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Happy Saturday ... Wonderful day yesterday .. and looking forward to one again today !!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I knew it was going to be a good day when I got a shot of my MR Cardinal .. so many times by the time I reach for my phone, he exits stage left .. very skiddish busy little guy ...I knew it was going to be a good day ..

As I was getting ready for work, I saw Uli, and TD already were getting into things .. Ohhh it was going to be a day .. lol ..

They're getting better at getting up the stairs .. lol lol the house will never be the same .. I wonder if I should bring puppy's crate back upstairs lol lol ...

I got home last night and they were still missing ... I asked hubby and he said that they had been nervous because of the storms coming in .. Okay -- it wasn't a bad storm .. just a rain, but it was pretty much their first one .. so I went on the search to figure out where they went ..

Finally found the hiding in corner ..

I took them out and cuddled with them a bit, and they seemed to relax a bit .. poor little guys .. lol lol lol ..

We think they got into the last of the cinnamon rolls last night .. so they will be pumped with sugar .. :) Ohoh .. and we're going to be gone today .. so far so good .. They are still sleeping .. lol lol ..


Yesterday was the most perfect day ... I didn't get well.. maybe I did .. got work done .. but very very very little .. lol lol I'm going to start now being less available in the office .. start coming and going .. going next door to the coffee shop throughout the day; and doing some work .. I moved from the front office to start to break the ties to easy questions .. and moved back to the warehouse .. so they'd have to get up and physically come over to find me .. because I'm not necessarily AT the desk .. :) ... now it's time to start opening up that gap alittle more .. :)

I left for a long lunch at 11:00 and went to the mall. I parked out in the lot .. and did 2 laps of the mall .. FULL laps .. :) I was wondering how I as going to do it .. because I was truly hungry when I got there .. so I stopped at Five Guys and had a Veggie Sandwich (all sauteed veggies .. my favorite there) .. fries, and soda .. I turned off my stop watch while I was there .. They say that you don't have to push for 30 minutes, if you don't have the time .. if you can do 10 minute stints, that counts as well .. Personally I would prefer to just make sure I had my 30 minutes out of the way .. but yesterday wasn't the day .. and I wasn't about to cheat .. I was hungry .. and treated myself to an actual lunch, instead of "oh just eat" ..

I finished my lunch and enjoyed every single bite .. My "littlest" order of fries .. turned into about 3 littlest orders of fries .. and I was proud of myself .. I left some behind .. They were good, but not good enough to get to "UGH" point .. so reluctantly I threw some away .. :) but I was proud of myself for doing so !!!! :)

I restarted my walk, and restarted my stopwatch .. I walked through all the nooks and crannies .. (I was on a serious walk ... and it was so much easier than walking outside .. lol ) I continued around the mall, until I got to my ultimate goal .. the hair salon ..

I stopped my stopwatch and went in and made my appointment for having my hair colored professionally... I'm getting to the point of starting to feel like the Princess I need to feel like in regards to my party ... so I told hubby that I wanted to have my hair professionally colored .. expecting a fight .. but he didn't even bat an eye .. :) I think he knows this won't be a continuous thing .. but sometimes we just need a little pampering .. :) (and MAY is going to be my pamper month !!! )

I stopped in, and I got a wonderful surprise ... First off, my day is May 21 .. at 10:30 am .. :) I'm excited !!! but I was anticipating (from people I had always talked to .. but didn't have a clue myself ..) that the dollar amount would be like $120ish .. I asked the price, bracing myself, and he said for a color was $65 .. he said that if I wanted highlights it could get up to $85 .. THAT was a surprise in itself, because I want sunkissed highlights ..

I'm so excited, because I haven't been in a formal salon in YEARS !!!! so I'm looking so forward to it .. I don't want my hair cut cut .. but just shaped would be okay .. I finally got my bangs grown out and blended in .. and I don't want to go any shorter .. so I'm assuming the cut will be just a freshen up .. BUT I'M EXCITED !!!!! :)

After my brief stop; I turned my stopwatch back on .. finished the lap, went upstairs, and did a lap up there .. and then back out to the car .. I got to the car and ended up with 34 minutes of actual walking .. :) and a total of 4401 steps .. I was proud of myself, and felt great !!!!

After I was done there, I went to my cell store, because I had some questions .. and was on a fact finding mission .. I had told Jimmy earlier in the day that I wanted to pull my number from the company account .. because my friends all know that number .. and he didn't have a problem with it .. I had told Leonard that awhile back .. and he was okay with it as well .. But I wanted to find out what the procedure would be .. and I did .. My favorite store .. the guys are SOOO AWESOME !!! I stopped in, and found that the procedure would be easy .. I would just call the customer service .. I told him that I have not had luck with customer service .. I would prefer to do it face to face (ergo .. hubby's trouble on last Monday .. and at the same time I would bring Leonard in, and change over the administration of the company's account ..

I talked with Leonard, and asked him if we could have a meeting at the cell store after June 4th ... and explained .. we have a reminder for June 4th, to talk to each other, and meet up for a lunch date, and go to the cell store .. I told him that I have a reminder on my calendar to remind me to look at my reminder .. lol lol lol .. He just laughed .. I was just in a goofy mood yesterday .. :)

I have my pampering plans working for May .. :) I decided to take the day off for my hair appointment day .. that way I don't have to worry about whether or not it's taking time .. I saw him mark in I think 2 hours .. I don't have a CLUE how long it will take, but my excitement should be permeating through the internet .. :)

I did have ONE headache in my day .. I don't handle NEGATIVE reinforcement well .. For all of the POSITIVE that I've been posting .. this person picked out ONLY THE NEGATIVE .. and that sent me into a crash .. Thankfully my friend (you know who you are AGAIN lol ) pulled me back from the edge, and thankfully my funk only lasted me a short period .. She was right .. People that offer NEGATIVE reinforcement .. aren't worth giving my precious time for .. I don't sugar coat my days .. to prove that I'm not perfect .. but those that choose to pick out 1000% of the negative, and not boost me up with the positive that I post .. is not worth the time to read .. I swear some people must think that I just fell off the turnip truck yesterday ... Thank you FRIEND for pulling me off the cliff yet once again .. lol lol lol ... Thanks to you .. I had a WONDERFUL NIGHT !!!! :)

ROAD TRIP day .. just up to the Dells .. :) The sun is shining, and I'm sooo looking forward to it .. Hubby left me do my blog, and we're taking out time today .. because we are just going to the Dells .. :) He went to do his double dollar shopping ... so I could take my time and just enjoy my coffee, and enjoy chatting with my friends .. LOVE MY HUBBY !!!!!! emoticon

I'm not quite sure how my "33 minutes of exercise" will happen today .. but we're going to give it the old college try .. I do have a plan .. now we'll see if it works out .. lol lol .. if not I'll be doing peddling when we get home tonight .. lol lol lol .. NEED my 33 minutes a day !!! :)

Okay --I wish everyone a wonderful wonderful Saturday !!! I'm going to .. We're talking Pizza Ranch for lunch today !!!! :) YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Talk later .. and have a WONDERFUL DAY !!! I'm going to !!!!!

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