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...::Beware of Danger ... It's the Little things ...

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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The saying is as old as time .... "The little foxes spoil the vine." .... Yes, the "little things".
No one warned us against grizzly bears and gorillas! It's the subtle things that can slip
in and catch us unaware.

So if it is the 'little things' that steal our goods, first and foremost, we need to know what some of those things are and how we can be vigilant to guard our treasures and our goods?

....While those little foxes may look cute, they watch and wait for the right moment. No mistake, they are cunning, crafty, and sly. And it is clear: their mission is to steal and devour all we have worked so hard for!

The little foxes come in disguise. No thief asks your permission or announces: "I have come to "steal your goods!" ... No, they are foxy, and sly. And they have a carefully devised plan knowing just when you and i and vulnerable and caught 'off guard.'

...::"Wouldn't you like to have a second helping of my apple pie... after all, i made it just for you! asks Aunt Martha" (little foxes)

If we are going to win, we need to outwit and out maneuver with more cunning than the tempter ...

Little foxes come in many guises ....Many look quite harmless.

"But it's a birthday party!! . emoticon .. It's a free pass to eat, drink and be merry!!" ... (Little foxes)

...:::So and so gets on my nerves every time i see her!" ...(Little foxes)
But it's a family reunion! .. emoticon .. I just can't offend anyone by not eating their desserts!! (little foxes)

...:::"I can't stop myself from worrying ... what if i don't lose those pounds before my class reunion?" .. (little foxes)

..." But Hey! ... It's the weekend! ... Don't i deserve a treat? ...(little foxes)

"You only live once .... so relax and have some fun!!... (little foxes)

...::Only you know how temptation comes knocking at your door in disguise.
Yours may differ from mine, but you and i can be aware and don't let the tempter in ..

What do you say ....... shall we guard the henhouse... from things that would rob us blind
and close the door to those little foxes. May we learn how to maneuver wisely, know
when to tactfully say 'No" and outwit our tempter.

...:::Thanks for stopping by today ... And don't let yourself be be caught off-guard. ...
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