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Monday, April 23, 2018

It was a 2 lb weight loss week! WOOHOO!

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Which makes 2.5 lbs for April so far. Not near the apparently over zealous 10 lb goal I had for April... but I'll take it.

I have learnt so much this month... what to do... what not to do... so it's all been a worthwhile journey thus far.

I've also learnt that I am a natural 12 hr faster with the occasional 16 hr fast being no problem, and that I don't so much want to focus on fasting anymore... that I will just do what I need to do when I need to do it. In other words just listen to my body and what it needs. Which I'm pretty good at doing already. Focusing on fasting was somewhat counterintuitive for me.

I've also concluded it's time to let the Strength Training Challenge go and transition into a less strenuous workout that doesn't cause so much stress and inflammation on my body.

So pleased to learn that TAJONES was feeling the same way for her own reasons... so hoorah to that! It was time... and we both made great strides in our overall strength, motivation and proved how quickly we could make progress and build momentum... so THAT is AWESOME!!!

I've also learnt I need to tweak my food intake just a little more to better accommodate what my body needs. This is still a work in progress... maybe never ending... I'm still slightly at the pouty phase of this awareness... again... lol. Kinda like when I realized I personally needed to give up gluten... the I can't give up that sorrow set in. But I learnt to get over it... after much time... that one took a long time of proving to myself it was necessary... denial mostly... lol. Then I learnt I needed to let go of rice and all high starchy carbohydrate food and avoid most nightshade plants... and the I can't eat anything sorrow set in. But I got over it. I have come so far and there was a time I didn't know how I would live with out all that neither.

Now... I'm debating dairy... wahahahahaha! I LOVE LOVE LOVE DAIRY. I've been staying away from regular milk for some time... but I do love sour cream, cream cheese, hard cheese, all kinds of cheese... did I mention cheese. Ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, Parmesan cheese, shredded cheese.... more cheese. And since keto, I have become quite fond of krema plain yogurt and HEAVY CREAM and making all these rich wonderful sauces etc. But... I've also been ingesting more dairy than I normally do, because well... DAIRY and KETO are like two peas in a pod... but maybe just maybe, most likely, not for me. And I can and will live without it. Or at least without so much of it.

So... I am babystepping toward an elimination diet of dairy. Than will slowly introduce certain dairy back into my diet and see how it truly affects me over all. I've been pondering this possibility for some time... so I'm glad I'm finally at a point where I feel I can tackle it. Still not without whining... lol. I have a feeling I still may be able to ingest some dairy without adverse affects, but I'm still just not sure if I'm just unable to digest lactose properly or if I have an allergy to the protein or both. Dairy is widely known to contribute to more inflammation in the body too.... so it may just need to go.

But... that brings me back to WELL WHAT THE BEEP CAN I EAT SORROW... lol. But I'm making progress with this potential reality already, had my first 'near' dairy free day yesterday... as I made a lemon 'butter' dill sauce for my salmon... BUT... BABYSTEPS... lol. Most other days I had variations of brie cheese, and heavy cream, and cream cheese, and hard cheese, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese and more heavy cream and LOTS of butter here and there, and on and on.

This may also improve my weight loss efforts overall, too... because as I said above, I was honestly ingesting way more dairy than I typically did since starting a KETO lifestyle change. It was like this golden ticket that said EAT ALL THE DAIRY YOU WANT... when I had already personally concluded that soooo much dairy just isn't that good for me. But... then I thought... okay, I was brainwashed to believe FAT was EVIL... so maybe the same for DAIRY? I'm thinking not so much.... especially when you're getting most of your daily FAT INTAKE FROM DAIRY... when maybe, if you're honest... that's just not really how it's meant to be.

Honesty... truth... integrity.

Needless to say... I'm on a mission to reduce stress and inflammation in my life so that I may heal my body overall and bring it back into balance.

I'm also not sure about eggs and high cruciferous vegetables at this point in my healing journey neither. I love cruciferous veggies... but they just may not be good for me to eat at this time but definitely would be introduced again... just not sure... and well eggs... I'm in denial if that's the case. Will be for some time too... yup... lol!

And... I've also learnt that I needed to focus more on my total macro GRAMS in a day, not just my percentages. I think that helped contribute to my 2 lb weight loss this week, that and my ONE WHOLE DAY of NO DAIRY... except that little bit of butt... okay fair amount of butter... lol.

PROGRESS!!! Feels good.

Oh... and I am now just committing to regular outdoor walks and restorative yoga.

Just got back from a 45 min walk and it felt great. Worked up a good sweat. Blood was pumping. Muscles that need some love are being used... less stressful. Less inflammation inducing. And looking forward to restorative yoga with my girls tonight.

All is well in FitDiggity Land! emoticon


20 mins Restorative Yoga
25 mins Challenge Strength Training - Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squats, Triceps Dips AND Calf Raises, Single Leg Bridges
25 mins Jogging through my home (took out stairs)

Day of Rest

25 mins Restorative Yoga
25 mins Challenge Strength Training - Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squats, Triceps Dips, Calf Raises, Single Leg Bridges AND Wall Sits
25 mins Jogging through my home (took out stairs)
30 mins RESTORATIVE YOGA with my GIRLS! :)

Day of Rest

25 mins Restorative Yoga
25 mins Challenge Strength Training - Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squats, Triceps Dips, Calf Raises, Single Leg Bridges AND Wall Sits
25 mins Jogging through my home (including stairs)
15 mins RESTORATIVE YOGA with mySELF! :( GIRLS weren't in the mood... lol.

Day of Rest

45 mins WALK with my GIRLS! :)
30 mins RESTORATIVE YOGA with my GIRLS! :)



1. Lose at least 10 lbs and see the 160s!
2. Get outside for a walk or jog at least once before months end - weather permitting. emoticon KICKING BUTT!
3. Hmmmmm... need to ponder. Still pondering... lol.


1. Increase workout stamina and endurance! ***Seems to be happening... :)
2. Look and feel healthy for my daughters graduation. ***May 18th
3. Fit into my favorite jeans again. ***Got a ways to go.


01/08/18 - 188.0 lbs
02/04/18 - 181.0 lbs
03/06/18 - 182.0 lbs
03/08/18 - 184.6 lbs
03/16/18 - 178.4 lbs
03/30/18 - 182.8 lbs
04/02/18 - 179.8 lbs
04/09/18 - 179.4 lbs (Saw 177.4)
04/16/18 - 179.4 lbs (Saw 178.0)
04/23/18 - 177.4

APRIL WEIGHT GOAL - to lose at least 10 lbs and see the 160s!

0.5 lbs so far... ho hum... lol.
2.5 lbs so far... progress... lol.

Can I see 175 by the end of the month? 5 lbs... can I get 5 lbs... super stellar deal... half of the original cost of 10 lbs... only asking for 5 lbs.... rahhhhhhh!!!
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