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Happy Tuesday .. dinner with friends tonight .. mall walk before !!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

For as bad as last Monday was .. That's how GOOD yesterday was .. What a difference a week makes lol lol .. However, since that BAD day, something has adjusted in my head .. I got mad and I got EVEN !!!! I started MAKING time for my exercise .. MAKING time to put me first ... MAKING me first .. because I posted a saying last week ..

" Self-care is so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You can serve from an empty vessel. --- Eleanor Brown "

And I'm starting to believe it ..

I don't know what was in me yesterday but I was so sky high, and had sooo much energy I have no idea where it was coming from; but it just kept coming and coming .. Hubby finally came downstairs at 10:00 last night to find out if everything was alright, because I hadn't been upstairs .. I got upstairs and I still took an extra hour or so to finally settle down .. It felt weird, as I haven't had energy like this in AGES !!!! Is this from the Exercise ??? If so .. I'm going to continue playing with my unicorns .. because THIS IS AWESOME !!!!

I actually had to think through my day .. I had my coffee while doing my morning chat with my friends, and I had a cup of coffee about 9:00 yesterday morning .. and that was it .. I drank diet white soda after I got back from my walk .. I drank water with my dinner .. The sugar I had yesterday consisted of my orange juice, and a cupcake that Kim bought and left on my desk with a bribe note .. lol lol .. to come over and see her .. she had questions .. so .. it wasn't sugar .. Where was this MEGA energy coming from .. Mega energy and Mega happy .. The only option left was exercise !!! Can you build up exercise to hold that energy ?? Will this continue ??? Well -- I tell you what .. let's just find out !!!! emoticon

My picture I chose for my status this week, is a look of intention .. a look of definition, and a look of determination !!! I thought it was perfect but didn't realize when I posted it, that it was going to be an emblem of what I'm truly feeling .. Whatever this feeling is .. I hope it never stops .. so I need to keep it fueled !!!!!

Yesterday I closed out at 10048 steps .. I succeeded in my exercise goal .. 39 minutes of walking at lunch ..

I laughed at myself .. it was a tough walk .. my left shin was really pitching a fit, and I'm trying hard not to get shinsplints again .. but the path I walked (another new one) was very very uneven .. and I started my walk in my "hearty" pace .. but I got to the middle point, and I was in some major pain .. so I just stood there and worked on stretching out that shin .. It still hurts this morning .. so I'll have to take it easier today .. (those plans coming up) .. I walked alittle slower going back, but the twist to my ankle was the other direction so it kind of re-pulled itself back ..the sidewalk was slanted... and that was causing most of the problem.

But back to my focus .. I was laughing at myself .. to show you how far I've grown, since I've gotten this mindset .. I took my walk .. and there was a man walking a little dog .. The little king charles spaniel walked up to me .. he was a pretty little thing .. and I said that "aren't you just the prettiest little thing?" .. the guy turned around and said "him or me?" .. I turned and told him .. well--- I'm in a generous mood ..BOTH OF YOU .. lol lol lol .. but I did my walk, and by the time I got back to the truck; my stopwatch said it was only 24 minutes..

The OLD Sally would have just written it off (especially as much as my leg was ouching) .. but this new Sally said .. Nope.. AT LEAST 34 minutes .. so I walked down the parking lot, down the road, and back to the path that came back to the backside of the baseball diamond (where the parking lot is) .. and by the time I got back .. I ended up with 39 minutes .. WOOHOO !!!!

Is this where my extra energy is coming from ??? I DID sleep well once my energy settled down .. lol but WOW .. if I would have known this I would have become addicted to exercise a long time ago .. lol lol lol ..

Tonight I have dinner with friends .. I'm reluctantly going to do my walk at the mall .. Let's see if I can't get my walk in without the pain for today .. I'm thinking that walking the solid level of the mall may help my leg for tonight .. :)

I'm hoping that there will be rain to make my decision easier .. :) but I need a little bit of creativity today .. and tomorrow. but there's no way I'm making any excuses for "skipping" .. I need this energy I need this happy and my unicorns are really enjoying themselves ..

Tomorrow it looks like the rain may be delayed for one more day, so my plan of taking my lunch at 4, and doing my walk around the park before working at the dugout will work .. IF the rain comes in and the dugout is cancelled .. I'll have to peddle tomorrow night .. but I have my plans, and it does NOT include "oh I'll pass today" ..

Speaking of Unicorns .. *rolling eyes here* .. Uli was on the loose again .. lol lol

In my cleaning on Sunday, I took down a floral swag that I have had hanging since we built the house .. mom's friend made it .. but since we built the house in '92, every time I touched it to de-cobweb it .. it littered all over .. well -- reluctantly I made the decision to take it down and throw it away .. so now there are nails up there, waiting for something to put up there .. I just haven't figured out what I want up there .. Well -- Uli figured out that if he puts up a swing, it's fun .. so I'm going to have to figure out what I want up there fast .. lol lol ..

I love Uli's antics, I think it's because he's soooo cute !!! he and TD can probably get away with more .. (especially when daddy is watching over them .. lol )

Here's to a day of energy and happiness again .. I have created a habit .. if the girls want me to come next door, I go out the shipping door, walk around the building and come in the sales door .. that way I get fresh air throughout the day; and don't continuously "ding dong" the sales door ..

I was thinking to myself over the weekend .. I am sooo excited with the way things are going and the things that are happening, and coming up and and and .. I started thinking .. and asked Kim yesterday .. "is my excitement giving you extra stress?" .. and she said absolutely not .. I was happy that I asked .. because I started thinking .. I'm excited about things, I'm excited about "the end" .. but looking at it from her view, am I scaring her ... ?? She said no, but I'm glad I asked ..

I did have to laugh yesterday .. My little buddy.. (Leonard and Lois's puppy) .. had emergency surgery .. (no that wasnt the laugh part) .. He found a binky at the fair grounds and ate it and it got lodged in his intestines .. and then all the grass he was eating was starting to ferment in his belly .. The vet said that the only thing that saved him was the little holes in the binky; helped "some" pass through .. That scared me .. but when Leonard told me he said that he tried to give Max a banana this morning and all that he did was lick it .. I told him .. I would mush it up .. if he's licking it, he's interested, but after such a major surgery, he probably just didn't have the energy to "eat" .. but mushing it, if he licks it, he'll at least get something .. and nanners are good because of all the throwing up he did over the last week he was dehyrdrated, and the potassium will keep his electrolites up ..

Well -- he must have passed that statement to his wife, Lois .. Well -- in the middle of the afternoon I got a phone call .. (that's strange in itself, because they are passing all the calls that I would have gotten, to Linda and Kim .. so I pick it up .. and thankfully we have caller ID .. because the person at the other end was ecstatic yelling "HE ATE HE ATE HE ATE" !!!! lol lol lol .. I couldn't get a word in edgewise, but evidentally little Max ate banana and chicken .. lol lol .. That made me so happy .. They would have been devistated if something happened to that little guy ... but puppies will be puppies ... and he's in the age of a "terrible 2" human toddler.. curious and into everything .. lol ..

I just laughed .. just added to my HAPPY for the day !!!!

I'm CHASING MY tennis ball ... I hope you find your nitch and chase yours as well !!!! :)

Gotta get myself going here .. so talk later !!!!!

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    230 days ago
    Glad that you are having good days! Hurray!

    Glad you have energy! Just relish it!

    Great job on the steps ! Fantastic!

    That’s too funny . . . . “both of you!” Bet that made his day!

    ULI ULI ULI! LOL Quite the adventurer! Typical . . . . kids figure out who the “soft touch” is and go for it. LOL

    Glad that things turned out well for Loui and Leonard’s lil guy. Poor baby!

    231 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Have a great day!!
    231 days ago
    Hum---maybe the energy is coming from less stress in your life? Kim, Linda. and Ben are doing the job that added stress to your life. 2 months and you will be a memory! You have let them take the jobs and you have convince they will do your old job wonderful well.

    Now you are focused on prep for your retirement party. That prep is new and you are excited about it! It's fun to see how you can find your unicorns and how much sparkle they are going to shower you with. It's new, it's exciting, etc. Less stress then your job was!

    Just a thought!
    231 days ago
    231 days ago
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