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Grumpy rant...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

My downstairs neighbors have been partying since 7pm... and it’s now 1:45am... and they are loud, but not quite loud enough to call the police and register a noise ordinance complaint. And my building manager doesn’t DO anything if I call her, so why bother calling and leaving a message with her office? (And since it’s the middle of the night on Saturday, no one would get the message until Monday morning probably)... the thing is, she doesn’t own the building... she is “just” the manager, but she has managed to terrorize the majority of the tenants (it’s historically been for elderly and disabled people, though I think they changed the designation recently, but the majority of the tenants are still elderly or disabled) without regard for the fact that a large number of her tenants are fragile... not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. She harasses specific tenants and targets others for special treatment. She calls herself the witch (with a b) of the east, as far as her management style goes, and she’s perfectly okay with that... has publicly stated that. The current situation she has instigated, which I will not go into detail about because I am still considering what the proper response should be, is creating a distinct us vs them atmosphere in the building. I have to admit that I am one of those fragile tenants, physically, mentally, AND emotionally... and the constant noise issues with downstairs neighbors disrupting my sleep, combined with the stress and anxiety of dealing with her management style (I have heard her management style referred to as “gaslighting “)... are putting my health in jeopardy. To the point my mental health counselor was researching other buildings I could move into in the area at my last appointment with him... he was that concerned. Moving out feels like letting her win... and I love the location, views, layout of my apartment... but if living here has the potential of landing me back in the hospital then it’s worth the inconvenience of changing locations. I hate to buckle under though... I tend to be stubborn, it’s genetic. lol I am not asking for advice. I just needed to vent. To rant. If you got this far you are a brave soul... lol... My dog is sleeping, and the neighbors are still partying... so I am going to go out for my run/walk before the snow starts. I hope you have a great day!
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    So sorry you are having to deal with this. The manager sounds horrible and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. I have no advice except to be careful and take care of yourself. You deserve better.
    175 days ago
    Good luck with a favorable resolution. (((Hugs)))
    175 days ago
    As scary as change sounds, most of the time it's for the better. Sound like peace and peace of mind is what you need. Best wishes.
    175 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    If you feel there is no way to get this issue resolved..then considering a move...IE: Diane...perfect example
    It is hard to give up a place you like..but your mental and physical well being are being put on the line!
    Do what is best for you...I advocate for STRESS relief..but only you can make that decision.

    Take care of yourself!!

    175 days ago
    I can understand the rant you are a more patient soul than I ,I would be reporting your manager to the building owner and having the police on speed dial! If the noise wakes you up after 11pm it is too loud 1.45 merits a police visit in my books.
    175 days ago
    I lived next door until the end of January. I was in a high rise that I had convinced a friend to move in there. Its a nice building. But the guy upstairs is disabled and not able to make the decisions one needs to for healthy living. He had given me bed bugs!! If I had bought them in it'd of been MY problem, however it wasn't. Nightly for over a year he moved furniture from 1-7AM. Hammered something no one knows what.

    After the surgery on my brain I HAD it!! I had put in a request for a transfer(same management, different owners)when the bed bug thing happened. I'm now HAPPY in the new building. I knew I was not at peace there,,,but here's why I'm telling you this. I did NOT realize the extreme STRESS I was under

    So though I hate not being in the building with 2 very long time friends, I LOVE laying here at night and NOT sound except the fridge. NICE!!

    It WAS worth it!!
    176 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    176 days ago
    176 days ago
    All my wishes for your relief. You are MUCH more diplomatic or patient than I am.

    With no response at all from the property manager, I would have the police on speed dial and call them starting one minute after 10 pm EVERY TIME. But that is me.

    At our last house in the ghetto, we called the police every single day. In seven years, we managed to move the drug dealers and prostitutes completely off of our block. Never had lasting success with the homeless encampments, but reported them for cooking meth, breaking into cars, getting into knife fights, noise violations, setting fires and exposing themselves every day, every day, every day.

    When someone breaks the law, you can report it, though you do not have to. Sometimes it makes a difference, and sometimes it does not.

    Anything that lets you sleep is "winning" this battle. Wishing you relief, friend.
    176 days ago
    OK no advice. Just sending good thoughts your way and hoping you find some peace.
    176 days ago
    Holy cow! I can't stand extraneous noise. It's bad enough hearing the thumping and bumping of my upstairs neighbor, but that would drive me nuts. I had to deal with that a few years ago in an apartment and finally did call management which recommended I call the police, something I had never done. It led to several revelations, so that was good, but the noise from the new tenants - just walking was loud, plus they sat out on their balcony late at night. It was like they were in my living room. That kind of thing isn't not for me. I did move. Paid a penalty to break the lease, but it was worth it.

    Don't think of moving as being defeated, but doing what is best for you. The new place might be better. Or, lodge a complaint with the company that does own the building. It's a tough call. Hoping for the best possible outcome for you.
    176 days ago
    HUGS and hope it works out.
    176 days ago
    I would contact the owner of the building, then I would inquire at the local village or township board about noise complaints or what to do when building owners or their representatives do not address housing issues, make it bothersome or expensive for the owner to address the problem. check out your right under housing codes where you live with whomever in the area where you live has them and start to file complaints, have your other tenants start to do the same thing, this will get them to start working with you. I would also call the police every time no matter what, for the same reason to bring attention to the obvious dereliction of duty by the manager/owner to address the problems, having your doctor help in filing complaints with the proper authority will have an impact also. Don't run, stand up for yourself.
    176 days ago
    I know where you are coming from. I can't stand noisy neighbors especially at night. I have to have it quiet to sleep or I just won't even with sleeping aids if it is noisy. We all know how important sleep is so I hope you get it rectified to your benefit. emoticon
    176 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Hopefully, you are joking about “snow falling”!! Your living situation sounds frustrating....definitely rant-worthy!
    176 days ago
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