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Happy Sunday --- We'rrrrrreeee BAAAAACKKKKK !!!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Oh my .. yesterday was a wonderful day .. the machines were "eh" .. but we had fun .. we laughed we were silly and we just enjoyed the day .. :) We left bright and early in the morning .. (ergo the blog from the road) .. and headed up to Tomah, then to Black River falls, and ending up at the Dells for the rest of the day ..

We started the day stopping at the new KwikTrip in our are ... and hubby got his free hot chocolate, and were on our way .. Stopped at Speedway (hubby isn't good with change either .. lol) and got his gas .. and soda.. I got a small soda for the ride just in case I ran out of coffee enroute .. lol

It was a beautiful day .. but the ride took it out of me .. I am HURTING this morning .. my back even made ME squeek this morning moving around ... It will work it's way out as it always does .. but a few Iburprofens are assisting .. :)

I DID pull in over 10000 steps yesterday .. which I'm proud of myself..

We got home around 7:30ish .. and hubby wanted to go and get a few things on double coupon .. so got his stuff together .. and left again .. We finally ate dinner around 8:30-- I finished my burger at 9 .. and then went up to bed .. So assuming that has to do with my jump in the scale this morning .. but ..

Yesterday was the first day that I DARED have a salad at lunch .. We went to the buffet, and since with our coupons, it only cost $5 .. I didn't have that feeling of "having to get my monies worth" .. and started out (concerned with the last 2 or 3 weeks of my body ... *eek* ) .. with a plate full of salad .. Just a simple one .. nothing extreme .. and then I had a hamburger for my second plate, and well ... found my cheesecake so had cheesecake and cherry for dessert ..

Thankfully with a dose of digestive enzymes .. my salad behaved in my belly .. :) however, by the time I got home .. it was activating .. lol .. thankfully shortlived ..

However it was a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL day !!! and I came home exhausted .. WORTH IT !!!!! :) There was NO problem sleeping last night .. :)

As for Friday .. I promised you my short cliffnotes .. I had a GREAT day on Friday .. Since the Dick and Jane series I'm having problems with .. regarding working with Excel .. and leading zeros .. and search ... just isn't working .. so I spend alot of my day on the internet .. in fact on THIS site and just read and watch videos .. (in between searching to find the results of my problem with Excel for my Dick and Jane series .. ) ..

The weather was FINALLY better and I decided .. I wanted to take a fresh air walk ... I had purposely brought my winter jacket .. and decided to just walk around the block .. (around the block at my office, is a 1 mile jaunt) .. and I finished it in 35 minutes .. YAY ME !!!! I came back and ate my lunch that I had brought ..

My day consisted of going next door and shooting the breeze with the girls .. they are FINALLY getting it .. When they DO have a problem .. I work with them on talking it through .. I do step in when they get stumped .. and "this is what I would do and how I get there" .. On the average I'm out the door toward home by 4:45ish ..

All of my stress and work over the last 5ish months; is finally coming together .. and with only a few exceptions .. days are getting easier and easier .. (famous last words .. Jimmy comes back from vacation on Monday .. lol) but I feel good about where I am now .. and my confidence in the girls working together .. is growing every day .. In fact I got them working on a project for funds that are needed .. (gotta put together a list of things to save for in normal business year .. i.e. .. software maintence, credit checking membership etc etc) and the membership isn't due until next March .. Life is getting better .. They are working on their homework well .. (they will be the ones to suffer if they don't .. lol)

As we left yesteday .. TD and Uli were looking forlornly out the window... (or else waiting to make sure we left before they started the party .. lol)

Yup -- I think it was the party thing .. lol lol

He found Puff's Jingle collar about a week or so ago .. ... Now we can at least somewhat keep track of him .. lol lol .. but he still slips away every once in a while .. He seems to like the Jingle collar .. lol .. so we're not complaining .. lol lol ..

What'r ya gonna do .. lol

Today I'll be going over by mommy .. With the weather last week, I didn't get over there .. :( .. so looking forward to that today .. Slowly my back is de-spazzing, and I'll be able to walk again .. I want to stop to Meijer on the way there ... and just browse around there for a bit and pick up some more yogurt (working on my probiotics), and just look around .. and walk around the store .. (work the rickets out ... lol lol lol )

So -- with that being said ... gotta print some stuff for hubby will talk later .. he has his birthday coupons he wants printed .. *sigh* .. lol

Find SOMETHING today to laugh at !!! A good laugh does wonders for the soul .. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday !!!!!
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