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I am Over The Moon With GOOD News!

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

...:::Yesterday i got a phone call from that put me over the moon!! ...

...:::On Monday i had a bone density scan. A few years ago, i had one in which it alarmed me. The scan revealed "Osteopenia" ... not osteoporosis, but some definite bone loss and enough for concern. The Doctor who read the report said , "Moderate to high risk for bone fracture." ....

...:::Our musculoskeletal system is our framework for our very existence and not something to take lightly. Osteoporosis is called the "Silent Killer" of women in that it gives no warning before fractures occur. ...::: Anyway, my PCP started me on Fosamax to help strengthen bones. But he also told me, "This is our part but the real responsibility lies with YOU.' ... He stressed the importance of weight bearing exercise to shore up bone....:: So what did i do?

I made it a point to climb steep sets of stairs numerous times a day in the workplace .... and walk up and down the steep escalator at the mall ... several times plus walking. Plus the weight bearing machines and elliptical at the gym i attend.


..::: The Assistant's voice was cheerful as she said, "Your bone density scan showed SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT since your last scan .... and you are now considered LOW risk for fracture!" ...Plus i no longer have to take the Fosamax.

The medication did it's part, thankfully, but other thing i did that i wish to share is to take in a diet rich in calcium...::: You see, at the onset of menopause, unfortunately, bones begin to thin. The encouraging news is even if you are young and reading this, you can start early to strengthen bone.

These foods listed are what my meals are comprised of.

:::This good news spurred me to continue going forward to reap good health benefits.
...:::Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! .. emoticon

P.S. This is a newsworthy blog by Spark people if you are interested in more information on foods rich in calcium.

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