as they have been. Did some googling last week, as it was honestly aching from all the swelling that would soon clear out shortly after my walk, but I believe sodium was the problem.

Kinda got it in my head I needed more sodium, due to Keto and drinking so much water, but I've cut back and the swelling seems to be subsiding. So... I now have a new gage to measure my sodium intake... lol. Swelling hands... ho hum. Such a fine balance... our poor bodies deal with a lot of crap I tell you... lol.

And... drum roll please.........

I tried on my size 10 capris again... and GUESS WHAT! They fit!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Last month, I couldn't get the one pair past my hips and the other pair didn't even come close to buttoning up.

Still a little snug, but I could wear them out of the house and still look ok.

I still opted for my comfy size 12 that seem to happily shrink and stretch each time I wash them to my current weight and shape... but I can tell wearing them that my body has changed.

Naked pictures prove it too... lol.

Comparing last month to this month, much less dimply areas, still dimples, but looking smoother and healthier over all.

Feels good.

FitProgress wise, last week was a good week... enjoying the walks, changing the route, walking no less than 45 mins each time, today was 54 mins and 3 miles.... rahhhhhhh! Room for improvement, yes... but HUGE for me!

And keeping up with my Restorative Yoga, even if my children have disappeared some how... lol.




45 mins Walk
20 mins Restorative Yoga

Day of Rest

45 mins Walk with my HUBBY and GIRLS! :)
45 mins Restorative Yoga with my HUBBY!

Day of Rest

60 mins Walk with my HUBBY and GIRLS! :)

45 mins Walk with my HUBBY and GIRLS! :)
30 mins Restorative Yoga

Day of Rest



1. Keep up with my walking/yoga routine, allowing myself some slack during my daughter's graduation week... May 17th/18th.
2. Do the best I can food wise, focusing on quality, less dairy, and truly listening to my body and what it needs. If I'm hungry... I eat. If I feel like fasting... I fast. Simple.
3. Fit comfortably in my size 10 pants by the end of May.


1. Lose at least 10 lbs and see the 160s! NO MORE WEIGHT GOALS... psyche myself out... lol.
2. Get outside for a walk or jog at least once before months end - weather permitting. CHECK! KICKING BUTT!
3. Hmmmmm... need to ponder. Still pondering... lol. Never did think of a third.


1. Increase workout stamina and endurance! ***Seems to be happening... :)
2. Look and feel healthy for my daughters graduation. ***May 17th/18th ***Seems to be happening... :)
3. Fit into my favorite jeans again. ***Got a ways to go. ***Getting closer!!!!


01/08/18 - 188.0 lbs
02/04/18 - 181.0 lbs
03/06/18 - 182.0 lbs
03/08/18 - 184.6 lbs
03/16/18 - 178.4 lbs
03/30/18 - 182.8 lbs
04/02/18 - 179.8 lbs
04/09/18 - 179.4 lbs (Saw 177.4)
04/16/18 - 179.4 lbs (Saw 178.0)
04/23/18 - 177.4 lbs
04/25/18 - 175.8 lbs (WooHoo)
04/30/18 - 179.6 lbs (Booooooo.... lol)
05/02/18 - 178.0 lbs (Saw 175.8)

APRIL WEIGHT GOAL - to lose at least 10 lbs and see the 160s!

0.5 lbs so far... ho hum... lol.
2.5 lbs so far... progress... lol.

SO... ENDED UP BEING AN OFFICIAL 2 lb weight loss month... but my body so says otherwise. I also lost an additional 4.5 inches for a total of 12.5 since starting Keto.

I'll take it.

Feeling better, stronger, happier, more motivated, and physical endurance and stamina is up Up UP!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congratulations on the NSVs! So glad that the pants are fitting better! The way you feel and how your clothes fit are better indicators of your progress!

    538 days ago
    You sound like you are doing really good. So happy for you with the jeans fitting. It won't be long before your size 10's will be like your size 12's. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    539 days ago
    I am so glad to see your FitProgress today!!! I was happy to see that you are still Kicking Butt with your Restorative Yoga and Walking!!! Never let that number on the scale get you down! Always remember that you are making Progress!!! emoticon
    539 days ago
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