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Happy Tuesday .. can only be better than Monday .... lol Have a great day !

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Didja ever have one of those days that start out bad and just escalate from there .. :) .. Wellll.. yup -- that was my yesterday !!! I'm happy it's over .. and the funny thing.. is the BEST part of my day was at WORK !!! lol lol .. I know I know .. I'm shocked as well .. lol lol

Good news .. I had my eye doc appointment, and my perscription is getting weaker .. my eyes are getting better .. :) I'm happy about that !!! but for 2 weeks, I'm using my previous glasses .. My perscription hasn't changed that drastically, and I like the frames of my current glasses (and didn't see much on the wall that really flipped my fancy) so I'm having them use my old glasses for new lenses .. but that means going without a "current" perscription for 2 weeks .. that's okay .. I can handle it .. except for driving, (or going for rides) I don't use my glasses much anymore .. She said this should alleviate my tired eyes for the end of the day as well .. so I have something to look forward to .. :) (maybe) .. lol lol .. So okay -- I had some good news, but the bad news is since my perscription changed .. I was just going to have them fix the scratches .. and well -- that's not going to happen .. well -- yes it is .. but more expensively .. lol lol ..

Okay -- enough of my rambling ..

However, because of my appointment being at 5:30 .. and well -- when I realized it was yesterday and not today ... I was on my way home, and pulled into a parking lot, and called hubby .. I forgot my second pair of glasses, and well -- just sat in the parking lot talking to hubby crying .. I had left work at 4 .. (4:00 lunch) .. and just wanted to get home .. Well -- hubby was sweet, and told me that since I had more than enough time, why don't I come home, get my second pair of glasses, and he would take me back, in case my eyes were dialated .. and by the time I got home ..I agreed with that .. it worked out well .. he took me, dropped me off, and ran some errands, one of which using my DQ sundae coupon at the DQ across the street .. After the morning that we had had .. I was so thankful that that episode is done and over ..

At the same time I got to learn what happened with his phone ... well the cliff notes version was that we cancelled one of our phones and moved it over to another carrier, because it is literally only call time ...and he paid for a full year on that phone and his phone ... Well because he called in from HIS line .. HIS line was the one that was cancelled ..So he gave them a headache while he was there because she was saying because we transferred that line to a different carrier, he couldn't get a refund .... ummm a whole year payment, and only used it 3 months ... there is no contract ... but he got his phone reinstated and they had the audacity of saying "because he didn't pay his bill" ....ummm we pay a year at a crack ...he was NOT happy with that remark as just an assumption that's what happened with his phone .....

Well -- the way the morning started .. I kinda stuck to myself .. I was cordial to those that did talk to me .. but didn't really go out of my way .. I did take time however, to talk to Linda .. Her brother was in the hospital with his heart, and she and her husband went to visit him on Friday night, and when she got home her "sister" (I use the term lightly ) was over by her mom's house which is about 2 houses down from hers .. and she went over there .. but what I heard from the conversation ... was that she kept her distance from her sister .. (story synopsis .. adopted sister, found her birthfamily, thankfully her family accepted her, and it has been a happy reunion, but she has totally shunned her family that raised her .. brought her through substance abuse, and got her through school .. and Linda has a big heart .. and it has broken BIG TIME!! There's more to this story in previous blogs but that's the cliffnotes version) .. so I'm glad to hear that she was polite and cordial to her sister .. but that was it .. I was concerned, because she was looking forward to a 1 year birthday party (on her hubbys side), and then meeting up with her sister prior to that .. I thought that would blow her weekend again .. but thankfully she did well, and it didn't .. So that was pretty much the only time I actually went out of the way to talk to anyone yesterday ..

I was telling hubby while he was taking me to the eye doc yesterday .. I've noticed since I've moved my desk back to the warehouse .. in a corner, pretty much facing the wall .. my case of munchies have decreased 10fold ... I'm not seeing other's munching or eating .. even hearing people in the kitchen (which is right on the other side of the wall) hasn't really affected me .. Isn't that wierd .. I noticed this before when Linda was on vacation .. I wouldn't munch half as much .. when she was there, I would see her snacking .. and immediately I was "hungry" .. How weird and how strong the brain suggestions are ...

I didn't get out for my walk that I wanted to do ... I was going to get home, and take an outside walk after leaving at 4 .. the temps were beautiful, and I was looking for a peaceful close to my day .. didn't get it .. *doh* .. but I did feel better after I got home .. Hubby was soooo sweet while I was at the eye doctor, and after him riling me up in the morning, is how he relaxed me at the end of the day .. I was thankful for that !!!

I didn't get my baked tater last night that I was truly looking forward to .. my dinner changed to a ham rollup paninized .. with a handful of chips .. because we didn't get home until 7:00 .. and between cooking my tater, and sauteeing up my mush mush's .. it would be way too late .. but since I hadn't eaten much throughout the day .. I wanted something in my belly, even though I wasn't really hungry .. but I was afraid that I would end up scarfing everything today because of it .. and the potato would have been too much .. *pouty face* .. sooo I will try again tonight .. leave at 4 .. and try again ..

I drank 2 big glasses (about 3 bottles worth) of my Swamp Water last night before bed .. It was something that Kim drinks every morning .. Her husband calls it her "salad water" .. It's lemon slices, cucumber slices and chopped ginger in water over night .. and well -- Lemon makes the water taste good, cucumber is good for water retention, and ginger is good for the belly .. so I thought since I have been trying to get myself together here since after my colonoscopy; I thought I would give it a try .. My probiotics, and yogurt have helped dramatically .. so I thought I would try this .. (besides it tastes good and refreshing) .. it just looks like swamp water ..

but my belly is feeling the really good and normal this morning .. Yesterday I was suffering with bloating, and just feeling plain flat out yucky .. My swamp water last night was actually refreshing from the day that I had had .. :)

Had some visitors this morning .. Today is going to be sooo much better of a day !!! between having peace and quiet .. (hubby's on his ol'fart funmoney run) .. and feeling much better this morning and now my visitors .. :) I'm going to have a GREAT DAY !!!!!

I've noticed my mealworm casserole is getting dents in as well .. I noticed a bunny munching on it yesterday morning .. :)

and after hubby got his phone back to normal .. he sent me a picture .. our Attack Squirrel is back again .. :) He's all done pouting .. lol ..

So -- today is going to be a better day .. My belly is feeling good, I woke up BEFORE the alarm, I'm feeling again, more like Sally .. that person that was walking around in Sally's skin yesterday wasn't Sally .. and I'm happy to be back ..

With that being said .. thank you for reading through my blabbling .. Today will be so much better of a day !!!

Yup --- I WILL catch my tail today !!! It WILL be better than yesterday ..

Me burying yesterday really really deep .. it's done and gone, and now we move forward yet once again .. :)

Have a wonderful day !!!! I'm going to !!!!!
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    Good to hear today is better!
    211 days ago
    211 days ago
    I hope today is filled with all good things!
    211 days ago
    HOPE today is better.

    Glad your corrective lens prescription is getting weaker! That’s good.

    I am glad DH was able to take you to your eye appt. I can’t drive if my eyes are dilated either. Did you know it takes longer for the sol’n to get out of your system with light eyes than brown eyes! Yup. It takes me about 1.5 days for the effect of the drops to fully wear off, but DH is good within HOURS. What can I say.

    After all the hullabaloo, glad that hubby’s phone is fixed. Sheesh!

    That was a courageous approach on Linda’s part to be cordial and polite to her sister after all that’s gone down. Kudos to her!

    Glad that your new locale @ work has help decrease the munchies! That’s a bonus.

    Ah well to the supper changes. Tonight?? HOPE so. That baked tater sounds so well.

    The swamp water sounds delish! Yes, cucumber is very good for water retention! Good job. For sure ginger is a go-to for a sour belly.

    Oh my gosh, those deer are gorgeous! And the attack squirrel is BAAAACK! Cute picture.

    211 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Hope you have a great day!!
    211 days ago
    Thanks I appreciate eyeglasses too!
    211 days ago
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