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Happy Monday -- yup -- it is .. Alot going through my brain today .. but GOOD STUFF!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Another wonderful day ... It's wierd .. I would get wonderful days' and the first thing that would pop into my head would be "when is the other foot going to drop" .. I don't know if it's my upcoming retirement coming up in 2 months .. and that my stresses are soooo reduced at work .. or if it's just a new feeling I have .. they say exercising creates happy brain cells .. well -- maybe my exercising is working .. but I've just been HAPPY and I don't have that little devil on my shoulder saying .. "when when when" ...

May will be the month of Sally .. I'm working on prepping myself for my party on June 2nd .. I used to sit and shake my head when I read people "trying to lose weight for a wedding, party, vacation, trip, etc etc" .. and wonder to myself .. why wouldn't you try and get yourself in shape for a lifetime ?? You create these habits and you don't want to continue them ?? Well -- guess what .. I'm working toward my PARTY FOR A PRINCESS on June 2nd .. lol lol ..

I don't know about others, but with the wonderful feeling I get when I'm outside in the sunshine, and fresh air, listening to the birds and the critters .. I am in SUCH a happy place .. I would LIKE to think I will keep it going after my party .. THAT is one of my goals ....

I was proud of myself .. I NORMALLY "take Sunday off" .. but with my challenge that I have started on the Wisconsin site .. I signed up for 1000 minutes of activity in a month .. and after I figured it out .. it's 34 minutes of recorded activity per day .. I thought .. okay .. I can handle that.. but when I figured it out .. I forgot .. oops .. I usually take Sunday's off .. Well -- yesterday I had things planned for around here .. and worked on cleaning my house .. and laundry.. I went upstairs, and sat on the bike for 34 minutes .. oh yea .. I peddled too .. so I got that out of the way first thing after my visiting with my friends .. :)

I left Rupert loose yesterday and literally ended up chasing him around because he kept getting stuck under chairs .. but thankfully I decided to put on my stepometer fitbit wannabe yesterday .. and throughout the day I ended up putting on 7600 steps emoticon I know .. totally blew me away as well .. :)

I recorded my number of steps, but didn't add them into my exercise .. (they don't have chasing an IRobot around the house as part of the list ) but I worked on cleaning the higher levels that he couldn't reach .. (as in dusting .. lol) ... and chasing after Rupert, I built up a pretty good "sparkle" as my friend got me saying .. :)

I was going to just leave Rupert running around when I left for mom's but with him getting stuck all over the place, I decided to push his "go to the dock" button .. I had gone upstairs to fold my load of towels, and came back down and he had gotten himself stuck under the kitchen counter .. well -- he must have been there for a while, because he had shut himself off .. I was thinking that I put him back on his way, pushed his button, he may have "restarted his sequence" .. so with as much as he was getting stuck .. I thought .. I may as well dock him before going to mom's so I KNOW he was safe .. lol .. He had already been out and about for about 45 minutes .. I had rearranged some of the furniture and think that maybe his floor sequence was thrown off kilter .. (I really don't know how he works but he was really off kilter yesterday .. lol )

Mom called and asked me to pick up some stuff for her .. so I ended up not being able to make any Sally stops on my way to the moms .. but I took the long ways around the stores I got extra steps in .. however, I felt like a bum yesterday .. I just was NOT comfortable in my skin yesterday .. and don't know why . but my "attire" didn't help .. I had my hair pulled back, and a loose top, and my comfy exercise pants .. I just didn't feel comfortable and looked like it too .. well --- with the extra stops, and running behind .. I just didn't feel it ..

I finally got to mom's and was "sparkling" .. because I did walk through the stores, and park literally at the ends of the lots .. so I got my stepping in ..

Let's just say it's the first Sunday in a long time that I concentrated on my exercise .. Sunday was always the "day off" .. but then Monday was harder to start up again .. I wonder if I do this, if Monday will be more easy to continue ?? instead of lazy Sunday, lazy Monday .. we shall see .. changes .. going through changes .. and I want to continue PAST my party .. so that is my short term personal goal for now .. :)

I had a WONDERFUL time (even looking like a bum) over at mom's yesterday .. we played an easy puzzle, and then cheated at some cards .. Kings in a corner .. I guess I was a better cheater than she was .. lol .. cuz I won more .. :)

She sounds like she's looking forward to my party as well .. she's trying to figure out when the best time to get her hair permed so she looks nice as well .. :) That's fun for me .. I told her that I ordered a chocolate raspberry cake... and her eyes lit up ..:)

Is it wierd .. I actually feel good about today .. I have a very busy week planned for this week, but I also have plans to get my 34 minutes a day in .. and it's Monday .. :) Weird .. huh ???

Today I'm thinking (since I'm running alittle slow here this morning .. as mom always said .. "bed fell down I had to get up" .. lol I was actually woken up by my alarm this morning ... but I have to admit .. I slept like a log (how does a log REALLY sleep??) lol ..

I AM still going to get outside for my walk today .. They are talking rain for the next 3 days, but I have a plan for those .. either way .. I WILL get my 34 minutes of exercise in .. :) i have a plan !!!! lol lol I will see my UNICORNS !!!!! :)

Gotta get myself going here .. so we'll talk again .. thanks for letting me drop this stuff off my brain !!! I feel soooo much lighter now .. lol lol lol

Addedum: .. I just figured it out .. IF I took Sunday's off; I calculated to raise my Monday through Saturday time up to 39 minutes per day .. That way once I get myself into a routine, I can PLAN to take a Sunday off .. I know sometimes things "just get in the way" but I want to try and PLAN for days off .. and make the adjustments PRIOR .. instead of trying to play catch up .. and that's usually when I fall flat on my face .. so PLAN PLAN PLAN !!!! :)

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