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I think I want a recumbent e-bike...

Monday, April 23, 2018

I've been watching a lot of tv with my butt on the couch. I've been watching one show on my iPad while on the treadmill which is in my art/office, but I thought if I could be in the living room with my family while watching our shows AND exercise at the same time on something NOT noisy, it would be ideal. I used to have the treadmill in the living room, but it is SO noisy.

So... I've been looking into recumbent bikes. I have a standard e-bike and it kills my rear-end to be on it for any decent length of time. LOL... but those recumbent bikes have nice looking seats and several boast about how quiet they are. Reviewers boast about their good workouts...

Does anyone here have one? Use it daily? How long have you had it? Do you still like it? What model do you have? .... and I'm open to any advice, recommendations, hints, tips, comments, and so on!

Thank you for any input you give!!!
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    Sounds wonderful!
    208 days ago
    I was so crabby about how much it hurt to perch on a regular exercise bike that I got rid of mine and replaced it with a recumbent. Wish I had done more research and spent a lot more money.

    I picked an Exerpeutic bike that was just over $100 and I ride it every day, anytime I watch a show. (It gets a lot of mileage when I want to binge watch a show.) I really regret skimping on the bike in the first place, because it is NOTHING like the bikes at the gym. My legs are all the way out in front of me, so adding resistance only stresses my knees. That means I can never really work up a sweat, and the bikes at the gym let me go fast and hard enough to sweat the whole time. Mine is very quiet, but I recommend strongly that you do not skimp. It was a mistake!

    Unfortunately, my bum also hurts on it every day. On my wide padded recumbent seat, I currently have two kneeling pads, a closed cell foam pad that my wife has for underneath a sleeping bag when camping, a folded yoga mat, and a tailbone pillow that my wife doesn't need anymore. Not kidding. And even with all that, I am uncomfortable after riding through three episodes today.

    If you buy it from a store with a great return policy, like REI, you cannot go wrong.
    210 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Do not have one..but used the ones at the gym and loved them.
    I would hesitate to buy a used one..easy way to get burned.
    There are some that are in cost equivalent to a good treadmill...
    Make your choice then hang in there!!

    As is said...Just keep moving and you won't sink!!

    210 days ago
    A friend bought one from Walmart. It does what it needs and paid about 200.00 for it though they many for less. I had a regular upright one used it for hours a day. Sadly it started to hurt my hip badly. I sold it

    Hmmm its been a few years. There are some in the community room maybe I'll check them out.

    Do you any gyms around you? Perhaps not, but just in case some will let you do either a free or low cost trial before joining(read every line of the contract, some aren't nice). If so u could get a feel for one. Also ask those around you if they have one. Would they mind you're trying it? Have the kiddos ask...... Amazing how popular home workouts are!!

    I to do yoga using YouTube vids along with many other exercise vids from that and on my Wii. I actually bought a Wii fitness board along with 2 games at "The worlds largest garage sale" here in Maine for only $15!! He wanted 20, but I'll haggle just cause its fun!! I was in a cast and so course used that as a part "its a good deal, but I don't know when I'll be able to it,,," slowly starting to walk away. He burst out laughing,,,he knew of course, but said he'll have a great time repeating my story. Lol

    Check out Craigslist,,,Facebook has sale items(I definitely prefer fb!!!! Especially since most us use messenger). ect. You may get a great bargain!! Plus freecycle in your area. I've traveled 60 miles for an item I wanted. Lol it was in the fall I was going to go to the area to look at the very colorful leaves, pick apples and MOSTLY because Libby's Orchard has the BEST cider donuts!!
    211 days ago

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  • JUSTME29
    I had one for a while, but I didn't like it very much. To be fair though, I don't like the regular e-bikes either so I'm not sure that's really an unbiased observation. The recumbent was much quieter than a treadmill, and much smaller which I liked. It has lots of levels of difficulty which I also liked. I wasn't able to read on it though b/c I got seasick when I tried. I can't read on a treadmill either though, so again I'm not sure how helpful that observation is. Watching tv was ok. I didn't get sore from it (aside from my legs, but that was kind of the point right?) but when my ex used it just once it threw his back all out of whack.
    211 days ago
    I have room behind the couch to do exercises (mostly YouTube videos on my tablet, no sound) without anyone commenting that I am in the way. Good luck with your bike search.
    211 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/23/2018 7:26:03 PM
    I have a recumbent bike, it is fairly new (about a year and a half.I have had my hips replaced and have a spinal injury.I ride it daily.It is quiet and comfortable.It was a fairly expensive one .However if you have insurance some will cover part of the cost. I love mine.
    211 days ago
    Thanks for responses so far!

    Yoga, in front of the tv, with the fam in the room. I can already hear it, the giggling, and "mom, get your butt/leg/arm outta my way, please" I'm not against yoga, my daughter swears by it, I just don't think it's what I need to do with my family while watching tv. Perhaps when I'm by myself, though, thanks for the idea!

    Casey, you get sore riding yours? I was hoping to avoid that... maybe a pillow?

    I don't go to a gym, but hubby says I should go to a fitness/athletic store that has some set up and try it. That's an hour and fifteen minute drive to the closest store that has them :/. Still, we might venture out. Price wise, yeah, I like the yoga mat idea better. I have one already. :)

    I was thinking I'd go back and forth between my treadmill and bike, too. I wasn't interested in a street bike. Where I live are cars, dogs, and people I'd rather avoid,even though I kind of live in the country, and I would never drive to a place, lugging the bike along, to a place to ride. It's just the e-bike (exercise bike) I was referring to. I used to bike outdoors on a regular multi-speed bike, not really my interest any more.

    Girl, I have several pounds of built in padding! It does NOT make a difference! LOL!
    211 days ago
    I have a regular exercise bike and it does kill my rear too! You would think with all that padding back there I would be fine!!

    Good luck with that!
    211 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I have a recumbent stationary bike. I find that I use this bike quite a bit, and when it's inclement weather here (MI) which is quite often, I use it. I also have a treadmill, and I go back and forth between the two.

    The ones that you pedal on the street, I've seen them quite a bit but don't know much about them. I really suggest you do a lot of research on them before investing any money into them. Also I would go to a reputable bike store in your area and ask their opinion and make my decision from there.
    211 days ago
    I have used them in the gym and liked them there. I don't know details, but I imagine that there's a considerable range of brands, qualities, and prices. It seems like a good idea, but many factors could be affect the outcome.
    I liked the idea of yoga that CHEETARA79 suggested in terms of price and noise, it can hardly be beat!
    Good luck with whatever choice you make.
    211 days ago
    I have one that is OLD! I also get sore riding it. Let me know if you find a good one
    211 days ago
    I do yoga during TV time. All you need is a mat and it doesn't make noise.
    211 days ago
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