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Happy Wednesday .. Downhill from here !!! make it a fun slide !!!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

While I was worried about yesterday slightly .. I couldn't have been MORE wrong !!! It was such an AWESOME day yesterday .. I don't even know where to begin ...

Kim was soloing ... and well --- I was worried .. She has a habit of wanting to "do it all" .. and she surprised me .. she took her time, and just took one step at a time .. The cash sale run was just a small one; but it was a strange one at the same time .. and while I sat over her shoulder, and just told her to just take her time .. she did it all on her own.... I was very proud of her ..

We talked awhile about questions she had .. She's concerned because we had to come up with $18g for taxes this year .. and asked me if she should start saving for it for next year .. I told her that this was a fluke, and we can do things throughout the year to lower that $$ .. so next year could possibly be nothing .. of miniscule ?? I told her of the things to work for; in order to lower this amount .. forecasting .. and that made her feel better .. I told her to bring it up in the meeting with Dan .. and he can describe it deeper ..

I went next door, and she pretty much played unsupervised for the day .. when I left, I told her to NOT be afraid to call if she needs anything .. Well -- it ended up that she did have a question, so back over I went .. I didn't have to go to the gym .. I got my stepping in at the office yesterday .. lol lol .. Only bad thing was the shoes I was wearing were not supportive at all ..and well -- I'm suffering this morning ... and by mid afternoon, I was hurrrrrrrting!!!!! but with everything else going on .. my mood was skyrocketing ..

In the afternoon, Kim called me over .. she wanted to learn how to do charts in Excel .. I'm not familiar with that as I use excel for data information .. but haven't done charts in ages .. so between my knowledge of Excel, and her ideas, we had a couple hours of playtime .. lol lol .. and we figured out how to do charts ... and what she has to do to maintain the information to keep it up .. I got to show her how awesome Excel's help screens were .. and she was impressed ..

She had the most awesome day .. the one time I went over to get myself a glass of water, and asked her.. "Isn't it just the nicest when you have the entire office all to yourself, and the peace and quiet of being able to concentrate ... ... play unsupervised?" .. and she said DEFINATELY !!!! Yup -- she's got the groove .. it made for an absolutely wonderful day !!!!

I did get alittle bit of my work done .. and finally left at 5:20 last night .. I got home and I was pooped !!!! but it was a good pooped !!!! however, I was too pooped, and didn't get on the stationary bike the way I wanted too .. my feet were sore, my ankles looked like I swollowed 2 cantelopes, my knees were stiff .. and my back was screaming .. Yup -- good day !! but at least I know the reason .. 6500 steps during the day .. and bad supported shoes .. Why is it better when you KNOW the reason behind why you're feeling like poop .. lol lol .. ??

Ohoh .. Daddy's birthday .. it's daddy's fault .. he told Uli that he could start being his silly self again .. Uli got up on the top of the bed headboard (a bookcase) .. and got puppy's Christmas jester collar ... I told hubby that now that he's got a jesters collar, he is probably planning on being a clown now .. lol lol .. and well -- he didn't disappoint me .. lol lol lol

In the afternoon I got a text message from hubby .. Uli was trying to get into his racecar (my elf slippers), and well -- didn't go too well .. lol lol .. Thankfully daddy was home to get him unstuck .. but only after laughing, and taking a picture .. lol lol ..

Yup -- Uli is getting himself back into trouble .. more and more ... and now that he can get upstairs .. the are endless.. (thankfully we keep the basement door closed with a door stop .. lol lol)

So -- I'm hoping before the snow comes in; to get to the gym, and at least get a walk in .. I'm sore this morning, but I think between wearing better shoes and getting out and moving, even if it's slowly .. at least it will be something .. so hoping and going to try my hardest to go play with the unicorns during an early lunch .. before the snow kicks in .. that's my plans for today .. keep your fingers crossed that I get to do that .. :) No --- That's what I'm going to do !!!! lol lol lol . enough of this wishy washy .. I feel great when I exercise .. however, excuses have been too easy again .. DANG !!!! (heck -- I thought by this time I would be able to take my walks outside .. but nope !!! *sigh* ... .lol)

Okay -- gotta go find myself some breakfast .. so talk later .. and until then .. Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY !!!!!

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