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Happy Monday .. a bit late .. but much better !!!! *wink* .. have a wonderful one !!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

NOW !!! ........

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I'm kinda keeping to myself right now .. After messing with hubby's phone for 2 hours .. almost crashing it beyond reboot .. I left, I told hubby what to tell the person at the cell store .. on things I saw .. and his reply was "I don't understand this stuff, so I'll just let them look at it" .. REALLY .. ???!!!!! I DIDN'T DO MY BLOG BECAUSE YOU CAN'T GET DATA ACTION, AND NOW YOU SAY THAT EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE QUESTIONED .. "YOU" ARE NOT GOING TO FORWARD ON .. BECAUSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IT ??

I left .. I'm holding my temper together, because I'm not angry at anyone here .... (yet ... lol lol) .. but when I left I wasn't a happy camper .. (let's just leave it at that .. lol)

Once my day starts here, I will be better I'm sure .. but right now it's not a pretty thought going through my head ...

Okay -- let's use pretty images .. that can help .. :) I will get myself together; and have a major improvement to my day .. (if I can get rid of this IBS before lunchish ..Oh yea .. that was another problem going on this morning .. *sigh* ) Maybe I can take an outside walk during lunch .. :)

Yesterday .. was a good day ..

Uli went to meet gramma .. and TD was right .. Gramma was really really nice !!!! lol

We did have to set some boundries however .. I don't know how he went for a ride with daddy, but he got into the car, and ....

Mama said .. "umm noooo" .. and ....

but he didn't argue .. :)

He came in and saw Polie .. and was totally in awwww ..

And proceeded to climb, and climb and climb ..

and finally made it to give Polie a kiss on the cheek !!!

After he was done talking with Polie, he came in and watched us play puzzle .. and cards ..

and because my hands were full going down to the car .. Uli was very very good (and cozy) in my purse on the walk downstairs .. when we left ..

He was cozy so we just left him in there, until we got home .. :) He was such a good boy, but fell asleep almost as fast as I put him with Hoots .. but only after going upstairs, because hubby sent a picture of TD ...

And Uli wanted to go play as well .. but they were done playing by the time we got home .. so Uli went back to Hoots, curled up and fell sound asleep ..

He was one busy little guy yesterday .. and he was a good boy !!! :)

Did have fun at mom's yesterday, but I dress in short sleeves because she usually has the temp in her house at 73, 74ish .. but yesterday while we were playing puzzle, she opened the window in her playroom (where we play), and turned on the fan .. I was sooo cold, but she was so happy that she could open the window .. I couldn't say anything to her .. so just kept quiet .. Usually when we finish the puzzle .. we go in the kitchen and play our few hands of cards .. Yesterday she wanted to play in the play room .. brrrrrrr ... It's my fault I know .. because she did ask me a couple of times if I was cold .. and I said no .. because she was so happy that she could open her window ..

I got in the car, and turned on the seat warmer .. FULL BLAST !!! lol lol lol .. I finally warmed up when I got home, after dinner ...

So -- I did sleep well .. but woke up this morning with IBS problems, and woke up after 1 or 2 snooze alarms, and my towels didn't want to behave, and kept falling off the door for my shower, and then hubby with his d*** phone, and then having the nerve to tell me, they can start from scratch because "I don't know anything about it" . .At least if you were going to do that .. don't tell me .. I just wasted the last 1 1/2 hours for nothing !!! GRRRRRRR

I'm working on finding my happy place.. I came over from next door and JT said to me "you look angry" .. I said yes .. I was .. but not at anyone here .. I'm working on getting past my "discussion" with hubby this morning .. and it too shall pass .. :) so just staying to myself this morning ..

In fact .. decided to go incognito .. lol That'll help .. :)

Just call me Gary .. lol lol .. and I'm holding my own .. :)

I'm thankful to say that between my probiotic I took this morning, and then I had breakfast when I got here .. I packed my bag up with a few yogurts, an apple, some grapes, and a nanner .. (snacks for the week) and I had a strawberry yogurt with my nanner .. and I'm happy to say that my IBS has relaxed a bit .. :)

With that being said ..

I'm rolllllllllling !!!! :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for tell me your blog was up-ugh somehow I skipped over this blog and 3 other status updates.

    Aww-spring is here!!! Open windows, fans, short sleeve, fresh air!!!! I know in the manor here in town they want the older people to keep their temps up high. I've gone over to visit a couple of people and housing yells if they open their windows or front door because they let the heat out. Their places are like going into a sauna. I'm sure some love it that hot but the ones I use to visit hated it. They would try to open their windows and doors in the middle of winter because their place was way too hot.

    Grrr----IBS stinks!!!!

    234 days ago
    Awwwwww! So glad Uli met Gramma and Polie! AND he was a good boy. Kudos. That’s a good boy, Uli, proud of you!

    Oh boy! You evoked memories of visiting my parents in their condo IL. Mom wanted the temp @ 80 . . . EIGHTY! Holy smokin’ HOT! So, I can understand. I always dressed for HOT, too.

    Ha! God bless bun warmers (seat heaters!), eh! Yup! I “get it”!

    Ummmm . . . . Mr. E did not earn brownie points. We’ll just leave it @ that!

    Soooo, now we know, you’re not really Sally, you’re GARY! Little did we know. LOL!

    234 days ago
    I laughed because my hubby thought he was the worlds greatest techie- and I learned early on to find something else to do- until he said it was time to go to the computer store ( same outcome every time!)- LOL

    Hope the phone is working now! LOL I love Lil!!
    234 days ago
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