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Happy Friday !!!!! Made it through yet another week ... WOOHOO !!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I did my good deed yesterday .. I made up a critter casserole !!! and put it out last night ... It felt good to do something when I came home from work .. :)

I stopped and picked up some (yuk) mealworms and (yuck again) waxworms .. as well as some suet yesterday .. and I had some apples that were just starting to get mealy .. so I cut them up .. cut up the suet, and mixed that together .. and then went out to the garage and pulled out the mealworms and wax worms .. .. they weren't getting into the house with the exception of walking through to get out to the porch .. lol lol .. We had an iguana "Iggy" when we were growing up .. and part of his diet was mealworms .. Mom hated that .. because the ones he didn't eat, turned into tiny little moths all over the house .. so the mixing of the worms were not going to happen in the house .. so I'm thankful for warmer weather so I could work with them in the garage .. *ICK* .. Nope .. I'm never going to be a fisherlady .. lol lol ..

But I put it outside on the patio, and as of this morning, it looks like someone had some .. there's a few pieces of apple on the ground ..

I know that it's starting to warm up and the snow is melting, but just remember .. the ground is still frozen and that's where alot of the 'protien' eaters will get their food .. they won't be able to get the grubs and worms that they need for at least a few more days ..

I have to admit it was a pretty good day .. I still had bloating, and feeling blah .. but it wasn't that terrible .. My friend had suggested to take my probiotics again (something I forgot was in the fridge) which I did the night before ... and I had a yogurt with my breakfast .. and I still felt bloated .. I asked Kim if this was normal .. and she said the same thing that my friend said .. *wink* .. because they clean you out so .. you need to replace all the good bacteria again .. she said her side effect is acid reflux .. I'd rather have mine thank you very much ..

So -- I took another probiotic last night before bed, and this morning I have NOTHING !!! No cramping, no bloating !!!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND !!!!!! I FEEL GREAT !!!!

Not to mention .. I've been having alot of problem with my "Corporal Tunnel" .. lol lol . and while when I was diagnosed, I had talked to Dr B (old) and he had given me some exercises and stretches to do .... and they have pretty much worked .. it consisted of my left thumb falling asleep .. well -- it's been slowly getting worse .. and Monday or Tuesday .. whichever was the day of self loathing .. my entire hand was tingly sleeping .. and it really unnerved me .. Well .. my FRIEND .. *sigh I hate when she's right* .. lol .. suggested that I use a brace to give the tendon a rest .. well -- I hemmed and hawed, and hemmed and hawed .. I didn't want to wear one at work, and have everyone asking questions .. (I'll get past that sooner or later .. but for now .. I didn't want to deal with it) .. but as I thought about her suggestion .. I read about .. "sleeping with one" .. and that way I wouldn't have to deal with questions except from hubby .. which I got those out of the way when I walked in .. lol ..

I used it last night (after I figured it out .. my last ones that I had years ago were right or left hand specific) this one now, are both hands in one .. well -- I only need it for my left hand ..

ANYWHOOOOO !!! I used it last night after figuring it out .. and I woke up this morning and so did my hand !!!! lol lol lol .. There is no hurt, there is no swelling and there is no tingling !!!!

Lesson learned .. NEXT TIME LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS .. lol lol lol lol ..

I got my present yesterday too .. it's a penmouse, that I had seen .. Hoping it works like the video shows .. I thought with going into my crafting again .. it would be good for tracing, and my crafts .. :) so I was happy to see that finally make it here !!! :) :)

Work bought lunch yesterday .. and I got to say it !!! I made the announcement to Kim .. I hope you enjoyed the free lunches prior, because you will never get a free lunch again .. lol lol .. Leonard said "but you're still here" .. I told him .. yea .. but I trained her to do the visa payments .. My retirement party is June 2nd .. that bill will be in by June 12th .. I'm not leaving until June 29 (30th is a Saturday) .. you think I want to pay for my own retirement party ??? lol lol ..

I didn't get to eat the lunch that I brought .. We brought in chinese ... and well -- I kinda panicked inside .. however, I did have 3 dumplings/potstickers .. and a spoon of tofu (spicy) stirfry, and a spoon of white rice .. and that was more than enough, and then I had my banana that I had brought with me from home .. (cuz I didn't have it with my breakfast)

Now that I have my head back together .. I feel good about my decisions I'm making .. and getting back on the right track .. Sometimes we fall off the trail... and thankfully I have friends that can tell me I took a wrong turn .. and get me back in the right direction again .. :) THANK YOU !!!!!

I had to giggle to myself as well ... I play dumb really good .. lol .. Kim came up to me after lunch and said "Lois bought something and used her personal card .. how do I reimburse her" .. I told her just take the cash out of the envelope .. and she said "well -- it was more than we could afford (ahem .. my retirement present .. lol .. ) .. I told her to make sure she didn't use HER WORK card .. If she did; put the reciept in with the credit card stuff .. if she did use her personal card .. like she saw something while she was out, and just picked it up .. this is how you do it .. .... ... ... ... but double check to make sure .. and I left it at that ... I know because I was the one that went to pick up Ann's retirement gift .. I wish they wouldn't have .. but I'm not going to argue .. lol lol .. whatever they are doing I'm grateful for .. Hubby always said I was IMPOSSIBLE to surprise .. I don't try and snoop .. but common sense and being observant well .. always "spoils the surprises" .. so I have learned how to "play dumb" .. :)

I'm grateful for the dinner party .. and I want to get myself pampered before it .. I actually would like to treat myself and have my hair professionally degreyed .. and I want to buy myself a nice outfit that won't make me look pregnant .. and if I can keep my motivation up .. maybe I can put a chisel to this belly of mine ..

I have plans today with the warmer temperatures .. to at least take a walk around the block during my lunch .. (our block = 1 mile walk) ..

I am happy to say that the week that started in the pits .. is ending in the sky !!!! I'm happy, I'm feeling GREAT and I'm just plain at peace with the world around me ... :)

Tomorrow I may be shooting my blog from the road .. cuz the weather is supposed to be nice, and we're going to be heading out early .. to ROAD TRIP !!! ending up at the Dells .. :) but making stops along the way .. :) Just a day to be away !!!!! Even though I enjoyed being cooped up last weekend .. I missed going out and having fun !!!

Have a WONDERFUL DAY !!!!!

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  • LIZZIE138
    I say go,all out on yourself for your retirement party. I’m kinda jealous cuz my former boss who promised me a retirement party has yet to come thru and I retired on December 28th. So I want you to party hardy for me too cuz I don’t think mine is ever gonna happen. In fact, I’m going to party with you on June 2nd. Drinks & all!
    212 days ago
    212 days ago
    EW EW EW on the meal and waxworms. Nope I’m not gonna be a fisherlady either. Nope. But glad some critter(s) enjoyed some of it!

    Glad you had a good day yesterday and that you’re feeling better. Yup! Definitely gastric reflux can happen when the good bacteria are goners. HEE HEE Friends are allowed to be right! LOL

    Good that the splint worked! That’s what counts, right1 LOL

    Sounds like you did well w/just the nibbles of the Chinese food. PHEW.

    Only one time in my life have I been genuinely surprised! But otherwise, it usually comes to me. Can’t help it, right! Go for it. Get dolled up! emoticon

    It’s good to hear that your week ended on a good note. HAPPY SALLY!

    Nice day for a road trip, if it is as forecast! Enjoy.

    212 days ago
    Sally-go crazy and get a new outfit, your nails done, your hair done, etc for this party. You earned this retirement party. Enjoy it in style!
    212 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    212 days ago
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