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Happy Wednesday .. YAY !!! Today's an NSV DAY !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I got my steppin' in yesterday .. had to "think about me first"; but did it .. about 4:00 .. there were questions at work, about a customers portal .. I got them in, and I helped them as far as I could go .. took my stuff, and exited stage left !!!! I would have done the same thing as they were doing from here on ..

I have fair warning .. lunch next week Wednesday is going to be not the relaxing retirement goodbye lunch I had hoped for with our software lady .. Linda has a full list of questions and how to's .. (one reason that I never really liked going out to lunch with her .. because her brain doesn't shut off) ..but I stand behind her in her efforts .. however, I don't know if she realizes how much has to be done before you get to what she wants.. .. BUT .. that's how you get to your goal .. I guess .. she visions her end result .. and now we can talk to her on how she can get there .. The staff is more than willing to help .. and she is very good at deligating .. so who am I to stand in her way .. but I'm losing my relaxing fun goodbye lunch next week .. lol ..

But I exited stage left .. I did get a good day's work of work .. ... I got alot of Ben's Dick and Jane reader first draft going .. No matter what I do .. this is not going to be a simple process .. even though I have always done price changes without thinking .. there are ALOT of steps that I go through .. lol lol .. and now I'm finding it out .. lol ..

I DID do the mall and do my walk .. it gave my leg a break .. (walking on solid even ground) .. and ended at 43.1 minutes, and 4879 steps .. before I bought myself a soda and sat and rested while I was waiting to go to my dinner with friends .. :)

I was happy because that brought my steps for THE DAY to 9691 steps .. walking to the car would put me over 10,000 steps for the day .. I was feeling good and sparkling to the max .. lol lol .. I had to stop sparkling before I went to dinner.. that was my second goal .. lol .. I did (kinda) .. lol

I got home to a big SURPRISE !!!!! :)

WOOHOO !!!!!!!!!

I went to dinner ... and had a wonderful time again with my friends .. I usually always do have a good time with them .. we laugh, we have fun, and well .. they showed me yet another level in our dining enjoyment .. We went to Fujiyama's and I had a vegetable hibachi and some shrimp tempura ... and it was all yummy ..

I had eaten good throughout the day .. I had my yogurt and nanner in the morning when I got to the office. Kim bought coffee treat, so I had myself a sf caramel frappe .. and that was refreshing with the warmth of yesterday (back in the warehouse there really isn't air conditioning .. but thats okay .. ) .. They DID turn the AC on and if the doors are closed, it gets the humidity out of the warehouse .. so I was good .. :)

For lunch I finished up my baby carrots with honey mustard dipping sauce .. and a small cup of trail mix that my boss bought (the snack shelf is restocked .. EEEEEK) That's okay .. it's not going to suck me in .. lol lol lol

So my choices for dinner were actually good ones .. :) I LOVE vegetable stirfry .. and they got me to try the tempura .. which was sooo yummy !!!! So -- it was a wonderful night .. :)

ohoh .. raining today .. messing with my exercise plans .. so going to have to regroup .. I think I will get out during lunch, and get to the gym for my walk .. That way no matter what happens I will have it DONE !!! GETITDONE!!!!! I don't know if I will have the dugout today .. because of the rain .. but that way I don't have to "push" myself to get on the stationary bike tonight .. (even though if I feel that I want to .. I can .. but it won't be a feeling of I HAVE to !!! :) ) So -- thinking it will be a gym day today !!!


I was wearing 3x pants .. I squeezed into 2x .. and was happy .. even though it's questionable .. Well -- BRING OUT THE TRUMPETS !!!! GUESS WHAT FOLKS !!!!! I AM WEARING A 1X PAIR OF PANTS THAT I SHOPPED FOR IN MY CLOSET !!! Wayyyy back in the "I wish" corner .. AND I'M STILL BREATHING !!!!!!! lol lol lol .. they ARE stretch pants, but folks THEY ARE 1 X !!!! ONE ONE ONE X!!!!! (yes .. I know I'm yelling, but heck .. call me excited... lol ) .. the scale has not been moving, but I'm holding onto the idea that that will follow .. evidentally my body is going through a bit of "readjustments" ..

Wouldn't that be exciting if I would be able to fit into my "wish shirt" that I had been posting monthly when all this is said and done .. (never done .. lol ) ...

Yes ... I AM EXCITED !!! And this is only after 2 weeks of hard work, and finally dedication ... what will happen after 4 weeks .. or after 3 months .. or after 6 months .. Is there a light in the future !!! ??? Don't know but let's find out !!!!!!!

Got home and Uli was up cozy'd in my bed .. and looked sooo cute !!! He was guarding the last of the Dreamsicle M&M's that hubby found for me .. I was full and I was tired last night, so I didn't try any last night, but hubby said they are REALLLLY good and he's not a white chocolate type person (neither am I .. but love dreamsicles .. lol)

I was looking at my Ulissys album on my phone .. He has been with us since March 21 (which is his birthday by the way .. :) ) and he and TD have been into so much .. (there's some in my other files that I haven't transferred over yet .. lol) I think I'm going to write a "Uli book" .. lol lol lol .. Thank you to my friend for bringing him into my life .. he has been so much fun !!! :) and continues to get into mischief with his best friend TD .. :)

Okay -- gotta get myself going here .. ;) Goal for today .. get my walk done at the gym at lunch, and then no matter what happens tonight .. whether or not the dugout will be on or off .. I will have my steps out of the way !!! :) YAY ME !!!!

My unicorns are restless, and want to play .. anyone with me ??? mwaaahaahaahaa !!! Have a great day .. I'm going to !!!!
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  • LIZZIE138
    Dreamsicle M&Ms... I’ll have to close my eyes in the grocery store cuz if they see me, they’ll jump into my buggy! Time is really moving quickly for you isn’t it? So happy for you... And Uli... 🦄
    203 days ago
    203 days ago
    emoticon I am so excited for you! Keep finding those sparkles those unicorns leave you!
    203 days ago
    The little vignette with the trumpet blowing animal and the nsv of going down a pant size was great. Congratulations!
    203 days ago
    Glad you got your steps in. Good luck w/your luncheon next Wednesday. Hope it’s not as stressful as you envision. The fact that she’s good @ delegating is an asset!

    So happy that dinner was fun. Laughing, it is pure medicine!

    Yeah, we had a boomer roll thru here earlier this morning, looks like it’s clouding oup again for round #2.

    Fantastic on 1X! You are doing awesome! You keep on doing your work like you have been and there are no limits to what you’ll achieve!

    Awwww, Uli looks like a little angel all tucked in! HEE HEE Ohhhhhh, he had a mission, guarding the Dreamsicle M&M’s. Didn’t know there was such a flavor! But thank goodness for that! LOL

    OHHHHHHH . . . . A Uli book. WAY cool! He and TD together are a pair!

    We just never know when the water balloons will emerge! MWAHAHAHA! OOPS . . . . was that a SPLAT I heard?
    203 days ago
    Good Morning, have a great day!!!
    203 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Have a fun day!!
    203 days ago
    Good morning
    203 days ago
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