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Saturday, April 21, 2018

it's just about over - "silly season," as i call this intense period of work when companies have to translate their financial reports, and our time in molokai. on thursday we fly back to seattle, headed for a winthrop spring. i've tried to arrange that this year i will not be working until the last minute before we get on the plane, and will have time to spend getting the house and garden ready for when we leave.

the past two weeks have been tough. for the first time in forever, i have fallen short of the weekly step goal (105,000), unable to compensate for several days of not hitting the step goal with better days - in part because i have had to skip running. at first i skipped because of work - days when i run, a) it seems i have less brain power to continue working and b) it occupies too large of a time block. but now there is a new challenge to skipping - DH has been under the weather, and it is all to easy to say let's do something together and walk, and he has felt so poorly that a couple of days he could not walk far at all. he is better now, and while not at full activity, at least he is recovering so no worries, but still limited activity. and now it will be priorities - do we spend more time getting the garden ready at the sacrifice of official exercise? i suppose you can call the garden work a combination of strength training and yoga - pulling weeds, digging, and getting into odd positions to do so. but it is not the same as the cardiac run. and i have to say i am not getting the motivation to do the video just yet. well, we'll see.

as for weight - yes, i have been maintaining - mostly. a very slight upward creep these last two weeks with less activity, still well within range, less than when i arrived, but a bit of a warning. as for food - i have been a bit shakier on the "not my food" front (hello cheese, and even one omelett on a very tired night after work). time to get my discipline back on, which is maybe why i am back here writing a blog.

yesterday was the first day off after the last major push of work. i had planned to run, but i was short on accumulate sleep and it didn't take much for DH to say let's do something together instead. so off we went to the beach (the best place for claire to get good exercise), and then home to a day of activity when i more than hit goal - after all, who wouldn't want to spend the first day off in yonks crushing cardboard, gathering glass and plastic and cans, loading the car and heading for the dump with the recycling?! we had a list of about 6 errands and off we went. credit given - while it is tempting to go past the local hamburger joint (which has a decent veggie burger) with lovely greasy fries, every time i have gone to town (about two blocks long, half an hour away, with roosters wandering the sidewalks), i have had a wonderful vegan meal sitting at home (baked chickpea fusli pasta with a tofu ricotta, spinach, mushrooms, arabiatta sauce, and kalamatas - to die for delicious even for the non-vegan guest the night before!), and we chose to do that instead of those french fries in town. credit.

i don't want to lose the running condition i have worked so hard to build, so i may do a short run today, just to make sure. my goal for the next few days will be to try to hit step goals (no prob yesterday between the short beach walk, errands, garden, and claire), stay away from the "not my food" and plan to "eat out the fridge" - we leave on thursday.

there have not been many photo days recently, but here are a couple:
coconut claire

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