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Happy Wednesday !! Sliiiiiiiiide to the weekend !!!!! Have a great one!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I chose "happy squirrel" because I actually had about as close to a perfect day as I could come in my life right now !!!!!

As bad as Monday was ... that's how good Tuesday was .. I'm sure today will level out .. :)

I had a 2 egg burrito that I made at home .. with a bit of shredded cheese, and some chipotle queso cheese .. I took my glass of OJ with me to work .. (drinking my OJ since being sooo chilled last Sunday at mom's .. )

That settled me .. surprisingly .. Again .. I am in a spot right now that I don't physically SEE people munching .. I'm going on the aspect of when "I" am hungry .. and I have been drinking a big glass of water before I go and get something to munch ..

The job I'm working on seems to be fighting me tooth and nail .. but I found the "next step" in my formula coding however, I'm having trouble doing the next step .. it may end up that they will have to do it manually .. lol lol .. but the coding that I have set up .. will make a difference because doing it the "easy" (manual) way .. will change the format of the numbers .. sooooo long story short .. I found the "next" level of my formula .. so while I was frustrated .. I considered that a success yesterday as well .. :)

Usually when I get into a brain stumper .. my turn is to food .. frustration turns to food .. I actually FORGOT to eat any lunch .. I looked at my clock on the computer, and saw it was 1:00 .. and thought to myself .. "with only having a peppermint mocha that Kim bought for me .. I haven't had anything since breakfast" .. THIS is very strange for me .. I'm befuddled .. this is a whole new territory .. ?? I wasn't hungry .. but knew that I had to eat something .. so I had one of my greek yogurts that were in the fridge .. and that was sufficient .. WEIRD !!!!

About 3:00 .. I had a handful of my baby carrots, which weren't so baby .. lol lol .. but I was honestly hungry ..

I had myself up on the board to take my lunch at 4 .. and at 4:00 I walked out the door .. :) and came home .. the sun was out, and I was looking forward to taking a walk when I got home .. and I did .. :)

I got home, and put on a light sweatshirt over my tshirt, and went out .. it was PERFECT ... I was "glistening" when I got home from my 28 minute walk .. :) It wasn't a long walk .. but I'm learning that walking outside is more difficult than walking on the treadmill .. but I didn't care .. I just pushed myself through the "owie", and continued on .. I STILL prefer the fresh air and sunshine on a walk, to the mechanics of the gym .. :) I'm hoping that with the nice weather, I can concentrate my walking on outside, and work on "toning" the stuff I really can't do without the machines.. well I can, but the machines make it easier .. for the gym .. I just have to get that overdose and addiction to the fresh air again .. and I am looking forward to continuing feeding my addiction !!!!

This is the first spring/summer where I'm not ripping my hair out in years .. ripping my hair out trying to keep up with schedules, and projects, and jobs .. and I'm kind of enjoying it ..

I signed up for a couple of "challenges" on the Wisconsin page .. and one is "do 1 thing for yourself each day" .. and THIS is going to be my "one thing each day" ..taking time out for the betterment of ME !!!

I got home from my walk .. and felt WONDERFUL !!! I got myself "comfy" .. and then came down and made up my TATER !!! YUM YUM !!! This was the potato on steroids .. lol lol

This was the comparison to my "man hand" .. lol lol lol .. I sautee'd up my mush mush's, and mixed in some of the chipotle queso and it made like a gravy .. a very very yummy gravy .. and after chopping up the monster potato, I poured the mushrooms over the top .. and then topped it off with a couple dollups of plain greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) ..

Talk about heaven on a plate .. Now after eating so little throughout the day, I thought I would be ravenous .. but I wasn't .. I enjoyed every bite .. I tasted every bite .. and I was in heaven .. I think I've been thinking about this tater for so many days, and then the letdown on Monday of not being able to have it .. I just soooo enjoyed every single bite !!!!!

I had to laugh .. Hubby bought bbq port sandwiches from Kwiktrip (still on special) .. lol .. but I have reactions to bbq to begin with and since I'm FINALLY getting my belly and gut back in shape .. I didn't want to take the chances ... and have any .. but hubby had 2 sandwiches, plus the tater that was the size of mine .. lol lol .. The tater was more than enough for me ..

I had 2 big glasses of my swamp water .. and then changed out the fruit last night .. :) so it'll be fresh for tonight again .. :) I finished my second big glass with my suppliments this morning .. :)

THAT is what I call a PERFECT DAY !!!! Only thing that will be better will be to remove "work" from that formula !!! :)

This morning .. I woke up and my "casserole" was missing from our porch .. with just a little pile on the cement .. I found the casserole platter, but there was nothing more than just the pile left on the cement ... Either the critters ate enough and it was windy enough that it took it away .. or..... the mealworms were making a break for it .. lol lol ..

Well -- I went out and brought it in .. I didn't see any trails of apples, or suet .. (I didn't look for mealworms .. lol).. and it was pretty well clean !!!!

I did make the announcement that I wasn't making another batch until later in fall .. so I hope they enjoyed it .. lol lol lol . (yes -- I CAN entertain myself )

But I woke up .. even though I didn't eat that much yesterday .. I am really NOT hungry .. I'm hoping to get out during lunch and take my walk .. I also found a spot where I can record MY STEPS !!!! HOW fun !!!! lol lol .... I also signed up for the "1000 minutes of exercise a month" ..

Averaging it out .. that comes to 33 minutes a day on the average .. some days I get more, some days I get less . ... I think I can average 33 minutes a day !!!

Uli and TD were busy already this morning ... they found their race cars again .. (my elf .. and were already racing this morning when I came downstairs.. they must have gotten enough sleep yesterday .. lol .. lol

They are definately busy little guys .. lol lol lol .. I just left them play this morning .. they must have woke up with daddy left this morning .. lol lol ..

I'm looking at today to be just as great of a day !!!! Linda is asking more pertinent questions, Kim is pretty much catching on .. I'm looking forward to finding my park for a walk at lunch, (that will cover my 30 minutes of exercise .. outside, I start my stopwatch, and stop it when I get back to my starting point .. so I'm keeping track of my "minutes" as well .. lol and it's going to be a GREAT DAY !!!!!

Happy Wednesday !!!! Hump day and downhill slide !!! I wish everyone a great one !!! :) I'm going to have one !!!! :)

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    205 days ago
    I saw this on a T-shirt once and I've seen it on pinterest:

    I don't sweat
    I sparkle

    It seems to fit you also! Go Sparkle with your Unicorns today. Wisconsin weather is perfect for it!!!

    I too are on both challenges. Good chooses!
    206 days ago
    Glad it was a good Tuesday! Hurray.

    That’s awesome that food isn’t the “go to” when frustrated. Has taken me awhile to get there, but there as well. Feels good!

    Yes indeed, walking on the outdoor terrain is much different than the treadill. It’s a GOOD difference, though. Good workout.

    That tater is seriously big and looks so good! YUMMO!

    Hope the critters understood your announcement re: the casserole! LOL They’ll be knocking on your door!

    OHhhhh . . . . sleep for Uli and TD only means one thing . . . more energy to get into mischief!

    206 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    It's all down hill from here!!
    206 days ago
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