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You can't make this #@!# UP!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

(in some instances profanity IS the appropriate response... or at least the human/honest one)

It's 4:00 AM and I'm writing a blog.

Why am I writing a blog at 4:00 AM, you ask?

I'm writing a blog at 4:00 AM because:

...at 2:15 AM I was woken up by screaming in the street.

I investigated to discover a dark green Ford Taurus wagon parked ON THE SIDEWALK across the street from my house, blocking access to the street... about as illegal as it could get.

In the driver's seat of said car was a woman, window rolled right down, screaming, uttering every manner of obscenity, wailing, pounding on the steering wheel... and, of course... drinking beer.

In the backseat was a passenger I couldn't identify (I kept my distance watching from the front door with the lights off... not my first rodeo of this sort), but the woman wasn't interacting with her passenger.

This went on for 15 minutes and was escalating, so I decided to report the disturbance to the police... at the very least this woman needed assistance, and was a danger to herself and others. Apparently it's been a high call/crime night in our city, because I was on hold for 5 minutes, and after making the complaint, I was told the police would get here as soon as they could, but my call was clearly not anywhere near the top of the priority list for the night.

I once again reiterated that the woman was unhinged, and was drinking in the car. I was worried about what could happen should she drive away... apparently I was the only one. I was told to call back if she left this location.

Ten minute later the woman, still drinking, still yelling, still wailing, starts the car and before I can even blink, she...
...turns sharply and drives forward OVER A STREET SIGN stopping just short of hitting the neighbour's fence, as I frantically dial 911...
...slams the car in reverse and accelerates backward into the next yard, missing the car in their driveway only because she's now hung up on the rockery in the front yard...
...somehow manages to put the car back into drive (as she revs the motor loudly), and accelerates STRAIGHT TOWARD MY DRIVEWAY where our vehicles are parked...
...she corrects slightly and, instead of hitting our vehicles head-on, drives through our front hedge clipping one of our vehicles on the back bumper, tearing through it and jamming it forward...
...KEEPS ON DRIVING STRAIGHT AT OUR HOUSE, veering suddenly, narrowly missing our front steps, five feet from the front door where I'm standing screaming details to the 911 dispatcher (I could see the details on the dash of the car)...
...continues to accelerate out of our yard onto the street, and is now speeding drunkenly into the night toward a VERY busy intersection, two blocks north of our house, leaving deep tracks torn into our lawn and tire tracks on the pavement....

As I am getting off the phone with 911 (with instructions to report the accident to police the morning because there is nothing else they can do... she's left the scene of the crime), we can hear sirens approaching at high speed, and watch helplessly as police cars scream ominously past our house.

Mr. jumps into the car that hasn't been struck (I had to stay at the scene of the crime - MY HOUSE - in case police show up) and follows the sirens (we just KNOW it HAS to be her the police are attending), to learn the woman has made it three blocks before driving INTO AN APARTMENT BUILDING, and ROLLING HER CAR on a city street.

Mr. returns after taking a picture of the car... it is the same woman/car... so now I drive to the scene of the accident to confirm to police that this is the same vehicle and driver that I had reported not more than a half hour before.

It turns out the passenger in the back seat of the car was HER MINOR CHILD!!! The child was lying on the street covered by a blanket for warmth... the police have said that she'll be okay.... (can any child ever be okay in these circumstances?)

The next hour of my life is spent reconstructing the series of events/accident in front of our house for the police, filling out a full police report, filling out an accident report (hit and run) for insurance purposes... after which I'm finally left in relative peace trying to calm myself down... because at this point I think I may be in shock (certainly adrenaline withdrawal)... I am freezing cold, I have a splitting headache, and I'm trembling uncontrollably... writing this out is helping.

...and now the sky is no longer dark, the crows and seagulls are carrying on with abandon, and I'm supposed to try sleeping... despite the fact that as soon as I close my eyes I can see the car speeding at my yard again. Not sure how that's going to work (PTSD backlash and a cortisol hangover usually don't facilitate sleep, or rest, or well-being... my body now feels like I've been severely beaten and I can feel the inflammatory response ramping up)....

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How awful!! And i’m sure the stress hasn’t let up much since. And that poor baby!!
    506 days ago
    Oh wow! What a crazy experience and such poor judgement made by dispatch. :( glad no one was seriously harmed. Awful.
    587 days ago
    How terrifying!! Glad you are okay and hope things work out with catching the criminal!
    596 days ago
    Ramona, hugs to both you and your hubby. emoticon emoticon A total nightmare; I feel for you and I feel for the police having to deal with that sort of situation, one of the worst jobs that we all sometimes take for granted.
    597 days ago
    Oh boy--that's the mother of all Drama Llamas.

    emoticon & emoticon & emoticon
    597 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon
    597 days ago
    Karma needs to do the needful with the bozo responsible - ASAP! Feel so bad for you, your family, and the poor child who sure as $#!@@ DIDN'T sign up for any of this.........

    598 days ago
    I came to your blog today for the first time through "Catholic Bible Study" group, and I see this sad and horrific thing that happened to you.

    I am a Catechist, so I work with small children, and I plan to also volunteer with helping social workers with foster children. I will start my training later in the year.

    This is most horrific to me that there was a minor child in the car. How sad that this is happening to a child.

    598 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Yikes! So sorry for the drama AND trauma. emoticon Yeah...how to be a duck?!? emoticon

    I hate to say that even in our RURAL location, a very similar "story" played out about a 1.5 yrs ago! -- A drunk male was weaving all over people's fences, yards, shrubs, etc. Multiple calls were in place to 911. There was an active "search" in place. Cop showed up at our driveway to communicate details. As he backs out to continue the search, said vehicle comes careening down our road and PLOWS into the COP car!
    emoticon Then he backed up & was going to keep on driving! My DH went out to the truck to tell the guy he better stop! "For crying out loud! You've just hit a police officer!" -- Cop was still assessing his own personal well-being, not to mention his SUV. (The impact was heard quite some distant away, through closed doors.)
    ** All manner of "officials" were called (2-3 different jurisdictions!) before tow truck was called for cop's SUV, drunk's truck, and ultimately he was taken to jail. Numerous people with damage were not reimbursed. -- And the biggest tragedy was that when the guy sobered up in jail, and realized what all he had done & the consequences & jail time & apparently losing his dog (??)--he killed himself a short time later.
    What a messed up, tragic world we live in...!
    598 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/22/2018 1:57:45 AM
  • ALOFA0509
    emoticon WTF!!!!!!!

    Holy Batman Testicles!! emoticon -- This is just unfrickin believable!! I'm reading this with my hand over my mouth,, I can't imagine witnessing all this, all while on the phone to 911 detailing everything as its unfolding right before your eyes!!! My heart is breaks for that lil baby... I hope you can find some time to unwind, and calm down a bit.. I'm so sorry this happened to you emoticon .. Prayer's of Peace emoticon & Healing.. emoticon emoticon
    598 days ago
    Glad everything went well and you were not injured. Some people don't know enough not to be driving.
    598 days ago
  • LINDA!
    That's terrible.
    598 days ago
    Oh no. Never have had luck with cops and that sort of thing
    598 days ago
    So sorry you received damage that easily could have been avoided had the police arrived when you first phoned. Hope you get some rest today.
    598 days ago
    OH NO! Life @ the rate of several WTF’s per hr. is NOT good. **SGIH**

    I am glad that YOU are all right. That is just unthinkable that 9-1-1 couldn’t answer your call at least the 2nd time! What a horrible experience to be sure. That poor baby!!!!!!

    It would take a long time for that adrenalin rush to settle down to be sure!

    That's good that you were able to give the police details. **SIGH**

    Blessings and hope you have a better day! And now all the insurance headacnes.
    598 days ago
    Ho emoticon ly carp!
    599 days ago
    You probably have enough adrenaline to keep you awake for days. It is so frustrating and now you have to deal with all the mess. So sorry this happened to you. Keep strong.
    599 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    What an awful experience.
    599 days ago
    I'm glad you are ok and this woman has been caught. I feel so bad for her child, poor kid might be messed up for some time after all that. Who knows how long she might have been pulling stunts like this. Hoping you can try and get some rest dear. Hugs.
    599 days ago
    So sorry that you have had this TERRIBLE experience -- and what responsible citizens you and your husband are, to take the actions you did. Quite probably you prevented worse from happening to that innocent child and even to the drunk herself -- not to mention more property damage.
    599 days ago
    This is terrible but after readin news on my phone it's chaos the whole world
    Children over dosing killed by parents,set in fire beaten buried in back yard
    When will this stop or maybe get woorse
    599 days ago
    OMG! What a night!
    599 days ago
    So glad everyone is ... "OK".
    599 days ago
    What a horrible night! So glad this woman didn't kill anyone. Sure hope they get her child away from her. And I hope you managed to get some rest.
    599 days ago
    emoticon Hope you have managed to calm down and are able to get some sleep/rest. emoticon

    Your last image with the brain app ... emoticon ... Ya think? Clearly inebriated the brain circuits were misfiring.
    599 days ago
    oh wow, so sorry you had to deal with all that, hope this woman goes to jail and her child is taken care of . hope you are able to get some rest later.
    599 days ago
    Omg!!! You definitely can not make that up. Had the police come timely, all of this could’ve been avoided. This is just horrible. I wonder whT damage she did before making it to your street.
    599 days ago
    Beyond real. What an awful thing to have to witness unfold feeling so helpless and frustrated without a response as it escalated. My heart hurts especially for what that child might have been going through, is, will. Perhaps your calling and their being so close behind limited physical injury in being attended to shortly after the impact at least. Sending peaceful thoughts.
    599 days ago
    How horrible! Thank goodness no one was hurt. Good work for you to follow her and get it all reported to the police. What a tragedy for the poor child.
    599 days ago
    The poor child. I have done similar, tho not quite as severe as this woman, and have many, many regrets. I am glad no one physically hurt bad, I hope the mother gets help, cps for the minor, treatment for mother. People are crazy, glad you are safe-all be it traumatized. Too much excitement for me!!
    599 days ago
    emoticon .... What a horrible ordeal! ... I am sorry they
    ruined your sleep!
    599 days ago
    599 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    wow, what a horrible night.
    599 days ago
    NO!!!! Things like this can not be made up!!!! Believe me, I have been there!! FLASHBACK CITY!!!!!

    I am relieved that you were not hurt as I am sure that she saw you at some point and because you were in survival mode for the entire block, you never thought to think if she might have had a weapon.

    My mind keeps going back to where you said, "The child was lying on the street covered by a blanket... the police have said that she'll be okay...." All I am thinking is that the child is dead. At the scene of an accident when someone is laying in the street covered by a blanket that means they didn't make it.

    I am trying to process this blog and my head is busting open right now and I know that you have gone through so much more by being on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and then doing all of those reports. I pray that the two of us get some rest and call on God for His Peace.


    - Nancy Jean -
    599 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/21/2018 8:12:49 AM
  • EISSA7
    Wow....What a way to spend the wee hours of the night! You must feel extremely frustrated by the lack of police response; obviously, if they had arrived at first report, much of this story would not have happened!
    At least she didn’t kill an innocent person thru her drunken driving choices!
    599 days ago
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