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Keto and Fasting... where I am at.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

So... I have spent the last THREE WEEKS personally documenting my keto journey everyday, including calories, my macros, my percentages, fasting, fitness routine, how much water I’m drinking and generally how I’m feeling overall.

I have learnt lots, some of what not to do, identified some weaknesses, realized I still have much to learn, sort out, potentially eliminate or eat more of for my personal well being, etc., but I have come a long way... :)

As for fasting... I’ve decided I’m going to relax and take my focused attention off of it.


It essentially was prohibiting me from truly listening to my body and what it needs, or doesn’t for that matter, and was ‘slightly’ defeating. Slightly, as I don’t really feel as though I failed.

The planned stricter calorie intake days kinda messed with my mind a bit about half way through... made me think of food and what I could be eating more than I normally would. So not good... cuz then I found myself grazing most of the day and the restricted calories ended up going out the window, although it didn’t cause weight gain, I still ‘slightly’ felt like I didn’t reach my goal, even though in reality I was still doing well... if that makes sense.

So slightly defeating but didn’t entirely fail overall.

Anyways... I did a few days of 500-600 calories in the first week... don’t regret doing them, may do that again when I feel it’s needed in the future, but trying to schedule one in once or twice a week when my body doesn’t feel like it just doesn’t work for me. The ones I did do, I felt like doing it, it was near the beginning and probably were needed.

I also learnt that I am a natural 12 hr faster. I just start and end a little later than the average person... :) And I have backed down a bit on how late I would have my last bite of something... so that’s progress. And some days going 16 hrs happened naturally and felt like the right thing to do. On those days, I wasn’t exercising and ate easily digestible foods and drank a lot of extra decaf tea and water... :)

On exercise days, I was eating within an hour of waking, protein shake and a keto bomb, and rich healthy fat, protein packed meals the rest of the day.

I also found the days I consumed more calories than my brain thought I should be, that the scale would go down.

I’m still struggling with that concept, it may change, but I have yet to identify my happy weight loss groove, and I think many other variables are playing into that.

But... turtle mode or not... I am making progress and learning a lot!!

So... that’s my keto fasting journey in a nutshell.

Still going to benefit from the many benefits of fasting, but in a more natural way that tunes in more to the personal needs of my body with no pressure to settle into any strict regimen... :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Best thing you can do is listen to your body. If you feel the need for a fast, do it! I think you are doing great!
    546 days ago
    I think you are doing awesome. From what I am understanding about IF is that starting at 12 hours then slowly pushing out to 16 and then 20 is how a lot of people do it. Perhaps the body gets used to it, too?

    I have been trying to get at least 12 hours - which is about the limit for me, but I have those heavy duty drugs I have to take, so I don't think I could ever push it farther.

    Don't you think the best thing is to feel how your body is feeling and adjust to that? You are such an active person that I am sure your body needs the extra fat and protein on those days that you workout harder.

    I know my daughter says that she forgets to eat a nowadays, but she is over a year on keto. So maybe as you lose, your body also doesn't have the same requirements. You are doing fantastic.
    548 days ago
    reading this reminded me of my journey so far. Good to read that someone else has had a similar experience so, thank you so much for sharing.
    549 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I have recently started IF, but without using any particular diet, or Keto,
    Or very low cal days. Except still keeping to a low carb pro gram. I have found 18:6 or 19:5 is easy to do. Haven't seen any fast right loss, but I feel fne, actually better.
    549 days ago
    Out of all fasting styles, the one that was THE hardest was the limited cal window (500-600) day. Yep, that's a no go for me, find it easier to go without any food rather than limited cals.
    550 days ago
    I think it's awesome that you're willing to experiment! After all, if you didn't, how would you know? Fasting for me did take some time to work up to, found out, through experimentation that it's best not forced & let my window naturally space itself
    550 days ago
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